Learn more. The weight and the bent front edge keep the pad firmly in place. The bent front edge keeps the desk pad in place. Fits well with BEKANT series desks and storage solutions. The IKEA website uses cookies, which make the site simpler to use. When creativity flows, sometimes there isn’t enough room on the paper. You see, this deskpad has an over the table lip, which prevents lifting of the wood finish on the table. 402.461.56 is a great addition! RISSLA Desk pad This desk pad offers a smooth and elegant surface for working and protects your desk from dirt and scratches. The side bar to conceal password scribble on paper scraps and hide innappropriate photopgraphs is very handy - an unexpected bonus. So you can spend less time searching for stuff and more time getting things done. It seems to keep the desk tidier and if I have a dish that is hot or cold, I don’t ha e to worry about not having a hot pad! Especially as someone who works from home and is at the desk 7-11 hours a day, this is especially comfortable.

Thes made out desk look more professional and is a much nicer surface to work on. This pad has a steel base that completely blocked or interfered with wireless keyboard and mouse’s signal. Best money I have spent at Ikea hands down. The only issues I have with this product are: 1. Purchased 3 of these. Lego building... no scratches on desk. Also, the flap on the side is annoying for those who don’t need it. And sturdy enough to protect my desk edge from my chair back. The faux leather synthetic material is not very durable. Pleased with purchase of RISSLA Desk pad. These are very nice in both size and comfort but I have to question the quality. You need about 3/4 clearence for the lip. You must enable JavaScript to shop on IKEA.com. Looks amazing in our home office on the white desk. Then it's good to have a desk pad that protects the table top so that artists of all ages can create freely. A great price, Bought this to go with the desk we have just rated 5 Dreadful iitwas displayed on the desk The computer mouse would not slide over it and connect with the screen Although cheap it's not fit for purpose.

A little disappointed with this as it moves a lot on the desk top and anything on top of it also moves.

The desk lowers to 22 and the desk pad is very comfortable. Stays in place and I like the flap on the left to hold my urgent papers so they don’t get lost, I bought 2. This desk pad offers a smooth and elegant surface for working and protects your desk from dirt and scratches.

It's pretty annoying so you're better off with USB connected desktop devices if possible. Find out more about browser cookies. They should’ve made it removable/detachable. You must enable JavaScript to shop on IKEA.com. Wiping it with a damp cloth if left on for prolonged periods will cause the surface to rise. Large enough for even big desks, heavy enough so it doesn't move, and the flap on the left to hold down loose papers, cards is a great addition.. I am sure most of these reviews are based on a month of use, Mine felt great and was the perfect pad for me but started peeling off down the road, It's made of cheap cheap leather like material.

From letter trays and pen cups to desk pads and boxes, our desk accessories will help you get everything organized and easy to find. I bought this item a few days ago and it looks great on my desk.

We bought this desk blotted and when we got it home discovered that it had a bonus feature. Makes a very clean look in our black and white themed home office. A wipe of the desk pad and it’s all cleaned up rather than staining a desk. It has a regal flare to it giving my desk a nice executive appeal to it. Available to order online. Feels like leather (it's from recycled materials), looks great, stays in place with the front lip, and it sure does look professional and classy. Comfortable, durable, responsive mouse surface and convenient organizer flap. It's a pleather like material covering a metal sheet.

Look really nice. It has a lip that holds the pad nicely in place - very happy with the size and quality. Great for keeping writing marks off my desk. And that truly is a big help to me. This desk pad offers a smooth and elegant surface for working and protects your desk from dirt and scratches. Reasonably priced, love the edging on the front to stop it from sliding on the top of the desk. Bought this to protect the top as it seems to wear off. Would definitely recommend. Put everything in its place with desk & office organizers.
They look and feel like leather, but RISSLA desk organizers are made from 80% recycled paper, which uses less energy, water and chemicals than non recycled paper.