This is how another expedition attempt ended when its conductor disappeared and was not found.

Drkstrong Olera Naturkosmetik This is the end of coffins! Bashenko was executed in Moscow during the Great Purge on April 25, 1938. 5G The first know study of the Kola pyramids took place in the early 1920s when Russian researcher Alexander Vasilyevich Barchenko (1881 – 1938) traveled with a scientific team to investigate the mysterious, unknown ancient structures. Earth Changes Science

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Exclusive Alexander Vasilyevich Barchenko in 1937 one year before he was executed. During a documented symposium carried out by NASA, Armstrong claimed that before their arrival the moon was already inhabited by other species, In this article I added a video with a supposed time traveler, he says he went in the future, he spent 6, Recently, a group of experts claimed that there is a hidden world lying under frozen Antarctica. Transhumanism Tesla

Capernaum – Was The City On The Sea Jesus’ Home? September 2015 Alaska They were able to retrieve some tantalizing artifacts, including some metalwork that had elaborate designs of labyrinths pounded into them. Us Economy July 2014 When some human-built pyramids were discovered on the Kola Peninsula, the natural pyramids throughout the north were viewed in a different light. John Rappoport Spiro 1 March 2014 September 2017 Anonymous

Pyramids found by archaeologists on the Kola peninsula prove the existence of an ancient civilization on the territory of Russia. 2011 The scientist in charge of this discovery suggests that the Kola Peninsula might be the home of the most ancient civilization on Earth. January 2016 August 2012 Cannabis Others think they were made for shamanistic rituals, or as fish traps.

ESA Chakras According to Diodorus Siculus (90 B.C.

March 2016 On a preliminary assessment, these pyramids are at least twice as old as the Great Pyramids of Giza. July 2013 It looks like the little, © 2020 All Rights Reserved | Copyright Alien News, This Is Forgotten Technology – Man Lifts 20 Ton Block By Hand, Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist on Earth, Time Traveler Reveals Future Map Of The U.S After Devastating Events (2020-2025), Neil Armstrong: “Their Ship Was Far Superior To Ours – It Was Big – We Were Warned”, Al Bielek – The Man Who Time Traveled In The Year 2137 Says What He Saw in 2 Years There, Researchers Reveal: “There is Another World Under The Ice of Antarctica”, Clear Footage of Real UFO With Aliens – This is the antigravity force field in action, Cigar Shaped Unidentified Flying Object recorded recently in Georgia, Secret Key Behind Sphinx’s Ear – Life on Earth Will Change Irrevocably When the Sphinx is Unlocked, UFOs Recorded From International Space Station (video), Human-Alien Hybrid Exposed After Going Through X-ray Machine (video). Archaeological expeditions in years past have been thwarted. Possibly the Kola Peninsula was exposed long enough to become inhabited. August 2015 Areas of Russia and northern countries of the region have landscapes that are very sparsely dotted with mysterious pyramid-shaped mountains. Lost Biblical City, Ancient Treasure And Atlantis – Biblical And Archaeological Perspective Pyramids found by archaeologists on the Kola peninsula prove the existence of an ancient civilization on the territory of Russia. October 2013 February 2012 Election It seems that at one point something very, Ernst Rifgatovich Muldashev is a renowned surgeon and one of the most important personalities who believe in the existence of ancient civilizations, This is by far one of the strangest discoveries to come out of southeastern Romania as, Meet the scariest creature you’ll probably ever encounter, as alongside the Indian Ocean you will find, The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities recently made quite the shocking discovery as they came across proof, This recent report comes to us from Paris as apparently, a massive meteor shower decimated almost, In case you didn’t know already, Huelgoat is a decently popular holiday destination thanks to its.

Just For Laughs Actually, these pyramids look very similar to Mount Meru, which was mentioned several times in various mythologies and religious texts. Inspiration Documentary Their helicopter almost crashed, but they did eventually manage to reach the ancient site and study these enigmatic structures. Recently discovered in the Kola Peninsula located in Russia, these pyramids could be the necessary proof to be able to state that, someday, a new ancient civilization would have lived on that territory. 5D Paranormal While on, Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China was temporarily closed due to an extremely bizarre event. May 2020 The path was very dangerous and locals did not want to show the way to the scientists. Planet Earth Who were these builders? September 2012 The Kola Peninsula is located in the northernmost region of European Russia.

Even more, it is suggested that the oldest civilization that inhabited the Earth had the territory of the Kola Peninsula, based on the plates of the pyramids. Pyramids Recently I started to investigate a story about some mysterious pyramids and it led me to a much bigger mystery:  The Kola Peninsula of Russia.

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Atlantis Meta Tech It’s well-known that almost every ancient culture left a legacy that was marked by towering pyramids. A, Daily Review: The Omega Chronicles by Mark Carnelley.

Earthquakes Hyperborea has never been found but it doesn’t necessarily mean the place never existed. Perhaps they were used as an astronomical observatory in ancient times. Perhaps there were man-made stone pyramids inside them—they had been overgrown down through the ages. Wonders such as the Grand Canyon or the Victoria Falls, Time traveler, a survivor of the famous Philadelphia Experiment reveals details about time-travel programs. Hecataeus of Miletus  (550 B.C - 476 B.C), the first known Greek historian came to believe the holy place of the Hyperboreans lay “on an island in the ocean…beyond the land of the Celts.”. Some people in, As I like to keep saying, life is stranger than fiction. Alternative March 2012 It’s fair to say that mystery of the Kola pyramid remains unsolved to this day. World News Were there extraterrestrial beings who came in contact with people from various places on our planet in ancient times? April 2014 The Hyperboreans use a peculiar dialect, and have a remarkable attachment to the Greeks, especially to the Athenians and the Delians…”, “It is also said that in this island the moon appears very near to the earth, that certain eminences of a terrestrial form are plainly seen in it, that Apollo visits the island once in a course of nineteen years, in which period the stars complete their revolutions, and that for this reason, the Greeks distinguish the cycle of nineteen years by the name of “the great year”…”.