[CDATA[ If there is a new product, promotion, or any new process comes in the current organization in that case employees has to go through training weather he want it or not. A discussion is raised about human resource development, organizational development, and organizational learning to understand how training and development fits into the whole picture for the success of any company/organization in business world. This type of research needs a lot of study and time. The attitude of the organization towards work and standards is evident from the words Roy Kroc who stated that “if you have got time to lean, you have got time to clean” (McDonalds, 2010). In hospitality and fast-food industry, the attrition rate is high and, despite this, the organization to ensure that it motivates its staff and also to keep on motivating them to put in a better performance. This audit is conducted once in a year and the auditors take a deep look that what the organization has achieved in terms of training and development. It is worth noticing that the company claims that 20 out of the top 50 management staff started in McDonald’s restaurants, including the CEO, Don Thompson and also 67,000 McDonald’s restaurants managers and assistant managers started as restaurant staff (McDonald’s 2010).

And when they were asked about the fairness of the process the responses were very similar to the above question.

Organization always needs to understand that HRD must increase profitability factors for the organization but workforce capabilities should be improved.

In current research the writer also looked at other different issues which are directly related T&D. Researcher himself felt while the research that the organisation is a learning organization. This current research could be ascertained to be a case study as only the study of small set of restaurants is involved which might not reflect the actual scenario in the whole organization taken in a holistic approach. Not only is this learning by doing concept a great way to see how the system works in the real world, while safely under the guidance of professionals, but it also serves to make training have a solid ROI for the company, as trainees learning to work these stations are getting work done in the process, if not as quickly as their teachers. One of the important thing which researcher noticed that in current organization T&D process is not an optional issue because higher management is trying to focus on it a lot by regularly audit and by surprise visits. This training needs assessment helps you find common training programs for a group of employees. Research also looked that weather staff is well trained to perform better and have highly productivity.

Especially in UK if we see the workforce is becoming more cultural diverse. Another important part which was observed that organizational development makes work force more effective, improves quality of work and enforces empowerment along with making culture of new learning among the staff. Some of the interviewees suggested that they believe in self placed learning while other believed that training should be completed in fixed duration depending on the level of the difficulty of the task. Companies are trying to adopt high level of training model to meet their skill needs and they are linking training to strategic initiatives.

Out of the gate, a new employee mastering all of the primary work stations in the restaurant grooms them for more ambitious positions in the future. From this example it is very clear that the bank is confident of the investment it has made in people. According to Sloman (1994) the systematic training model depends on a series of a logical steps define as a training policy, a method for identifying training needs, the formulation of training objectives, the development of a training plan, the implementation of a planned training programme, validation, evaluation and review of training.

Now a days health and safety is like back bone for any organization so the current organization focus a lot on health and safety because good Health and safety insures in decrease in absentees because of sick and work related accident. By using literature review the researcher can find that how their findings are similar or dissimilar to the research which was conducted previously (Easterby-Smith et al, 2002). This always insured that there is no interviewer or researcher bias when finding are jotted down. It supports managers and staff to accomplish their aims and objectives through the condition of an infrastructure for performance and development.

It can be seen that none of the respondent either “never” or “more then twice” as a response. The research is based in Charing Cross restaurant to conduct the research the reason for choosing these have been mentioned in upcoming chapter. var m3_u = (location.protocol=='https:'?

How ever 50% of the respondents were not sure if the organisation considers the human resource development to be critical. History of McDonalds 2. Especially the employers which are moving the ladder of the organization should be trained very well because they are going to manage the organization later.

The company started in 1955 by Roy Croc and the first restaurant was opened in Des Plaines, US.

Developing a new employee training (or revitalizing an old one) is a big endeavor, but one that is … Please note that we are not proposing that the tactics used by McDonald's are the right or wrong way to strategically or ethically achieve growth.

There are many different roles within your organization, and the people who fill them need to understand how you expect them to do their part.

HRD increase the competence of employees to fulfill the organization present performance demand along with meeting present organizational needs (Swanson, 1995).

On the other hand Bishop (1993) suggest that accurate costing of training, and poor firm performance often result in cuts in training budget.

They also suggested there are different approaches depending on the situation and employees. This is achieved by the organization by using structured training and development programme besides the use of many other tools. Secondary information of these types can be found in books, journals, articles, newspapers and magazines, corporate reports conference papers, archives and internet, etc.

The company has procedures in place to ensure that the right candidates go through the system and attain higher positions if they can prove their abilities. When we deal with the commercial organisation the confidentiality is very important. In current research when interviewees were asked about the reason behind organizational development most of them suggested there are many advantages and most important are workforce effective, enhance productivity, improves the quality of the work and continuous learning of the staff across the organisation. Documentary (which is written or non written material). As suggested by Osowska (1996) the interviewees also agreed that any organisation who incest in training can expect a lot of benefit from an increase in employee motivation job satisfaction and productivity gains. Qualitative analysis will not be used as it is all about number and statistical information so it is not suited. The main objective of the research was to understand that why training and development is most important for the organization and also to understand it organization as well as employees point of view. Applying this technique the researcher selected 3 restaurants in Central London and hourly paid staff along with the shift running managers are chosen to complete the survey questionnaire and restaurant managers are also chosen for one-to-one interviews. McDonald's became the leader in the fast food industry with their strong focus on customer service, response to competition, and use of marketing techniques early on in their development. We should be flexible and creative in using approach to the organizational development. Many people say that there is a difference between HRM and HRD. The interviewees suggested that for employers the benefit includes the improve productivity, better quality of service decrease in turnover and flexible work force.

It allows generalisation as well. According to Saunders et all(2003) are very common and valuable to find the proper conclusion. This is a wide variety of skills, including a multitude of food preparation processes and stations, three different customer interaction stations, and several sanitation and maintenance tasks as well. document.write ("?zoneid=27"); Development 4. There are huge and long term advantages of Organization Development as it is a planned process. In current research organizational training is not optional but employees can avoid it by opting out the management training but still normal training is required to maintain the standard of the organization.

The most important part of human resource management is Training and Development. McDonalds is the first large company in the UK to win top scoresMcDonalds provide training awards as well, this is done by a competition, the employee is sent to the main training office and if the employee succeeds then he or she is given an award such as �200 pounds. Organization should understand why employees are not happy with the training process and they should take positive measures to ensure that employees are satisfied with the process. What HRM practices are usually implemented in McDonald’s Charing Cross? 4. Since the research is conducted from the organisational perspective so it is very necessary to understand the previous researches which has been conducted in the organisation and in the same industry.

Organizations are becoming learning organizations and they are keeping them away from training individual employee. It holds a leading share in the globally branded fast-food restaurants segment in virtually every country in which they do business. McDonald’s brand mission is to “be our customer, favourite place and way to eat”.