We’re going to need every hand on deck,” Meeks, a moderate who originally endorsed Michael Bloomberg before switching to Biden in March, told Politico.

Those weapons are just fine. "I have no doubt that someone is vetting options for him,” one transition adviser and longtime ally told POLITICO.

As the American Prospect notes, she is also a master of monetizing political power. Cyrus Vance is an experienced prosecutor with enough gravitas to easily crush the type of coup that bureaucrats attempted against Trump. Only a fool would interpret the FBI’s attacks on the peaceful transfer of power to Trump as being something perpetrated to demonstrate their devotion to the Democrat’s side. “Had Hillary Clinton won back in ’16, there were several names of African Americans that we wanted to put up for secretary of Treasury, for deputy secretary of Treasury, for the Fed. New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, another VP candidate, could also find herself in the cabinet. Jeh Johnson, who served as Obama's second secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, could get the top job at Defense, where he also was general counsel in Obama's first term. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images, Discussing the kind of leaders he wants to surround himself with at an event in April, Biden said his job is “to bring the Mayor Petes of the world into this administration … and even if they don't come in, their ideas come into this administration.”. “We’ve got to fix all of the problems that were created over the last four years. “But to govern the country, there’s no way we can go back to believing we’re going to get Republican votes — we spent eight years trying and failing on that front.”, Cohen added that there may be some Republicans more or less aligned with Biden on policy who could “do a great job” in some positions.

The 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful has said repeatedly he wants his cabinet to “look like the country” and thus, be proudly diverse across his administration. We've got to figure out how we're going to move forward here.’ Because there are so many things we really do agree on.”. But in the same way Biden shifted left on policy in recent months in response to the pandemic, he is also taking advice from the progressive wing of the party. She skirted financial disclosure requirements while wielding massive power under Obama. Biden allies believe working across the aisle will make it possible to carry out a sweeping agenda on health care and the economy. The fear among some progressives is that Biden’s relationships and penchant for compromise may serve to water down the Democratic agenda.

Progressives, meanwhile, appear to be standing by their demands for the Biden campaign.

This seems like a logical prediction. Although Biden has said little about his future cabinet picks, I have my own guesses based upon observations and rumors. Rep. Karen Bass could be secretary of HUD or Health and Human Services. New Mexico Gov. While there has been a lot of speculation around Warren leading Treasury, we have heard that's not the most likely scenario. But to the extent that there are those people, they’re in the Democratic party.”. But unlike his predecessors, Biden is now facing a Republican party that has “cleaved in two,” cautioned Matt Bennett, executive vice president of public affairs at the centrist think tank Third Way — those with and those against Trump.

He’s a veteran of the controversial General Motors’ bailout that fleeced American taxpayers. Biden has promised to leave much of the governing to the bureaucrats themselves. Under Vance’s theory, ambitious prosecutors could shake down millions of private and commercial property owners who routinely seek to minimize their tax burdens. If she steps down, her state’s Republican governor, Charlie Baker, would appoint her replacement — a Republican, presumably — until a special election.