However, his ideas resonated with others and soon, many Dollars members were actively correcting the mistakes made by other members and even participated in community service activities. He sends a message directly to Namie Yagiri, asking to meet her in person. This article, Mikado Ryugamine is property of Blankslate and may not be used by any one else unless they ask him first (the answer is "no"). While the rescue was successful, Mikado decides that in order to end the Yellow Scarves attacks, he must take the Dollars out of the equation completely and disbands the Dollars, shutting down BBS. Mikado, Aoba, and the Blue Squares searched for information on him and they warned Celty, saying that Shinra might be in danger because he was caught on camera several months ago leaving Kasuka's apartment just before Ruri and Kasuka were revealed as a couple and that Adabashi has been targeting those who may be connected to Ruri. Friends/Allies While Celty kept on asking him questions Akabayashi entered the room and asked Mikado if he would join the conversation. As Aoba swears loyalty, Mikado went through a complete change in his personality and reverts back to his usual cheerful self, yanking the pen out of Aoba's hand and proceeding to expertly bandage up the wound he left. Kyouhei mentions how frustrated some of the Dollars members are at the leader's absence during this incident which adds further fuel to Mikado's stress regarding the issue.

Mikado, Anri, and Masaomi soon start regularly hanging out with each other and attempt to get to know each other better. At some point during this time, Mikado and a few online friends decided to create a fake online group called the Dollars as an elaborate prank to play on others.

Mikado briefly wonders if he should mobilize the Dollars to help, but decides that they probably wouldn't be able to do much in this situation and may actually even draw more attention to Celty than the wanted poster already has. He is a teenage boy who moves to Ikebukuro at the start of the series, where he reunites with his childhood friend Masaomi Kida. Mikado explains his desire to turn Dollars into an urban legend so that it will constantly be changing and evolving. Do-Gooder This desire for the unknown also causes Mikado to show utter disgust toward people he finds either boring (like Hiroshi) or hypocritical (like Namie). The "black emotions" returned, this time aimed at himself for being so useless at such a crucial time. Mikado is revealed to have been held back a year due to his hospitalization period after the incident at the end of the original series. Aoba explains that he wouldn't be the leader of the Dollars but specifically of the Blue Squares, who would act as a special unit that only answered to him. Student/Gang Leader and a secondary character in Durarara!! This, by extension, means that almost every aspect about Mikado's life, be it his friends, family, or even Dollars, are merely entertainment tools to make his life more interesting.

Most of his questions seem to focus on the Dollars but before they can continue, they discover Anri being bullied. He can use his ability to control the curse to see if there are other nearby Saika children. It is revealed that he has become a Saika child after being stabbed by Nasujima in the previous series, but the curse has faded over time and has little influence over him. Mikado runs up to them and apologizes as the leader of the Dollars. Online name Shortly after, his friends forgiving him, Mikado throws himself in the way of an attack meant for Anri, and ends up in the hospital critically injured. Mikado hat schwarze Haare,und blaue Augen. Prevent everyone from finding out that he's the founder of the Dollars, Protect Anri Sonohara, Reform the Dollars His mother's name is Hiromi (ひろみ) while his father's name is probably read as Ryuugamine Tatsuya (竜ヶ峰竜也) (there is no official romanization for his parents' names). Mikado learns that several members of Toramaru were attacked in Saitama and beaten severely to the point where many of the were sent to the hospital. The thugs are soon chased out by Celty and Izaya who proceed to help Mikado recover from the attack. While Masaomi is on the ground, Mikado loses his grip on sanity. Mikado trägt entweder weiß/grünen Pullover oder seinen blau/weißen Anzug mit blauer Kravatte.Mikado trägt immer eine braune Tasche. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Another gun is fired at the police station in the name of the Dollars, making them the most wanted gang above and below ground in Ikebukuro. The thugs who accompanied them began to chuckle when Aoba gave his confession. Nickname

Anri tells Mikado to run but is stunned by Vorona's flash bomb.

At the behest of Masaomi, Mikado eventually decided to move to Ikebukuro and attend Raira Academy as a way to break the monotony of his life in the country. Mikado, Aoba, and the rest of the delinquents arrived at an abandoned factory warehouse. When Celty asks Mikado about his injuries he replies that the 'bad people' did it. Occupation Mikado quickly notices the empty apartment and realizes the girl has left. Mikado trägt entweder weiß/grünen Pullover oder seinen blau/weißen Anzug mit blauer Kravatte.Mikado trägt immer eine braune Tasche. In the finale of the main series, Mikado loses his grip on reality altogether. Mikado decides to opt for the next best thing: power.

Anri has developed a small admiration for Mikado because of this. Mikado is a polite and soft spoken boy, whom at times can be quite childish and naive. He then chuckles, and—turning his back to the window, simply welcomes Yahiro to Ikebukuro and wishes him luck. Akabayashi entered the room and asked Mikado if he would join the conversation. Later in the day, as Mikado and Anri are about to leave, they are stopped by one of Anri's bullies with her boyfriend. Summary. This is likely a result of his small town upbringing; as he moves to Ikebukuro he was amazed and overwhelmed by the sheer size and energy of the city, and thus he felt small and insignificant. Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses, is emotionally unstable. Kyouhei reveals that he got a bunch of Dollars members together to put an end to Horada's schemes and infiltrated the meeting. Durarara! Celty asks Mikado if he was truly ready to face the truth and Mikado accepts. Aoba states that it was revenge for chasing everyone halfway across the city several months ago. The Awakusu take it as a threat against Akane and begin to fight the Toramaru members, telling Celty to take Akane to a safe place. Mikado Ryuugamine is one of the main protagonists in Durarara!!

As they are leaving, Seiji turns to Mikado and gives him some advice regarding Anri. A polite and mild mannered teenager, he moves to the city of Ikebukuro, leaving behind his life in the countryside. Mikado has Kyouhei meet with Celty while he deals with Yagiri Pharmaceuticals. Later, at his apartment Mikado starts asking on the chatroom about anything that might have happened to the Dollars. Mikado notices that Masaomi is visibly uncomfortable with Izaya around but before he can inquire, their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Shizuo Heiwajima. Anri Sonohara ist ebenfalls eine gute Freundin von Mikado,in die er sich im laufe des Animes auch verliebt.Anri und Mikado sind beide die Klassensprecher der Klasse. Occupation Stage The next day, Mikado attends Raira Academy and introduces himself in class, briefly meeting Seiji Yagiri, who leaves just as quickly as he arrives. Mikado's parents show up to make sure he's alright. The next day, shortly after Mikado meets with Anri and Aoba, Mikado is suddenly threatened by a small group of former Yellow Scarves members out for revenge. After noticing how badly injured he was, Seiji apologized to him about what had happened in the Dollars incident, but Mikado claimed that it was actually the Dollars fault and, since both of them are members, there's no need to worry about it. Kururi and Mairu point him to another website which contains a news report. Izaya takes this as a sign that Mikado is more attached to Dollars than he initially expected and deduces that Mikado is worried that the Dollars are getting out of control. As their argument continues it is revealed that Mikado is in possession of two guns, one of which he has already fired at Dougen Awakusu's home.

As the trio parts ways, Mikado hears the black rider and attempts to get another glimpse of it. However, Masaomi arrives in time to save Mikado from getting killed. KidnappingAttempted MurderVandalismLeading a gangGiving orders of violencePossession of an illegal firearmConspiracyStabbingTheft However, as the series progresses, and specifically after a certain encounter with Izaya Orihara and then his involvement with the Blue Squares, Mikado begins to show signs of mental instability, to such lengths that an ongoing debate revolves around him potentially having a split personality disorder. Mika-boo (by Erika) Taro Tanaka Guile, Charisma Shizuo looks Mikado in the eyes and declares that he's resigning from the Dollars, saying that he wasn't going to be part of a group that was low enough to resort to kidnapping high school students.

165 cm (5'5") TarouTanaka He tells Masaomi about the incident the next day, but Masaomi is more than a little skeptical. As several thoughts swirl around in Mikado's head, Aoba draws attention to the countless messages left by other Dollars members. Powers/Skills Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Before Mikado or Aoba can question her further, several Toramaru members also rush in, recognizing Aoba and his gang as the ones who attacked them. Origin As Mikado turns around, he sees Vorona appear out of nowhere and attack Anri.