Since that incident, Hal's life change. Tighten tackles Bizarro back to Earth.

Hal was only in it for the hero gig just so he could get the girl. As Bizarro reaches the top, Tighten managed to break free and punched Bizarro, knocking him a few meters in the air. Respect threads about individual characters or teams for use and reference with /r/whowouldwin battles. Bizarro flew to another tall building upwards while dragging Tighten by the cape through the building. Tighten: (Panicking) Okay! Wiz: Unaware that he most likely injured, or worse, killed, the passengers on board... Boomstick: Supes day couldn't get any worser with this guy around. Tighten looks around his surroundings only to see ruins and debris. Tighten continues on his wild assault. Jesus Christ... Wiz: Tighten was unflinced from Megamind's punch, casually tanked blows from his Mech, is unaffected by his energy gun, and was unscathed from a tanker's explosion. His durability and invulnerability, makes him impervious to physical means and modern weaponry like bullets, bombs, missiles, and lasers. Bizarro gets back up from the rubble and dust himself off as Tighten burst through inside. Wouldn't that one get stomped? However, the remaining Bizarros follows suit to the original and does the same, as they all shoot Tighten with their arctic vision in unison. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Wiz: Though, he had the same abilities as Superman, Bizarro was hit by a meteorite which reversed some of his powers.

Who freaking does that!?

Boomstick: His Super breath became Vacuum breath, his Telescopic vision allows him to " see short distance behind his head" rather than "see long distance in front of his head", his Microscopic vision "makes objects actually smaller to everyone" rather than "merely to appear bigger to himself", and his X-ray vision allows him to "only see through lead" than opposed to "see through anything but lead". Boomstick: Specifically, Metro Man's physical body shape and powers! So, basically a pathetic loser.

Provoking and filling Tighten up with rage so they can fight.

Tighten swings his I-beam, hitting and sending Bizarro crashing into a tanker at a nearby gas station. Tighten creates a shockwave as he took off.

Bizarro on the other hand, although also lacking in the brain department, slowly understood his purpose and learned from experience.

Bizarro and Tighten exchange blows while flying higher into sky all the way to the outer atmosphere.

Ugh. Boomstick: Against the diabolical and nefarious, Megamind. Wiz: And its our job to analyzed their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win... a Death Battle.

12 Old Soul. Bizarro vs Tighten is a What-If?

Enraged, Tighten emerged from the building, unscathed.

That's one way of making his presence known. Rise, and come to Papa. Tighten: That freakazoid...! Imagine if their are more of this guy.

Megamind: No, no, no, no! Damn! Though Megamind tries to groom him into a hero to challenge him, Hal quickly goes mad with power.

Oh, yeah. The real Bizarro shoot his arctic vision at the frightened Tighten. Wiz: Broken, but brutally violent, Bizarro is truly one of the world’s most dangerous threats to have been ever created. Boomstick: I... uh... What did I say!

And due to his... thick-headedness, and straight-up recklessness, made Tighten pretty gullible and predictable, leaving him vulnerable for any clever and smart opponent to exploit. Wiz: Megamind plans to groom Hal to be Metro City's new hero, and do an epic battle on his debut against Megamind . Bizarro swings his lamp post which knocked Tighten into a building. Boomstick: Tighten melted down streets and buildings with his Heat Vision, blasted his way out from being robotpiled by Megamind's brainbots, and used it to carved his name onto the city. Behind the explosion, a figure began sucking the flames. One bumbling clone of Superman is already a handful! Bizarro unloads punches towards his opponent and knocked him hard, the latter retaliates. I never knew this goofball is capable of such brutality! Wiz: Howerver, Bizarro is way faster when it comes to speed, as he took out most of the Justice League in a matter of minutes, and casually kept pace with Superman who at his maximum, could fly faster around at the speed of light, or greater. Bad guy's always lose. Boomstick: That would be useful! Superman: I don't know. New 52 Superman takes on Metroman and Tighten in a 2 on 1 fight to the death.Location: MetropolisRules:1- Superman, Metroman, and Tighten are at full Well, depending on who he sides with against, anyway. Like that's ever gonna work... Megamind/Space Dad: Rise my glorious creation. Bizarro: No! Haven't found what he was looking for, Bizarro casually throws the frozen corpse as it completely shatters into pieces upon impact. Boomstick: Still, being a super-powered homicidal maniac, this is one supervillain goofball that will always wreak havoc in his wake. Bizarro: You am no match for my weakness. Bizarro was overwhelmed and was hit a couple of times. And of course, Tights is also pretty fast! Get it together Hal! [As a baby] Flies around while his foster mother holds onto him, [As a child] Lifts a desk with his teacher on top of it, [As a child] Lifts and carries a small schoolhouse, [As a child] Appears to be unharmed by inhaling fire, Crashes into a large telescope and doesn’t appear hurt, Doesn’t flinch as various objects are thrown at him, [As a child] Blocks a dodgeball from hitting his teacher, [As a child] Balances his teacher on top of a spinning desk, Spins while flying, creating a spiral of water above a pool, In the middle of a conversation with Megamind, he moves quickly enough that time appears to stand still, and reads at least part of a book before returning to his initial position without Megamind noticing he ever left, Escapes from an explosion that looked like this in real time, [As a child] Puts out a fire by sucking it into his lungs, His eyes zoom in somewhat on a building across town.

How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, 'Anti-Hero vs. That killed him?

Furious, Tighten strikes back by slamming his I-beam on Bizarro, crushing the Dolt of Steel hard on the ground. Boomstick: Now that was a titanic battle! Bizarro charges at Tighten, the latter does the same and both supermen clashed yet again, creating another shockwave which further devastates their surroundings. (*Cues: Megamind: Ultimate Showdown - Uptown 01*). Wiz: To bring back that fun and excitement to his life again, Megamind began formulating a plan to create a hero to battle him. Boomstick: Bizarro goes through solid concrete, and ice like they’re nothing. Wiz: Though, Bizarro also lacks capability in using his full potential, however, he has shown from time to time in utilizing his vast powers like the original, slowly getting around them and holding his own.

Lol, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the respectthreads community. Tighten was soon completely frozen in place, becoming a block of ice as the Bizarro clones disintegrate after overexerting themselves. And Tighten seemed to forget this fact everytime he faces Megamind, preferring to rely most on brute force. It’s Superman after taking too many drugs! Dude! Wiz: Having traveled deep into space and being exposed to a blue sun, Bizarro somehow developed a new ability called, Bizarro Vision. Wiz: Well, about that... his skin only turned blue, and he does look and act the same as usual, so... Wiz: Since Tighten and Metro Man are stated to have the exact same powers, Tighten is also applicable and capable of doing the same feats as Metro Man.

Bizarro takes a deep breath and unleash flames from his mouth. Tighten shot Bizarro and disintigrate him. Bizarro began spinning fast in a circular motion. (*Cues: Injustice 2 - The Joker's Playground*). Knocks over a gas truck, and also apparently either survives or flies out of the way of the ensuing explosion, Using a streetlamp, hits Megamind’s mech into the sky, Pushes the mech down through several stories of a building, Lifts the top half of the building and throws it, Takes a backhand from Megamind’s mech, sending him tunneling through a street, Catches a falling Roxie and juggles her through traffic, Flies faster than the mech he knocked into the air, Flies fast enough to create a shockwave that breaks a lot of windows, Bursts out of a swarm of Megamind’s robots, Spies on someone from several blocks away, He is cowardly when confronted by someone he considers his equal in power, The gun Megamind used to give him his powers can also take them away, He's dumb and gullible enough to believe that a disguised Megamind is his "space dad", I never noticed “Hal Stewart” until now.