Posted by 6 days ago. The R8 is my dream car, and those other two have been growing on me pretty quickly.

I know, this question has been asked 3967306 times before… but still: I wonder what's the best race-trek car in NfS Heat. This is my go to car for races with a lot of turns. Aside from those recommendations I will support the overall idea of the Regera. What's the best offroad car in Heat. Have you tried a different motor/trans combo yet? All nice cars. Would you recommend one of these six cars above or maybe a totally different one? I haven't driven an FXX-K yet, as my crew is only 2 people, so I can't offer anything there either. I haven't tried engine swapping them for better performance; they're a bit on the expensive side, and what they can swap to is usually either not significantly different, limited to a very short list of other cars it can be swapped into (if any) or not at all better than what they already have, but "good enough" for swapping between a bunch of different cars, saving part swap time/money. Mclarens (all) have above average handling but are too slow for competitive road racing. I haven’t dabbled too much with track low end cars but I’d imagine anything with a SWB would perform well. Nice thing about the fairlady is that it can take the same 3.6l flat 6 engine the RSR can. The first thing you should know is that almost all the cars in Need for Speed: Heat behave in the same way. Rest don't even come close. When maxed out, this car has 10s for every stat category. I'd put that one in my short list of great budget cars, too. Avoid these cars, they don't turn at all: Cars that dont turn also include the GTR R35 and all the Aventadors. In the clip below all 3 cars were driving at 170km/h (+/- 1km/h), from left to right : lightweight/Beetle, normal/Viper, heavy/Ford. I heard the raptor but I'ma test the rsr too, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the needforspeed community. 100% agree with you man, I've been trying diff cars out hoping that I could find one outside of those 4 and did a race in a hurrican and felt it was a pretty good run and then I check the speedwall and I was 10 seconds slower than pagani's and 26 seconds slower than my RSR time. I’m using the Subaru Impreza WRX STI ‘10 and I swapped the engine out for the highest tier one and have all elite parts(except the categories that don’t have elite options) The rating is now 372 and will take on any of the rally events easily. Much like the GT in the sense of sliding is optional and it kinda lets you decide. They all share the same handling system … im using the Subaru Impreza WRX as my offroad car and it drives pretty good. Faster 0-60 doesn't always lead to faster 0-top speed or better track times. What are some other cars that has handling like the BMW M3 because I don't want to drive the M3 all the time lol. What are the chances that they're your preferred cars lol. RSR is unbeatable if driven properly on any road course. This is just my experience, I'm no NFS pro, nor have I played an NFS game since Most Wanted on PS2: Audi R8 - Great acceleration, 230+MPH top speed, sticks to the road like glue. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

So I just started playing NFS Heat (after a long break from the series) and is using BMW M3 which has very good handing, at-least that's how it feels to me. The Evo is also quite nice, but not as nice to drive as the other two, a bit harder to drift. For me personally, the Pista is the best car in the game outside of the RSR. M5 could be a solid choice for dealing with Reinforcement Police during Night Racing Series. There is a lot of racing in Need For Speed Heat with various tracks events in the open world of Palm Spring.There are around 120 vehicles in the showroom.Each vehicle has its own benefit but you will have to invest money to buy a vehicle. Perhaps as fast as or better than the miata and fairlady, even. EDIT: Seriously tho, try it. The '71 Skyline 2k handles surprisingly well. Try putting The 3.5l V6 Engine on 911 RSR, feel the UNLIMITED POWA!!!! That’s just the way it is. I run the stock motor (5.2L V10) in this car because it sounds great and I have enough cars with the 6.5L V12 in them already and didn't want another one. Allowing the option for different Suspensions based on Racing Mode further changes how the car will handle amongst Tires. So how about the Ferrari FXX-K that I unlocked with a lv50 crew?

If it seems slow to top speed, I suggest checking your engine, gearbox, and live tune settings. Handles well at high speeds but it’s definitely not the best. Respect+. I’m getting tired of putting V8s in things. I even heard ppl saying the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX was the best car for race and even offroad aswell. This car jumps to the top of the list for races with a lot of or very long straights. The last thing this game needs is for the RSR to have the same top speed as a regera. Game isn't in front of me but I'm pretty sure that extra 1.5m only gets you like 10 horsepower and you lose a few customization options. As far as Handling can be defined - it comes down to Player Preference and how comfortable you feel driving. Really late reply. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the needforspeed community. Steering Sensitivity is another option that can further help with mastering the maneuvering of your customized vehicle. Not the best performance, but it does 0-100 ( Metric ) in 1.57 seconds, Basically all ferraris, lotus exige, rsr, lancer evo X, Ford gt, countach all from my experience handle very well.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This is a late comment but i heard rumors that the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 2.0 was the best one. Archived. Might be able to get better top speeds doing so if not. Need for Speed is a series of racing games published by Electronic Arts and currently developed by Ghost Games.

Hey there! I don't know what you are talking about RSR is true most OP thing in the game and would probably be classified as SS tier, it barely drops speed on corners and turns like a champ and has insane acceleration.

Please don’t give these developers any ideas lol. I know, this question has been asked 3967306 times before… but still: I wonder what's the best race-trek car in NfS Heat. So what's the actual best car I want to aim for? I don't remember which motors are available for the Aventador off the top of my head though, so I can't give much help beyond "look into that.". Of the cars you mentioned, I have only tested the plain P1, LaFerrari, RSR, and the Aventador SVJ Roadster. It's the 911 RSR. Looking into buying another On-Road Race Vehicle however with over $200K - I am not sure what I really want as I am stuck with the Infiniti Q60S and Nissan 350Z amongst Nissan 240SX then the Ford Mustang and BMW M2 Competition - without including the non-customizable Deluxe Edition car models. I'll also say that the McLaren P1 is really well rounded, but I only have the normal one, not the GTR.

Yup tried this one, its a very good one to handle.