Educate yourself. This bill is garbage. What the government by the people for the people is proposing is a way for them to make more money and make alot of it As well it will make it harder for an honest citizen almost impossible for most to own a firearm. © 2020 National Rifle Association of America, Institute for Legislative Action. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. It will cause even more crimes due to them wanting the weapons cheap, so they will steal more of them. E.g., if they change the constitution it still exists.
A NICS background check must be performed and a photograph provided. It’s disgusting and unnecessary. The constitution of the United Sates of America should be required reading. Guns must be stored under lock and key by both dealers and individual owners. GET OUT! Destroy them, melt them down.

5715 doesn’t have anything to do with firearms. “All hail President for Life Trump.”. Make no mistake, there are many that push for that. The H.R. Specifically to uphold that constitution . Numerous edged weapons, “GATOR” 10″ blade machete, & 20″ sugar cane machete, Combat Smachet. Dems take advantage of everyone while America focuses on social distancing and “stay at home” orders. The right to carry is a constitutional right and i find it to be a privilege as well. It’s now the perfect time for a government to lie, cheat and steal. Get a grip! People who don’t understand this will allow our freedoms and rights to be wiped away and America will no longer be a great world power.

It has been proven that more gun control causes MORE violence committed with guns, not less. The President supports the banning of bumpstocks under executive fiat, he opposes suppressors, he is supporting the RINO Lindsay Grahams National Red Flag law, and when he had both house did nothing to further nationwide Constitutional carry. but first they must take away our guns. It remains to be seen whether H.R. As a gun owner myself, it takes away pretty much all my rights. I’m counting on you. This is what you call elitist power. I can walk down the street,hand my neighbor 1200 dollars for the car he has for sale.He won’t do a background check.he won’t ask me if I have insurance, if I am a citizen of the U.S. if I have a DUI,I don’t even have to have a drivers license, I just drive off with that killing machine…..and congress wants me to buy into this nonsense??!!!!!! This is so wrong ! They are mindless idiots sometimes and that is why some kids shoot themselves. I’m not that stupid. Stop these infringements of our rights. Nobody “stole” America. Gun sales and trading professional and individual, how would all say it? So I believe Hitler did tge same to the people.