Audiences watched as Luis searched for Marcela using his connections in the Mexican government, traveling to Italy with his younger brother Alejandro, and going so far as to reportedly hire Mossad agents to try to locate her. Real Name: Luis Gallego Sánchez Repiso. He later settled for Luisito Rey, Luisito being the diminutive of Luis and Rey being his father's maternal surname. Following the birth of her third son, Marcela seemingly suffered from postpartum depression. Some, like Luis Miguel's godfather, renowned Puerto Rican psychologist Alfred D. Herger, have described him as a psychopath and abuser.

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Luisito Rey stole more than 20 million usd from his son while he was manager, and I think Marcela knew and threatened him to tell his son or go to the authorities, or both.

His natural talent helped him to get out of Spain and travel through many countries, including Argentina, where he met his life companion, Italian model Marcela Basteri.[1]. He also holds the record for the most consecutive presentations in the Auditorio National (National Auditorium) with a total of 30 consecutive concerts as well as the record for the most presentations in the same venue with a total of 240 concerts.

A bullfighter fan, his favorite toreador was Luis Miguel González Lucas, better known as Luis Miguel Dominguín, father of famous singer Miguel Bosé. |  An icon in Latin America, he is often referred to as El Sol de México, and he's one of the most successful artists in Latin American history, having successfully performed in a wide range of musical styles, including pop, ballads, boleros and mariachi. Luisito Rey was the son of Rafael Gallego Rey, a flamenco singer turned electrician, and Matilde Sánchez Repiso, a singer and dancer. Luis Miguel y Marcela emanan amor y felicidad. [4] Keeping with custom, Luis Miguel has said nothing publicly about his relationship with his father. She was allegedly last seen flying to Italy with her son, Sergio, in 1986, but no on has seen her since. Luisito Rey. It was rumored Luisito Rey had AIDS, and he passed it onto Marcela, and she died from it …

In his honor, he named his firstborn son Luis Miguel Gallego. YouTube Stars. Luis Miguel is also known for his high-grossing live performances. Celebrities and Notable People Who Have Had Coronavirus. YouTube Star. To date, Luis Miguel has sold over 100 million records worldwide. Luis Gallego Sánchez, better known as Luisito Rey (June 28, 1945 – December 9, 1992), was a Spanish singer-songwriter, better known as the father and first manager of singer Luis Miguel.

Your contribution is much appreciated! It was also around that time that she split from Luis Rey, leading to her separation from LuisMi, who was a teenager at the time. Father of Mexican singer Luis Miguel.

Recently Passed Away Celebrities and Famous People. The Best Spanish Shows to Add to Your Netflix Queue Right Now, We Can't Wait for Fred Armisen to Break Into Spanish in 'Los Espookys', SPOILERS: Hannah B. Profile: Spanish singer and composer. [5], "Nueva ola portoricensis: la revolución musical que vivió Puerto Rico en la década del 60", "Luisito Rey - Frente a una copa de vino (1,968)", "Los secretos de la oscura vida de Luisito Rey, el temible padre de Luis Miguel", "Luisito Rey: las alucinantes mentiras del padre de Luis Miguel - México",, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 June 2020, at 12:42. YouTube Star. Luisito Rey went as far as giving drugs to young Luis Miguel.

Luis Miguel Death Fact Check. His artistic name was originally Luisito Gasán (combining the first syllables of his father's and mother's last name).

His artistic name was originally Luisito Gasán (combining the first syllables of his father's and mother's last name). "It was rumored Luisito Rey had AIDS, and he passed it onto Marcela, and she died from it in a mental asylum. His first taste of success was with the song "Frente a una copa de vino" (In front of a glass of wine), a ballad classic that became his biggest and only major hit in Latin America. We haven't heard any unfortunate news about Luis Miguel having the coronavirus (COVID-19). He is known for his work on Fiebre de amor (1985), Luis Miguel: La Serie (2018) and Siempre en domingo (1970). On 2 May 2017, Luis Miguel surrendered himself to the U.S.