View map below. Once below the dams at Great Falls, the river runs free for the next two hundred miles before spilling into Fort Peck Lake and is where most multiday float trips occur.For the twenty-three miles between its origin at Three Forks and Totson Dam, the river flows rather lazily. The Missouri River and lands open to public access on its banks offer excellent fishing, hunting, boating, canoeing, kayaking and many other activities. It also serves as a navigation guide. Once below the dams at Great Falls, the river runs free for the next two hundred miles before spilling into Fort Peck Lake and is where most multiday float trips occur. Designer - Marci Porter Floaters will have to portage Totson Dam. River Maps Paddling Adventures Throughout the State Join the folks who know that Missouri rivers offer high quality vacation opportunities for families and floating enthusiasts.

Gear Tips for Floating the Missouri River, Missouri River - Detailed Fishing Information, Missouri River - Floating & Paddling Information, Missouri River Recreation Road Scenic Byway, Missouri River in Missouri Breaks National Monument, Fairweather Fishing Access Site (FAS): 11, Giant Springs State Park (Great Falls): 204, West Boundary Charles Russell Wildlife Refuge: 396, Rock Creek Access and Boat Ramp (before Fort Peck Lake): 401. Once you have zoomed into an access point of interest you can click on the paddler icon and a pop up window with information on that site will appear. With it's steady flows and splendid fishing, not to mention the attractive scenery, the river fills up with boat recreational floaters and float anglers whenever the days are warm. Missouri’s most delicious sport fish is a little wacky. This guide shows public access sites for fishing, hunting, boating, camping and more on the Missouri River. Use this map to locate access sites for the Lower Missouri River.

Float tubes should not be used anywhere on the Missouri River, since using a float tube on a river is fraught with risks—especially a river like the Missouri with its depth and powerful current. Long, multiday floats on the upper portion of the Missouri River are difficult due to the many dams and reservoirs. View a data version of these sites. Further downstream (below Great Falls), canoes become popular for groups or where two people are in the boat—especially below Fort Benton. Photographer - David Stonner Several access points are available for take-out just above Fort Peck Lake. More details listed below the map (scroll down) Boat Ramp Locations 12.

The next time you are looking for an excursion to take your mind off the winter blues, consider a trip to Columbia Bottom Conservation Area. Photographer - Noppadol Paothong Staff Writer - Kristie Hilgedick High winds are common, and cause challenges for floa… The Missouri River between Holter Dam and Cascade is "equal opportunity" when it comes to boating. Associate Editor - Bonnie Chasteen

Its remoteness and unique scenery brings many people to this part of the Missouri River to venture out on quiet float trips, away from the hordes found on some other Montana rivers.

Staff Writer - Heather Feeler Staff Writer - Joe Jerek Fishing guides use drift boats or large NRS or Aire Rafts with fishing frames. The area provides public recreational activities such as fishing, boating, hunting, hiking, bicycling, and bird and wildlife watching. On busy summer weekends, the river is jammed with floaters between Holter Dam and Cascade. Logistics for Rocheport to Cooper's Landing.

The icons have been clustered to simplify the map. Our clear, cool waters flow from crystal-clear springs and provide peace and a feeling of remoteness that does not require a long trip into the “back-country.” We facilitate and provide opportunity for all citizens to use, enjoy, and learn about these resources. Designer - Les Fortenberry The country is remote. A small Class II rapids exists about ten miles upstream from Cascade. Editor - Angie Daly Morfeld Hunting activities on the area include managed archery and shotgun deer hunts, a managed dove hunt with hunting opportunities allocated through a preseason application and drawing, a managed youth spring turkey hunt, and waterfowl hunting. From the Missouri Conservationist Magazine, about Partnering With Hunters and Landowners to Slow CWD, about Conserving Missouri’s Rivers and Streams, Partnering With Hunters and Landowners to Slow CWD. Area interpretive staff and volunteers provide public recreational and educational opportunities, such as moonlit walks to listen to sounds of the night or Dutch oven cooking demonstrations. There is a boat ramp. Circulation - Laura Scheuler. This area offers access to the Mississippi River. Art Director - Cliff White