The three of them imagine a sleepover.

The last scene shot for the season and Nina as Elena was the Damon & Elena dance scene, which according to her WhoSay post the day this episode aired she shares a picture of herself after getting caked by the cast & crew, but took Ian Somerhalder down with her by putting some of the cake on him as seen in another photo. Tyler tells her he loves her. Caroline is OK with waiting for Bonnie to live a long and happy life before Elena wakes up, un-aged. See more of Vampire Diaries on Facebook. Stefan sits down with Caroline, and tells her he made a list about all the ways loving her has changed his life.

He knows there's a chance he'll never see her again. we will miss you, forever and always.

He claims that he never even knew that werewolves even existed and that since they were of magic too, so would the venom on a werewolf bite be.

She asks how Stefan feels about his "soul mate."

Elena finds Damon lying in the road where they first met. 1953.

Damon tells Elena he's willing to lay desiccated in the Salvatore crypt until she wakes but she tells him to live his life. GOODBYE, MYSTIC FALLS — In the aftermath of Alaric and Jo’s powerful nuptials, things take a dramatic turn when an uninvited guest shows up, leaving Elena in terrible jeopardy. In a trailer park, Stefan watches as his mother frantically searches for her six friends that Kai told her he'd brought back, in every container that she can find, but has no luck in finding them.

He understands if he has to wait for her, and says he will. Name

He cries as she sees them back at the quarry.

Kai's family converge on him, chanting a Gemini spell to send him back to a prison world.

They suggest that Damon rush Elena to the hospital, and like that, Damon picks up Elena in his arms and using his vamp speed, races over to the hospital.

Despite Matt’s advice to leave town to protect herself, a defiant Bonnie takes matters into her own hands after finding herself on the receiving end of a twisted plan. 1.44 million

Facebook. As long as Bonnie lives, Elena will stay asleep, and that he'll made sure, as a result, if anyone attempts to find a loophole or try to undo the spell, it will lead to both of their deaths. At the end of episode we see a flash forward, starting with the interior of the Salvatore Crypt showing Elena's coffin with time sped up showing the flowers rotting away. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Air date Tyler bit Kai in this episode. Sign Up. Caroline and Stefan visit Elena in her hospital bed. The Vampire Diaries - I'm Thinking of You All the While Trailer. She tells him she loves him and Bonnie then stops, while realising that she may never see Elena again.

Nina Dobrev is willing to come back for the series finale.

Create New Account. Alaric cradles Jo's dead body in his arms lamenting that this can't be happening.

Back inside Elena's mind, Elena dreams about standing on Wickery Bridge where she was again, saying good-bye to her human self with Matt by throwing flowers into the river, just as she did the first time.

Damon offers to get the cure in New Orleans (from Klaus) if Kai tells him what he did. Matt comes back to the Salvatore house, where Bonnie has found a recorded message from Kai in which he explains the new "inspired" ways he's going to make her suffer. Damon tells Stefan that he will have Bonnie put a seal on the Salvatore crypt to protect Elena's body from vampires seeking to get the cure from her blood. Cinema Static, @2008-2018, a division of

After Damon tells Elena that he's willing to lay desiccated in the crypt with her until she wakes up, but she tells him to live his over the next 60 or 70 years.

Nina Dobrev's final day of shooting her final scene of TVD playing Elena Gilbert was Wednesday April 15, 2015. The Vampire Diaries

As Elena lies in the hospital bed, she dreams of when her and Alaric were training - Alaric takes all of his anger out on the training doll wedged onto the tree, before bursting into tears.

Damon apologizes to Bonnie, then kisses her on the forehead, Bonnie attempts to move her head out of the way, then walks away.

Birthplace Elena tells Tyler after he says goodbye to her, she tells him to leave Mystic Falls and to own being a werewolf as that makes him special. Outside the wedding, Liv and Tyler are badly hurt and lying on the ground. Elena sees herself back on the bridge with Matt, who she hopes becomes a cop, spending his life fighting for people who are good, like he is. [1], Directors: Elizabeth Allen • Michael A. Allowitz • David Von Ancken • Lance Anderson • Carol Banker • David Barrett • Charles Beeson • John Behring • Rick Bota • Kevin Bray • Joshua Butler • Deb Chow • Kellie Cyrus • John Dahl • Ernest R. Dickerson • Guy Ferland • Liz Friedlander • Darren Genet • Rashaad Ernesto Green • Chris Grismer • Tanya Hamilton • Rob Hardy • Ralph Hemecker • Jeffrey Hunt • David Jackson • Michael Karasick • Michael Katleman • Leslie Libman • Darnell Martin • Patrick Norris • Julie Plec • Geoff Shotz • Marcos Siega • Dennis Smith • Tony Solomons • Ian Somerhalder • Paul M. Sommers • Wendey Stanzler • Garreth Stover • James Thompson • J. Miller Tobin • Brad Turner • Pascal Verschooris • Jesse Warn • Paul Wesley • Jeff Woolnough, Directors: Rest in peace, sir. Rest in peace and comfort to your family. Viewers

As Stefan and Caroline reach an emotional crossroad in their relationship, a reunion with Liv leaves Tyl… As Stefan and Caroline reach an emotional crossroad in their relationship, a reunion with Liv leaves Tyler faced with a decision that could change his life forever. Damon also fulfils the promise/threat he made to Kai when he first met him in. ‘The Vampire Diaries’ faced a devastating loss when a young crew member named Sarah Jones died in a horrific train accident while filming a movie. But these weren't the only shows he contributed his talents to.

Damon attempts to feed a wounded Elena his blood. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

This is the second season finale where an entire, Jo is shown in this episode as a corpse. Kai, then has a brainstorm. On Feb. 27, as the cast and crew fough…

The dress Nina wore in this episode and the previous episode was hand made.

It's Damon's turn to say good-bye.

Damon and Elena finish their dance and Damon prepares to spend the next 60 years of his life without her in it.

She suggests he trigger his werewolf gene by killing her so he'll get a second chance at life.

This is the second episode to feature ten cast members.

Written by He holds the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger, however, as he has used up all of the bullets in Kai, it's empty.

Lily walks in and to her surprise, her family come towards her. They slow dance in the middle of the road.

"Tell Me How To Feel" – Maggie Eckford

The first episode was, This episode marks possibly the last time. Despite Matt’s advice to leave town to protect herself, a defiant Bonnie takes matters into her own hands after finding herself on the receiving end of a twisted plan. Elena asks Bonnie to levitate feathers from a pillow, just like the first time Bonnie showed her her powers.

The last movie made by Nina Dobrev playing Vicki in 2014 during the break between Season 5 and this season, The Final Girls will be released in theaters sometime after this episode airs.

You did a great job. In Season 7 he does desiccate himself next to her waiting to be revived after Elena wakes up in 60/70 years as seen in I Would For you. He tells her what Kai did. While this is going on, at the hospital, Damon gets a text : "Ty werewolf, Kai vampire". Back at the wedding, Kai comes back to life and yanks the glass out of his neck. Jump to the chaos following Kai's violent interruption of Jo and Alaric's wedding. As of now, this is the final appearance of. "Long Long Way" – Damien Rice

The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Going to exterior of the crypt show the changing day/night and weather over an unknown amount of time.

Andre Perreault The last thing is Deputy Matt Donovan patrolling a boarded up downtown Mystic Falls before craning up to show Damon standing on the City Hall clock. Elena dreams about the time she and Stefan went on their post-vampire hike, but this time she says good-bye. She gets up and start to question Damon and claims that she knows something bad has happened. It's revealed by Kai that the werewolf curse is magic and so is the venom of a werewolf. She tells him to live his life and enjoy himself.


This is the last season finale in which Stefan, Elena and Damon appeared in together.

Finally, it's Stefan's turn. we all miss and love you goodbye, from your biggest fan :D, rip and thank you for making the TVD series and the originals the best series ever, dearly may Andre rest in peace, he did a great role in the originals i loved it most, i am so sorry for our lost.

As he sees Kai approach him, he empties his gun into Kai, but unfortunately has little effect as he converted himself into one of Lily's heretics, he can siphon the magic of vampirism and turn it into more magic. Rest in peace may we cherish the memories of you and the beautiful, inspiring, touching music that was created by the best person to create sounds.

Damon finds Bonnie bleeding internally with a collapsed lung.

She's been a human in 68 episodes in the series and the last 2 since taking, The interior of the house was last seen in the, This is the last episode of the season to be based on a song title and the first episode was the season premiere episode.

He dance with Elena one last time in her mind before he leaves her in the crypt until she wakes up.

Then Kai shows up with the werewolf bite in his neck. After this episode only Stefan and Damon will appeared in the most episodes of the series.