Historical investigators may never know exactly what killed Tut, but there is evidence suggesting what might have occurred. In addition, the authors led by Dr. Zahi Hawass from the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Cairo, results suggest “avascular bone necrosis (condition in which the poor blood supply to the bone leads to weakening or destruction of an area of bone) in conjunction ith the malarial infection” was most likely the cause of death in Tutankhamun. We’ve got you covered. Since the discovery of his tomb in 1922 by British archaeologist Howard Carter, many theorized that the cause of Tutankhamun’s death was murder because of the hole in his skull. Another theory was an illness. of lethal trauma to King Tuts head. The only fracture that is said to have happened before his death was to his knee. It was made of pure gold. You can get your Another theory as to what caused King Tut’s death was a genetic disorder known as gynecomastia, a hormone imbalance which gives males a female appearance. (Williams, 2013), Another speculation by writer Bob Brier is that a more sinister motive for Tutankhamun’s death suggested. http://www. Some scientists are convinced the he was not murdered; however, some are convinced that the crack in the skull was accidental, caused during the process of mummifying the body. Many believe that King Tutankhamun was murdered; others believe he died of natural causes deriving from an insect bite. King Tut has died a mysterious death. Egypt, the very name conjures up images of vast expanses of dessert, pyramids, sphinxes and the like. his skull. Scientist believe that he may have Name: Katrina Price Professor: Alan Rogers Course: HUM111 Date: 11/2/2014 King Tut was born in 1341 B.C. Did he die of an injury, illness, or was he murdered? By all accounts, King Tutankhamun ascended to the throne at the tender young age of 9 years, inheriting a tumultuous populace after the reign of the radical Pharaoh, Akhenaten. “There was no evidence of violent premortum trauma to the skull”, according to Ashraf Selium, from the Cairo University in Egypt” (2006).

According to a two-year long study conducted by Zahi Hawass of the Secretary-General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), scientists now believe that he likely died of a leg injury, further complicated by an attack of malaria (HASAN, 2010). There have been many theories on how Tutankhamen died. Could that been motive to say they might have been involved in the murder King Tutankhamen? Death of King Tut Essay 883 Words | 4 Pages. The first speculation about a possible cause of death is catastrophic injuries. However, several scientist and doctors believe that they have solved the mystery. ...Primarily speaking, the necessity of death penalty has been the prolonged clamour of victims' immediate family and relatives of these predators who demoralize and disrespect the life of their preys. html. Evidence of his physical impairment was the 130 used walking canes found in his tomb. Layout – antechamber largest room, found 6 dismantled chariots, animal couches, chests, bows and arrows, 2 large statues of the king guarding a sealed doorway everything was stored messily which indicated robbery probably by the guards There are many mysteries of King Tutankhamen’s death theories though out the years. The first theory is that King Tutankhamun was genetically inferior. The information according to some is very sketchy; it stated, “Forensic examination carried out”. (December 1, 2006).

The reason for this speculation is several pieces of art images found in his tomb picture a young king with his young queen, but they also show him in several instances to be resting on a walking stick or sitting. At age 9 he ascended to the throne name Nebkheperure. Was it murder? King tut died at the age of 19 in 1323. How King Tut Died Revealed in New Study. The resin “flowed through the wound and got into direct contact with the fracture and became solidified. When looking at King Tutankhamun’s (Tut) mask, it easy to see that he was young. The scan uncovered no evidence of a blow to the back of the head and no evidence suggesting foul play. With us you are guaranteed of quality work done by our qualified experts.Your information and everything that you do with us is kept completely confidential. Tutankhamun’s tomb is the only royal tomb in Egypt to have escaped the discovery of looters and was discovered by archeologist Howard Carter. One theory suggests that King Tut was murdered. The Free Revision policy is a courtesy service that the Company provides to help ensure Customer’s total satisfaction with the completed Order. He was born circa 1343BCE and was probably the son of the famous pharaoh Akhenaton and one of Akhenaten’s minor wives, either Nebetiah or Beketaten (Edwards 7). Numerous signs in the art depict King Tut with highly feminine features, and that the enlarged breast is indicative of a condition known as gynecomastia. http://news. The same year he took power he married his half-sister and changed his name to Tutankhamun, which meant “the living image of Amun”. ...The Mystery of King Tut's Death The second theory from Forensic experts was that King Tut may have had an infection.

In 2005, after a CT scan was conducted the theories of him being assassinated was... ...King Tutankhamun Hundreds of reed baskets and pottery jars, elaborate urns intricate designs and some royal furniture such as couches

...The Death of King Tut Assignment 1 By Angela Faison Humanities 101 Professor Charles Fleming King Tut was born 1341 B.C.E. Attention! “This reveals that he (Tutankhamun) was poisoned, and it is now suggested that the blow to the back of the head might have happened after his death, during mummification. The Stability of Ancient Egypt. Rules, Rules And Controls In Anthem By Ayn Rand, Dante, Purgatorio And Inferno By La Divina Paradiso, Main Characters In Shakespeare's Daedalus And Icarus, Perseverance In Ruta Sepetys's Salt To The Sea, Betty Friedan's The Importance Of Work By Betty Friedan. The manner, in which King Akhenaten (father of King Tutankhamun) died, brought concern to suspect that Tutankhamun would become a political target for assassination. King Tutankhamen Essay 948 Words | 4 Pages. Undoubtedly, King Tut had suffered some massive trauma. Although there are variety reasons of how he died, the three possibilities I think could have happened was he got murdered, it was an illness, and he fell off of his chariot in the chariot race. The Egyptian Museum is the place where the mask of King Tutankhamen lives since his UN timely death at the age 18.

Tut married his half-sister Ankhasenpaaten that same year. (2018, Jul 23). July 29,2013 ”, Don't use plagiarized sources. com/news/2006/12/061201-king-tut. The death of Tutankhamun was a sudden tragedy that til this day has yet to be solved. King tut died at the age of 19 in 1323. King Tutankhamun was born in ancient egypt, in 1341. King Tut was very young and was guided as king. There is no true explanation or clear reasoning on how King Tutankhamen died suddenly, approximately at the age of 18. Abstract According to our text, The Humanities, “King Tutankhamun was just a teenager when he died. He reigned from 1348 B.C to 1339 B.C as an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty which is a period of Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom. One theory was murder, I think he might have been murder by Aye and Horemheb. ...ASSIGNMENT 1: ESSAY This essay has been submitted by a student. It was said that Ay killed King Tut by a blow...... ...Week 4 Assignment 1 died from natural causes, or simply by an accident. He had a genetic illness that was because his parents were brother and sister, and he also suffered from malaria. This city still exists today; it is now called Tall al Amarinah. While he was alive, he fractured a thigh bone which had gotten infected. It also made it difficult for King Tut to stand in the chariot while performing his Kingly duties. One popular story that stands out is based on the relationship between King Tut and Ay. ” Technology showed that this happened while he was still alive and was probably the result of falling from a chariot and developed an infection in the wound. He is the most recognized and probably the most famous pharaoh today because of the discovery of his tomb and his treasures. Carter contacted help Howard Carter went to Lord Carnarvon, an old friend to finance his search for King Tut’s tomb. The Mystery Behind King Tut; Life and Death of the Boy King. Tut accomplished little in his life. Angela Faison However, there was a crack in the skull but it appeared to have been the result of drilling by embalmers. After being pharaoh for ten years, Tut was mysteriously killed. There are many theories of how king Tut died. The first theory is that King Tut was murdered because he had a lot of power. Get Your Custom Essay The team found no evidence for a blow to the back of the According to the text, it states, “It is believed that Aye understood the situation that surrounded King tut when he became. There are many theories of how king Tut died. Zahi Hawass, a National Geographic Society...... ...King Tutankhamen’s Death In the area of Thebes, a number of sculptures from the reign have been found at Karnak, either of the... ...“New Kingdom” possibility. Members of an Egyptian led research team recognized it as a possibility that the fracture was caused by the embalmers. The cause of King Tut’s death has been unclear and is the root of much speculation. They were given the concession to dig in 1914 but had to abandon the dig due to World War I. Sayre, Henry. King Tut was born in 1341 B.C. Tutankhamun was not a important King, he is well known because ofhis tomb, containing beautiful treasures. Speculation about the possible cause of King Tut’s death have been swarming around since Howard Carter, British archaeologist discovered the tomb in the Valley of Kings in 1922. He says that the key to solving the mystery lies in the art of the time. (Williams, 2013). This describes us perfectly. Humanities 101 They could have been poisoned, of course, but it’s very odd for sequential pharaohs who were aware that they could have been killed to be killed at such a young age.” This statement he made after researching King Tut’s family members that preceded him in ruling as Pharoah. He argues, the area of the head which was damaged could only have been reached by someone who had ready access to the King, a servant for example. He reined for 8 years, and died at the age of 17. One theory was murder, I think he might have been murder by Aye and Horemheb. He became Pharaoh at the age of nine. During research of this mystery many theories and assumptions have been made; such as murder, accidental death, birth defects, and illnesses. Name: Katrina Price Professor: Alan Rogers Course: HUM111 Date: 11/2/2014 King Tut was born in 1341 B.C. ...Did King Tut die from a sickness or was he murdered, that’s the question. explain the injury to King Tuts head. (http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history) With this discovery came a fascination into King Tut’s life and death.