Then add mashed yams, 1 can condensed milk and 1/2 tsp salt (see notes).

Fill your pot with water to fully cover all pieces then bring to a boil. However if, for example, you’re giving these away for Christmas and you want your homemade gifts not only to taste perfect but to look perfect too, grating might be the better option for you. Copyright 2016-2019.

In a large bowl, combine grated purple yam root, condensed milk and evaporated milk. Not all, but most. Just think of it as toning your arms.

This site contains affiliate links. Thank you, Sabrina! Learn how your comment data is processed. I personally would keep the coconut milk — if you want to really emphasize the ube flavor, you can add a few drops of ube extract. Thaw before using. by Liren Baker on March 25, 2019 | 8 Comments. So I set out to make my own ube jam, both nervous and excited because I’ve become such an ube snob. Make your own ube halaya jam and you won’t look back. See Terms of Use for more information. Ube Halaya is a classic dessert in the Philippines, a sweet pudding-like jam made with grated purple yam and sweet coconut milk. Grating will add at least another 30 minutes to your prep time but you have a better chance of getting rid of those fibre strands. If you prefer to grate your yams, simply run each piece through a cheese grater.

Nutritional information are estimates only. Hi! THANK YOU JOLINA! If using frozen grated ube, use 2 454-g packs. I'm Jolina and I'm definitely a late bloomer, a thoroughly unexpected baker. If you’re a Filipino, you know Good Shepherd ube halaya is it. “Can I have one now?

Purple yam is used in Filipino sweets and desserts and can be found fresh, frozen and in powder form. Medium heat on my stove might only correspond to low-medium heat on other stoves. Slow and steady does it. So, on medium-low heat, it took me about 45 minutes until I achieved the right consistency. Making Filipino ube is actually very simple. I find it’s easier that way (if you prefer to grate your ube, see FAQs). Once you get the consistency you like, transfer to a heat-proof container, allow to cool, enjoy! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

What you want to do is allow the ube to cool then grate them using a cheese grater. Each one is different, although here in the US, they are often labeled interchangeably. The traditional way to make halayang ube is to grate the ube. So forget those ready-made, generic ube jams at the store. You just need a few ingredients and a little patience to make the most delicious ube halaya that compares to your favourite ube jam from back home; and definitely way better than the ube jams you can find in the stores here. Hi! Ube Halaya is a classic dessert in the Philippines, a sweet pudding-like jam made with grated purple yam and sweet coconut milk! I’m not sure where to find sinamay but if you really want a fine consistency, I think a mesh sieve will do just as well. I usually just eat it straight out of the container. Made to wait as I unmolded the desserts, she had a follow-up question: “Why do you keep pronouncing it “oo-beh ha-la-YAH?”. Easy and Delicious Recipes for the Home Baker! It’s not the same, of course. Once your jam thickens (around the 20-minute mark), add butter and stir some more until the butter melts and is incorporated. Some even add cheese to theirs. It helps to thaw it in the refrigerator the night before.

But that’s a personal preference and the consistency might not bother you at all. Beat or use a blender to fully incorporate. You can find it as a flavor in boba milk tea, as a filling in taro buns, and more.