Radersburg tourists Emma Cowan, Ida Carpenter, and Frank Carpenter pass Otter Creek but do not see the Helena group as they head toward Mammoth Hot Springs. Col. Nelson Miles arrives at the Missouri River, White Bird wonders how he will be treated. They had long lived in this area which they considered their ancestral land. His murderers, McNall and Findley, are acquitted. After four days of sporadic fighting, the Nez Perce withdrew. Sarpsis shoots Samuel Benedict in the legs. However, about a quarter of the Nez Perce, most of them stockmen and buffalo hunters, refused to accept internment on a reservation. Washington Territory is established, dividing the Nez Perce homeland in two parts. Along the way, they were followed by the U.S. army and had to fight many battles. The Nez Perce council with Captain Rawn at Fort Fizzle while the women, children, and old people spend two nights a safe distance away at Grave Creek Meadows. The volunteers at Misery Hill return to Mount Idaho, The Nez Perce cross the Clearwater at Kamiah, Red Heart's band of thirty-five people is arrested. Nearby communities panic. The Nez Perce continue south and camp on Horse Prairie at the Montague & Winters ranch. In Stevensville some Nez Perce visit Buck Brothers store. This was the first battle between Nez Perce and the U.S. army.

In June 1877, the Nez Perce War began. Commanders on both sides The important commanders on the U.S. side were Brigadier General Oliver Otis Howard and Brigadier General Nelson A. Larry Ott kills Eagle Robe and is acquitted.

Ninety soldiers leave Fort Lapwai at 8:00 p.m. to begin driving the Nez Perce onto the reservation. Views of the area traversed Nez perce campsites can be found at Buckhorn Springs Lookout, Joseph Canyon Viewpoint and tom-mah-talk-ke-sin-mah., Fields Spring State Park., Joseph Cave, the confluence of Joseph Creek and Grande Ronde River and Asotin Creek.

Women and children were the final casualties of the war. Six Nez Perce shoot two men, burn the Cochran homestead and move on to burn a saloon and house in Coulson before turning back to join their group on Canyon Creek, Sturgis continued his pursuit along today's Buffalo Trail Road. It was fought in the modern-day states of Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. General Howard's command picks up tourists Meyers and Oldham at Firehole Canyon along the Madison River. S.G. Fisher and fifty Bannock scouts join Howard. The Nez Perce were sent by train to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas by way of St. Paul. Beginning with the tribe’s first contact with the explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, the peaceful Nez Perce had befriended and cooperated with the Americans. The Nez Perce cross the Missouri River at Cow Island. The Nez Perce spend two days shopping in Stevensville. They leave their horses in the care of the Nez Perce and are given canoes and directions for traveling down to the Pacific. Howard's troops begin to cross the Salmon River. The Battle of White Bird Canyon was fought in Idaho County in the state of Idaho Read more about the Battle of White Bird Canyon >>. Howard returns from Virginia City to his command at Henry's Lake. Fortunately, a meeting with Poker Joe offered an opportunity for Arnold and Dingee to escape. 1675, June to 1678, April. Joseph and Yellow Bull visit President Hayes in Washington, D.C. The most important leader of the Nez Perce side was Chief Joseph. The Nez Perce alliance comprised of 250 to 300 warriors. Those who were not killed surrendered and reluctantly agreed to return to the reservation. The Nez Perce offer a fake surrender while moving off to Weippe. Howard's advance scouts discovered an escaped prisioner along Pelican Creek. The devastation wrought at Hiroshima was not sufficient to convince the Japanese War Council to accept the Potsdam Conference’s ...read more.

Howard passes Bannack and camps on Horse Prairie at the Barrett ranch. Howard goes over Mary Mountain Trail and camps near Mary Lake. A small band of warriors—never more than 145 men, though burdened with about 500 noncombatants—fought U.S. soldiers at four major battles. The Nez Perce reach Hole-in-the-Rock stage station.

Miles makes promises to neighbouring tribes making escape diifficult. The important commanders on the U.S. side were Brigadier General Oliver Otis Howard and Brigadier General Nelson A. 1519, February to 1521, 13th August. A raiding party of seventeen warriors kills James Baker, Samuel Benedict, and August Bacon in White Bird and Harry Mason, William Osborne, and Francois Chodoze at Cooper Bar. During the trading shots were fired Confusion reigned with Cowan and Oldham shot. Fleeing eastward with hopes of escaping to Canada, the Nez Perce made camp in the Big Hole Basin in present-day western Montana. At one point in the war, they sought refuge with the Native American Crow Nation but they were refused. In their strong showing in track-and-field events at the XIth ...read more, In one of the most decisive battles in history, a large Roman army under Valens, the Roman emperor of the East, is defeated by the Visigoths at the Battle of Adrianople in present-day Turkey. Howard and Sturgis camp on Careless Creek. Learn More about the Nez Perce tribe at Wikipedia, Copyright - 2018 - 2020 - American History, Read more about the Battle of Bear Paw 1877 >>, Read more about the Battle of Camas Creek 1877 >>, Read more about the Battle of Canyon Creek 1877 >>, Read more about the Battle of Cottonwood 1877 >>, Read more about the Battle of the Big Hole >>, Read more about the Battle of the Clearwater 1877 >>, Read more about the Battle of White Bird Canyon >>.