He is similar to Garfield, they are both hungry and loyal. Jon is shown to be harsh during diets, seen as he will not allow Garfield to go off his diet. 20 Years & Still Kicking! Every year at Christmas time, he and Doc Boy still enjoy being read “Binky, the Clown Who Saved Christmas” by their father. If Jon has indeed aged in real time, this would put his possible birth date at December 23 1950, making him sixty-five years old today, or sixty-four if one does not count the year that Jon was sick. Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Jason Lee, Johnny Depp, Seann William Scott and the late Robin Williams were considered for the role of Jon for the 2004 live-action Garfield film.

This explained the genosha salami in his ear.)

But he would take allergy shots to be around cats. Garfield says that he lived up to his name. Prior to 2006 (when Jon and Liz finally became a couple), Jon constantly struck out when trying to get dates with women. Jon is a bachelor who works as a cartoonist.

starting my 2020 cosplay career off in the worst way #jonarbuckle jonarbucklecosplay cosplay garfield garfieldcosplay. https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Jon_Arbuckle?oldid=2012993, Jon had a cousin named Leonard who claimed to be kidnapped by aliens. Jon, as well as Garfield, often get bored, usually coming up with "fun" ways to cure boredom, such as buying new socks, clipping toenails, or playing "Guess the Burp" with Garfield. His birthday has been revealed to be July 28 (which is the same as that of Jim Davis). Alias Goals He can often be spiteful towards Garfield and Odie when he punishes them. I was told there was no issues at my last check-up. Garfield remarks that he has six fingers, probably from an apple core. Prior to 2006 (when Jon and Liz finally became a couple), Jon constantly struck out when trying to get dates with women. Sometimes, Jon has threatened not to feed Garfield unless he does a certain task. Over the years, Jon has been portrayed as a nerdy, clumsy, and very pathetic man.

Garfield Show

Jon manages to make enough money to keep Garfield with food, which is no easy feat. By adding info, you can help complete this page! He and Garfield provide most of the dialogue on a regular basis, though he is the only one whose dialogue is in speech bubbles. In the live-action films, Jon is the deuteragonist in the first film and the tritagonist in the second film. Full Name A recurring gag in The Garfield Show is Jon being afraid of mice usually screaming at the sight of them. In 20 Years & Still Kicking! He is currently voiced by Wally Wingert. Doc Boy (younger brother), Mr. Arbuckle (father), Mrs. Arbuckle (mother), Garfield (pet cat), Odie (pet dog), Nermal (occasional pet cat), Grandma Arbuckle (grandmother), Grandpa Arbuckle (grandfather, deceased), Drusilla and Minerva (twin nieces), Stevie (nephew), Shannon (nieces), Kenny (niece), various aunts, uncles, and cousins. He was once college roommates with Lyman.

Other times, he would merely stare at his phone, desperately waiting in vain for a woman to call him. Jon is also quite incompetent, such as by forcing both shoes onto one foot out of boredom, falling down the basement stairs after mistaking the basement door for the front door, and trying to use the electric can opener during a power outage. Jim Davis based much of himself onto Jon Arbuckle, such as that Jon has the same birthday as Jim Davis. Cartoonist Aunt Edna, who is the strict wife of Uncle Ed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He has been portrayed as being extremely pathetic in the world of dating and coolness, constantly striking out when trying to get dates with women. Jon sometimes delivers the primary sentence in strips more about Garfield performing a solo act. He is presented in all branches of the Garfield franchise except a few video games.

Jonathan Q. and loud flashy outfits. @prince.stingy. Just like Garfield he likes to help people, when they ask him In "Very Very Long Night", he forbids them from doing it, mainly because he was annoyed and trying to sleep. Being loyal to Garfield, being a good cartoonist and trying to find a date with a beautiful girl. Uncle Buford, a lifelong bachelor due to the fact that he had three arms. He was played by Philip Mitchell, Thom Huge, and Breckin Meyer (in the live action films). – Jong Erbeckle Jon Arbuckle (Born 1972, age 43) is a novice level bachelor and unfunny man losing everytime at trying to do stuff that everyone else on this planet is able to do, like getting a girlfriend, in which they are all hostile towards him. Jon Arbuckle is similar as Garfield. Do-Gooder After having a glass of warm milk, and doing about 20 minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problem sleeping until morning. Ironically, Breckin Meyer is allergic to cats, that was just a rumor. This has been partly due to his ridiculous pick-up lines (said to a woman in the grocery store: "You must be today's special, 'cause you're making me hungry!" He first appeared on June 19, 1978 in the first ever Garfield comic strip. Jon and Liz reunite with Garfield and Odie. Personality Jon is the primary fodder and conversation partner to Garfield and is often the victim of his jokes. Are you frightened?".

Powers/Skills In numerous strips he tends to be wishy-washy and has a hard time making simple decisions like deciding what ice cream flavor to get. He also has a brother whom he always called Doc Boy, much to his brother's annoyance. This would make Jon's birth date July 28, 1961, and his current age is 53 years old. Enemies

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Jon Arbuckle is a guy. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. In The Garfield Show, Jon is a little more intelligent than his other incarnations. Garfied series On December 23, 1980, Jon tells Garfield that he is 30 years old (he makes a joke about only being 29, because he was sick a year). In Garfield and Friends, he often wore brown pants with a darker blue shirt. Jon Arbuckle(ジョン・アーバックル) is one of the two major antagonists of Foolish Heart. He reads pop-up books (calling them “fascinating”), wears bunny footie pajamas (even when he goes out to get the mail), and owns teddy bear boxers. He and Garfield provide most of the dialogue on a regular basis, though he is the only one whose dialogue is in speech bubbles. Garfield is often, but not always, normal.

Edna felt sympathy for Jon being treated miserably by Uncle Ed and took him away at the end of The Thing That Stayed Forever. He also wears dark blue pants (in older appearances, he wore black pants) and brown shoes. In the comic strip, he chases mice and urges Garfield to catch them. In both live-action films, Jon has a powerful right hook which he uses to knock out the main antagonist. His various attempts at dating invariably end in failure. CartoonistDisc Jockey (formerly)Dog Catcher (formerly)

Jon cares about Garfield. Sometimes he is lazy and self-centered just like Garfield.

Being tormented by others all his life, Jon was filled with a pent-up rage.

Jon punches Happy Chapman for stealing his pets. I'm in bed by 11pm, and make sure I get 8 hours of sleep, no matter what. Romances Excellent cartoonist, excellent in cooking but stinks at cooking at terrible dishes, being a loyal friend to Garfield and Odie, being a good Disc Jockey or DJ and being fun loving Excellent in Hand-to-Hand Combat Intelligence; personally trained by Bak Mei; one of the 5 legendary masters of Martial Arts.