If you notice one fish in your tank that may have this disease, you need to separate it from the others immediately.

Their spines easily become tangled in nets, and they will jump and be extremely fast when they feel threatened. Le pléco est omnivore et accepte les crisps, les pastilles, etc., pour loricaridés, principalement à base végétale. These fish need large tanks of at least 125 gallons in volume. Malheureusement, il est souvent vendu dans les animaleries pour ses soit-disant vertus de "nettoyage" et "raclage" des algues. Mostly they occupy the lower reaches and falls of the river as well as the estuarine zone. Plecostomus, or “plecos” as they are often called, belong to the Family Loricariidae, which is the largest family of catfish in the world. It is black and white, with head stripes running horizontally. Setting a tank that is at least 50 gallons or even more is preferred. With a lack of algae, she can agree to soft plant species. Plus, they have healthy appetites for pretty much any food they can find! Un régime alimentaire à base d'aliments congelés convient très bien.Toute nourriture tombée au fond de l'aquarium est ingérée, mais ce grand loricariidé n'hésite pas à venir nager en pleine eau pour se nourrir.

Wild caught fish may require a temperature in the mid to upper 80’s, pH of 5.5 to 7.0, and alkalinity below 3° dKH (54 ppm), so it is best to research fish you are unfamiliar with before purchasing.

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When you get your plecos home, it is important that you exercise caution in introducing it to its new environment. Le pléco Hypostomus plecostomus est un poisson de fond, un Loricariidé de taille imposante dont la nageoire dorsale est assez développée et épineuse, en forme de voile. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); These tropical fish belong to the armored catfish family, The Ultimate Guide To Caring For And Keeping African Cichlid, The Best Ways To Get Rid Of Red Slime Algae In Your Fish Tank, Top 8 Best Nano Reef Tanks In 2020 – Ultimate Reviews, How To Set Up A Fish Tank Properly To Keep The Fishes Healthy, Clean Up Your Tank With The Assassin Snail. Scientifically known as Baryancistrus Xanthellus, this fish is a good option for beginning aquarium hobbyists. The newly hatched fry will then feed on mucus-like substance secreted by their parents for about a week and after which they will become independent. The common plecostomus or pleco is sold in large numbers. Join 4,628 other Aquascapers and receive helpful aquarium tips and free stuff direct to your inbox. If you need to quarantine your plecos, be very careful when removing it from the tank. Hypostomus Plecostomus can jump out of the tank, so you need to cover it with something.