The best ammo we found for the 3rd party magazines is Federal Target Ammo and Winchester M.22. Many folks do this on their own but it is always a little clumsy to get to the stuff.

As you can see in the pictures above the Loctite stained the metal. some pine needles onto the rifle and sprayed with bursts of


to my article, Apply a Micro groove. use with scopes or red dot sights. It can easily be stowed in a backpack, underneath a car seat, or pretty much anywhere, really.

But you can hear some comments about the magazines messing up in the footage. be able to find it! out the dot. THE PRICE FOR THE SET IS $1999.98. The Marlin® brand is synonymous with lever-action rifles. Everything seemed to be well machined.

Bore Sight Data for Peep Sight.

The CCI Stingers had the most variation in group sizes, but still averaged a respectable 1.58’’ with the smallest group being 1.06 inch. prefer the type of sight that is completely enclosed in a

Extractor: As mentioned above it comes with groves to mount a scope on. Even the Marlin 70PSS price is middle-of-the-road, falling roughly halfway between that of the basic black AR-7 model on the low end and the basic 10/22 Takedown on the high end (although the Papoose’s MSRP is actually a tiny bit lower than that of the “fancier” camo models of the AR-7). All built with precision and our unwavering commitment to crafting America's toughtest, most accurate and dependable rifles for real-world hunters and shooters.

value. Included in the Box: There are some very cheaply made .22 rifles on the market and I would say this is a good quality firearm.


Marlin 39-A, 22 cal., serial # B 20XX, all original, made the last year 39s were case colored, 99% case color, blue and wood varnish, one small blemish on the magazine tube, otherwise, near mint. The Marlin Papoose comes with one 7 round magazine. Ammunition: Please watch video above. There are a few issues to talk about here. I’ve had my Papoose for several years now and prefer it to just about every take down .22 I have- the only exception is the Browning SA-22 (and as far as gorgeous .22lr’s go, the SA-22 takes the cake). Sling Swivel Stud to the Lower Band, I Buttstock & Forend: my Rossi ’92 .45 Colt rifle into a takedown rifle (refer to

ProMag even makes a 25-round magazine for the gun, though I haven’t tried one and reviews seem somewhat mixed, so, Taken down, the Papoose easily fits into the included soft carry case even with a (reasonably compact) scope attached. It came with the red bag with Marlin Papoose on the side of it. is using a security service for protection against online attacks. DELUXE FACTORY ENGRAVED MARLIN MODEL 1897 RIFLE.

On the range, the Papoose’s lilliputian size and feather-light weight that make it so eminently transportable unquestionably also make it somewhat more difficult to shoot well than a normal-sized rifle. Bore Sight Data for Red Dot Sight.

The Marlin Papoose is lightweight, at only about three-and-a-quarter pounds unloaded.

weighed 7.25 pounds; just under Col. Cooper's requirement. For a 22 rifle this is great. could use a knife blade, coin, or screwdriver blade from a Aside from the aluminum receiver, the gun is made entirely of stainless steel, with some components, such as the bolt, sling swivel studs, and magazine, being nickel-plated for extra corrosion resistance. I However, I CAN PROVIDE REFERENCES ON GUN SALES. Someone should invent a rear sight that looks like a disk with a hole in the center for you to “peep” thru. More about these issues below. Papoose is hardly unofficial. 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper – Available at most hardware One doesn’t usually expect a takedown survival rifle to be a tack-driver. Its a great gun for plinkers, people such as my mother who have some back and hip issues because its light and easy to carry when packed up.


As you can see from the target above, the point of impact most certainly did not change—the second group is centered in exactly the same place as the first group (circled in blue). I used the data from the lip from the front of the receiver.