It means "famous warrior, renowned in battle. Derived from the name Frances meaning French, from France, or free one.

20 hours ago. but Thinks He's a Just a Tiny Bit Dramatic, A post shared by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin), Hilaria and Alec Baldwin welcomed their fifth little "Baldwinito" together, Eduardo, which is both the Spanish and Italian version of Edward, Pau, is a common name in the Northeast region of Spain and translates to "peace. When Eduardo meets Blu, he discovers that he is an overly domesticated Spix's Macaw from Minnesota, he can't help but wonder, "How did he ever end up with my daughter?!" Mercedes is a unique name that means "merciful, compassionate. Their first encounter did not go well; Eduardo, not knowing that Blu was his son-in-law, approached him with suspicion and hostility. Answer Save. In addition, tradition and family connections play a big part in choosing Mexican baby names. He is even more angry when he learns that Felipe has challenged them to a soccer match, the winner gaining control over the entire Brazil nut grove. His opinion of Blu deteriorates further when he inadvertently escalates a soccer match between the two macaw tribes, and subsequently loses it for them, to the point where Eduardo screams that he is going to kill him. ", Want your child to feel independent? ", "Either you're with us or against us, understood? This popular Mexican baby name means "God will add." Diego: dee-EH-goh: This popular name means to "transform" or become a "successor." He is very annoyed towards Felipe and his Tribe, because they always joke in a mean way and at the pit of doom, he hated Felipe knocking out opponets. ". 7 Answers. He also holds any macaw in low regards for associating with humans, such as calling Blu a "pet" due to his connection with Linda and his lifestyle in human society, even considering him as a traitor when he thought he was working with the loggers.

", "I can't stand the thought of losing you. He tells Roberto to prepare, sending him to the Pit of Doom with his best members. ", When choosing a Mexican name, Neala Shane, author of Inspired Baby Names from Around the World said that "many parents choose names from the list of Catholic saints, with one of the most popular names being Maria for a girl and Jesus for a boy.". ", "Thanks to Drew here, we could lose our entire side of the grove! And, like two of Hilaria's older children, Eduardo has two middle names; his second, Lucas, was the eighth most popular name for boys in 2019. His middle name, Pau, is a common name in the Northeast region of Spain and translates to "peace." ", Manuel is of Hebrew origin but is primarily used in Spanish-speaking countries, meaning "God in us.". what did she offer eduardo. Your little buttercup has the perfect moniker in Pablo, which means "small, little. Got a green-eyed girl? Robin x. Lv 6. Hilaria and Alec Baldwin welcomed their fifth little "Baldwinito" together on Sept. 8, a son whose full name is Eduardo Pau Lucas Baldwin. The color purple is often associated with power and ambition. ", "There is no sir around here, young lady. Eduardo does have a softer side however; he loves his family dearly, jokes with Roberto often, and plays with his grandchildren. Eduardo is Jewel's father who appears in Rio 2.He has an older sister named Mimi, andonce lost his daughter due to the loggers. ", Hilaria, Alec, and all four of Eduardo's older siblings. Eduardo's new view of humans made him accept Blu's domestic habits, and he returned Nico's bottle cap back to him. Francisco means "one who is free. ", "Roberto, we saw humans near the grove, stay alert. ", Like the name Raul, Ricardo means "strong" and also "powerful ruler. Derived from the Italian form of Marcus, Marco means "Mars" for the Roman god of war. ", "You cannot be confused about this, understood?". ", Javier is the Spanish form of Xavier meaning "new house.". Despite not having an interaction with the Toucan, Eduardo has no problem with Rafael being in the jungle as well, as Rafael is seen flying with Eduardo, Blu, Jewel, their children, Nico and Pedro when Eduardo announces that his daughter has returned. He is protective, not easily impressed, and is suspicious and hostile around strangers. A post shared by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) on Sep 9, 2020 at 7:08am PDT, by Yerin Kim During this time, he returns Nico's bottle cap and dances with his tribe and family. He is even more disappointed when he sees Blu's fanny pack, which is a human object. When Blu flies down to him, Eduardo angrily declares that he "shouldn't have expected more from a human's pet" and flies away.

", "Our days in the jungle they start early. We have a deal, Felipe. Fiercely protective of his daughter, Eduardo proves to be a major comedic obstacle as Blu's intimidating father-in-law. and "There for you" are service marks or registered service marks of, Inc. © 2007-2020, Inc. All rights reserved. Eduardo, still on the ground, is almost crushed by the two machines, but is saved by Tulio. how many times did eduardo have to go to the bathroom. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico. After Blu and Roberto's encounter with a bulldozer, Roberto tells the tribe about the loggers and Eduardo instantly calls Blu a traitor, only to be interjected by Roberto that is actually siding with Blu. ", A name of Hebrew origin, Michael is the feminine version of Michael that means "gift from God. ", "I just don't want anything to happen to her. During "Batucada Familia", several scarlet macaws are seen celebrating alongside the blue macaws, suggesting Eduardo and Felipe have abolished their agreement to keep the tribes separate. why did eduardo say to carmen after tami left.

Felipe then mocks Eduardo, to his further frustration. ", "Come on, the mud is your friend! You have to protect these trees, our future depends on them. Valeria is a Latin name that means "brave.". I thank you. Want a name with a unique meaning? Congrats to Hilaria, Alec, and all four of Eduardo's older siblings on Edu's arrival! ", This classic name is perfect for your little fighter. But Felipe joins in the end to scare the loggers, which might let them share the grove from now on. ", A classic name derived from Eva, from the Latin name Eve, which is the Hebrew word for "life.". He is also the patriarch of the remaining Spix's Macaw clan, all of whom have been hiding in the Amazon Rainforest. Brave.® HomePaySM is a service provided by Breedlove and Associates, LLC, a company. Adelita is a strong name that means noble and kind. ", Of Gaelic origin, Arturo means "strong as a bear. Our Family newsletter is a little parenting cheat sheet, delivered to your inbox daily. Like most macaws, Eduardo has a strong mistrust towards humans because of their destructive activities in the rainforest, such as deforestation and smuggling, the loss of his wife, and being separated from his daughter. Showing his kind different ways to survive like blending in the mud, getting out of ropes or vines, and others. Later, he derails Nico and Pedro's plans to bring some members of the tribe back to Rio de Janeiro with them, informing them that the members of the tribe are not permitted to leave the jungle. He tries to honor his daughter's wishes and welcome Blu into the family (sort of), but when his son-in-law's awkward attempt to fit in fails, Eduardo makes it clear that Blu needs to shape up, or get shipped out. ", Is your child the light of your life? The next morning, Eduardo decides to show Blu around the area. Eduardo happily embraces being a grandparent, telling the three kids to call him "pop-pop", and enthusiastically playing with them. Meaning "ruler of the home, house leader," Enrique is a strong, classic name. Eduardo and Jewel were separated by a forest fire, which happened when she was younger. List of bird species in the Rio franchise,

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Here are the top 51 Mexican names for your little bundle of joy — 26 for the girls and 25 for the boys. Afterwards, he joins the "Amazon Untamed" performance. 7 hours ago, by Maggie Ryan When Carla asks Jewel if she is okay, Eduardo realizes he is a grandfather.

For example, Carmela becomes Carmelita, and Juanita is derived from the feminine form of Juan (meaning God is gracious), Shane notes. ", The feminine form of Juan or John, this popular name means "God is gracious; God is giving. However, at the end of the film, after Blu leads the tribe in defeating the loggers, Eduardo finally gets used to his son-in-law, gaining a new level of respect for him. Eduardo then decides to fight the loggers, and the tribe launches an attack, which Eduardo allows Blu to lead, momentarily surprising him when he mentions his name correctly. , Hliaria and Alec Baldwin’s Fifth Baby Has 2 Middle Names, Just Like His Older Siblings, Ramón, Mariela, Eva, and 98 Other Baby Names That Sound Beautiful in Spanish and English, The 3 Things Kids Can't Do in Matthew McConaughey's House Are So Smart, You'll Want to Copy Him, Kyla Pratt's Daughter Might've Won Halloween With Her Spot-On Penny Proud Costume, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Share First Family Photo With Their Daughter on Halloween, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross Welcome Their Second Child Together: "We Are So Blessed", Idris Elba's Daughter Loves Her Dad .