Day 10: Jasmine" - Page 2. She appears in the same capacity in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. In addition, if you make it to a Master Rank Pokémon Contests, you will go up against her and her Steelix. In Yikes, It's Yanma!, Janine participated in an exhibition tournament between the Kanto and Johto Gym Leaders. was much the same as her strategy during her battle against Ash in Nerves of Steelix!. As they got on, it was unable to carry them as it can only carry two people. As Gyarados got defeated, the group was unable to use it. The fight takes them to the Magnet Train, which is used as a diversion to get the Gym Leaders away from the stadium. Olivine City Living in the Lighthouse in Olivine City, Ampharos uses its electricity to light the port and show the way for boats. Janine is the only Gym Leader who has not appeared in the, She is also the only Gym Leader to have debuted in a different.

Ash and Jasmine later had their Gym battle. Jasmineミカン Mikan She also appears in Sinnoh to give Trainers HM07 (Waterfall) and to compete in Sinnoh's Super Contests. Magnemite & Jasmine share a close friendship and Jasmine puts a lot of trust into it.

She battled Brock in the fight where all Kanto and Johto Gym Leaders fought each other and she won because no one knew there was such a thing as a steel type Pokémon, and Brock was suprised that Onix had another evolution that is none other than Steelix. Jasmine's Ampharos is not a battling Pokémon. Whitney(アカネAkane) is the Goldenrod City Gym Leader.

They had no luck though. She has long brown hair, tied in two pigtails with two orange hairpins. In Perturbed by Pachirisu, Jasmine makes a cameo appearance. By the way, each episode is normally supposed to be around 1 day. She has a reliable support system, consisting of the academy's health staff, but her roommate Erika is also a volunteer who assists her with her therapy. While a little close minded, she is a caring companion and wants to be the champion of the Kanto region. In Gen. IV, she appears when you reach the beach at Sunyshore City and will give you the HM07 Waterfall. According to some of the trainers of her gym, she keeps that side of her hidden really well.

Following Chuck's suggestion, the group took a detour through the Whirl Islands and later returned to Olivine City in Throwing in the Noctowl for Ash's match. However, Jasmine remains in the academy through made-up work, though she never fulfilled the requirements to advance past the first year. In both cases, she was reliant on Steelix's Iron Tail and Sandstorm. Hold Item: VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Female The first was, Though she is refered to as a Steel-type specialist (and formally a Rock-type specialist), she is occasionally associated with Electric-types (such as. In the first round, she faces off against the Pewter City Gym Leader, Brock. While Janine doesn't appear and is never mentioned by name in. Jasmine is a teenage girl with brown eyes. Once defeated, she will yield the Mineral Badge and TM23 (Iron Tail).

After seeing Janina's heroism, Jasmine sent her young apprentice along with Ash and his friends to collect some medicine for Sparkle from Cianwood City.