Luka encouraged Juleka to become Marinette's model. In "Mayura", he participates in the Parisian rebellion in order to help Ladybug and Cat Noir in defeating Hawk Moth. Miraculous Ladybug is a trademark of ZAG Animation and ON Entertainment. Likes:

December 24, 2019 (France: MyTF1)[1]July 11, 2020 (France: YouTube)

Primary WieldedMiraculous: Now Miraculous Ladybug has 5 billions+ views whole world.

Then Miraculous Ladybug aired on France. As their alter-egos, Viperion and Pegasus fight beside each other as a team, with Ladybug, Cat Noir, and the rest of their Miraculous holder allies. Credits Male ♂ However, sometimes he can lose his calm if feels that he and mainly his friends are being wronged, like when Bob Roth stole his band's music, dance and outfits and claimed them to be XY's. Luka giving his declaration of love to Marinette. Thomas Astruc Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Miraculous: Luka Enemies:

However, it is actually a pun, as a matter of fact in French it sounds like "acouphène" which means "tinnitus". Species:

Miraculous Ladybug three seasons since 2015. First Miraculous Ladybug episode released on September 2015 in Korea. He listens to Juleka and openly talks about her dreams, including her desire to model Marinette's designs and how insecure she was in asking her and doing it. Miraculous Ladybug won Brazilian toy Awards in 2017.

His suit has a snake texture along with the same kind of underbelly like a snake and has a cyan colored mask around his eyes. "Kagami as seen by Adrien" He has a sky blue jacket with a navy blue hoodie underneath, as well as black high top converse with multi-colored splotches. Miraculous Ladybug dubbed in +10 languages. He does hang out with her and her friends on occasion by going to the movies with them seen in an Instagram post. The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir!

Voiced by: All the Couffaine's names so far end with "-ka". In "Battle of the Miraculous", he continued to work on figuring out her musical tune briefly showing it to her.

After Desperada's defeat, the two were playing music together.

Then, when needed, he slides the snakehead back again, reversing time back to the point he marked. Despite not meeting Cat Noir in person like Ladybug, he appears to respect the hero and takes in the Paris Rebellion showing his support towards him in "Mayura". Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.Miraculous™ is a trademark of ZAG Animation and ON Entertainment. Sadness • Hawk Moth (future) • Ignoblia • Pain and Tears • Monsieur Rat • Timetagger, Miss Bustier's class (Adrien Agreste • Alix Kubdel • Alya Césaire • Chloé Bourgeois • Ivan Bruel • Juleka Couffaine • Lê Chiến Kim • Marinette Dupain-Cheng • Max Kanté • Mylène Haprèle • Nathaniel Kurtzberg • Nino Lahiffe • Rose Lavillant • Sabrina Raincomprix • Lila Rossi) • Ms. Mendeleiev's class (Aurore Beauréal • Mireille Caquet • Jean Duparc) • Adam • Marc Anciel • Luka Couffaine • Ondine • Kagami Tsurugi • Vivica • Wayhem, August • Boy • Ella Césaire • Etta Césaire • Manon Chamack • Chris Lahiffe • Mrs. Michelle's son • Quentin, Adrien's bodyguard • Alim Kubdel • Emilie Agreste • Arlette • Art teacher • Thomas Astruc • August's mother • Vincent Aza • Mr. Banana • Théo Barbot • André Bourgeois • Audrey Bourgeois • Caline Bustier • Butler Jean • Alec Cataldi • Marlena Césaire • Nora Césaire • Otis Césaire • Nadja Chamack • Sabine Cheng • Chris (performer) • Clara Contard • Anarka Couffaine • Mr. Damocles • Armand D'Argencourt • Doorman • Gina Dupain • Rolland Dupain • Tom Dupain • Fire captain • Fisherman • André • Simon Grimault • Fred Haprèle • Claudie Kanté• Jalil Kubdel • Marianne Lenoir • Lila's mother • Maid • Ms. Mendeleiev • Mrs. Michelle • Clara Nightingale • Philippe • Roger Raincomprix • Xavier Ramier • Penny Rolling • Bob Roth • Santa Claus • Sarah • Jagged Stone • Jean Tretiens • Tomoe Tsurugi • Véronique • Vincent (Adrien's photographer) • XY, Amelie Graham de Vanily • Breaker • Wang Cheng • Ghetto Blaster • Howard • Jørgen • Kenya's father • Killabee • Metal Face D • Order of the Guardians • Prince Ali's chaperone • Public Enemy • Shaolin Soul • Wealthy woman. If his power is used on a Miraculous holder, he can render them virtually powerless unless he says the invocations in their place.

15-17[1] Luka doesn't know Max too well, even though Luka later attended the boys only party that Max and a small number of his friends helped Nino put together for Adrien, and had stayed behind to help them clear the "aftermath" of it in "Party Crasher".,,, As with several other webisodes, the clips of. Dislikes: He proves to be more competent than Adrien at using this ability. Superhero identity: As their alter-egos, Viperion and King Monkey fight beside each other as a team, with Ladybug, Cat Noir and the rest of their Miraculous holder allies.

Juleka is Luka's younger sister, whom he is very close to.

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Luka is very kind and generous, especially towards his friends and family, but also to people he just met as he cheers Marinette up shortly after meeting her. He claims to have been playing the guitar since he was a baby. He has a Roman nose, pale pink lips, light aqua blue eyes, and medium-length black hair that has dyed teal blue tips. Then Miraculous Ladybug released in French language. By "Silencer", Luka and Marinette are part of Kitty Section and pass more time together. Relatives:

In "Silencer", when Bob Roth threatens Marinette after she accuses him of stealing Kitty Section's idea for XY's new song, he is akumatized by Hawk Moth into Silencer, a voice-stealing supervillain.

Silencer (Season 3)

As Silencer, he gets annoyed with Cat Noir interfering with his plans and has no qualms about taking his voice away. Afterwards, he isn't fazed when Marinette thanks him by kissing him on the cheek. Snake Miraculous Though he attempts to retain his cool, upon witnessing Bob threaten Marinette, he becomes so angry that he gets akumatized. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

Playing his guitarJagged Stone's musicMarinette Video, "Luka as seen by Marinette" is a thirtieth webisode of Miraculous Secrets. Akumatized identity: Luka was first revealed in a French synopsis for Season 2 on Le Figaro.

Gender: His friends being threatenedInjustice XY and Bob Roth Miraculous Ladybug about Super Heros.