Layken is very different and possibly unisex so i would use a very girly middle name, rather than Blair, which is also unisex. Disclosure: I may receive referral fees from purchases made through links on Dad Fixes Everything.

I have a cousin named Laken Paige.

I also have never heard Blair as a boy name but I could see that. Subscribe for a 7-day series of all my best stuff. And it actually isn't a "made up" name. Something that’ll make him, him. With a curated selection of more than 30,000 last names, you can always find the perfect last name for your new character. This name generator will give you 10 random names for schools, universities and other educational institutes. I'm really liking Layken Blair for a girl.. we find out what we are having in a week and its bothering me that we don't have a set girl name. I personally like Blair as a first name, but I think Layken Selene, Layken Eliza or Layken Harley would be quite pretty. James is a classic, masculine, and popular name for a boy.

I have a daughter named Kamryn and people either don't know how to pronounce it or think she is a boy but we love common names but different spellings. The term is used in the Talmud and is generally understood to refer to harmful invisible demons that a person could encounter in daily life. Imagine that, only 5 babies in California have the same name in 2018. Raijapatterson member. Blair is feminine but it's just not my favorite. It’s also fun to practice yelling a child’s first, middle, and last name. Hopefully, you found a few you like as well.

My son's middle name is my grandmother's maiden name and if we have another boy his middle name will be after DH's side of the family. I am thinking maybe a longer middle name but short ones are welcome just not Kay, Rae or May in any form of spelling. Schools tend to be named after (famous) people, the town or city they're part of, or a nearby geographical region.

While a middle name isn’t required when you name your baby, a middle name does have meaning. Go with the classic middle name with a lot of nicknames. Add Friend Ignore. According to BabyCenter, the name James is derived from the Hebrew name Jacob. Just being honest (so I don't need you coming back and throwing unnecessary flames and giving my grief about "not saying something nice so don't say anything at all" - that's not how the internet works), but I wouldn't name a child a made up name like "Layken". What’s in a middle name, anyway?

As it turns out, plenty. I’ve compiled these from baby name databases, parent discussion forums, and other sources then whittled them down to the ones I personally think sound best. For instance, choose the middle names you want for Luke from the list below and write them down.