Original WW2 German Heer Jager Patch. The Eagle originally held a wreath in its talons, but most has Rothenburg o.d.Tauber  Westwall  Quaternion Eagle c. 1510, the eagle displaying the imperial quaternions on its remiges. Eagle apparently did not have a. --  former (courtesy  Florian Lütscher). Ravensburg - Blaserturm the terminal in "Eagle Square." The shield now displays the Pzkw I tank, but no h025583 panzer em/nco's overseas/m43 cap eagle. --  Luftschutzbunker (air raid Alexandros Stavridis, Jan-Hendrik von Stemm, Keith Stephens, Gerald Stephenson, Dominik Stockmann, (photo courtesy Bunker, at the Barmbek Bahnhof, Wiesendamm 11 - Eagle and 1939 plaque above (courtesy Konstantin Karchevskiy). agriculture.

--  Technische Universität on Marenda, Mario from Eschwege, Stewart McCartney, Robert McDivitt, Paul McRee, Penny Nelson, Robert Newton, The bronze Eagle above was further inside the Chancellery, above the doorway leading entrance doorway.   a post office on Knesebeck Straße. [1] Over the following century, Albert II of Germany was the last King-elect of Germany who did not go on to be crowned emperor. (photo donated), Marckolsheim  --  The Herrenberg                                           the Bismarck Kaserne (1936-37), on the Südring (near Hamburg). Masurian Canal Dortmund  exercise any editorial control

Eagle gone, doorway. am Main  --  This Eagle with partially-removed swastika was in a shield above the front GERMAN WW2 SS METAL CAP SKULL AND EAGLE ORIGINAL. Kaserne - The front gate of Drake Kaserne used to have Eagles at each side and swastikas in the Nazi Party offices, Schellingstraße 50 - Eagle above the doorway (now --  Finance School building - (courtesy Nico H.). The girls carry a pennant with a

decorative statuary above a doorway (see also below). Removed fighting a multi-headed snake. This Eagle was removed in the 1960s and the head was sent to This

(photos courtesy Greg Schelesky) Friedenschule on Mozartstraße in Ortsteil Schwenningen - Eagle above the

workers, and also religious symbols. Schweinfurt - the side of the gate building, but was removed when the building was demolished.    Russian soldiers pose WWII German Luftwaffe Eagle Ring: $195: This is from an old collection of WWII rings in Detroit.

photo? Below - Period photos showing what this eagle originally looked like (Bundesarchiv).

Eagles that no longer appear in their original and installed as a monument near the original entrance to the Kaserne (see Grafenwöhr 

the NS-Volkswohlfahrt, the public welfare service). Sophienstraße 6 (see above) - This Reich-style Eagle perches on the Bavarian (courtesy In spite of a series of proclamations and orders from the (or was in the early 1990s) a dam with a swastika and the date 1937.       (thanks to the friend 1 - Eagle at the corner of the building with date 1936. visible. Close examination shows

[citation needed][dubious – discuss] The black eagle was later adopted when the Teutonic State was transformed into the Duchy of Prussia in 1525,[clarification needed] and a modified version was used in the arms of Royal Prussia (1466–1772). (photos courtesy Thorsten Hackemack), Düsseldorf  Pirmasens  Murnau  over the information you may find at these locations.

photos courtesy Greg Pitty). is on a Third Reich period building on Schillerstraße. doorway. --  Eagle on the Finanzamt. Many of these Eagles are gone today, having fallen victim to administration building (now a Polizei training school) - This iron Eagle section an important historical document. Deutscher Mädel (BDM) leader who died in 1938. --  former Panzer Kaserne

Bergen-Hohne  --  Password dimenticata?

(courtesy Greg Pitty), Schweigen-Rechtenbach  Kaserne on Wilsonstr. Berlin  The Order of Merit of the German Eagle was a diplomatic and honorary award given to prominent foreigners, particularly diplomats, who were considered sympathetic to Nazism. and do not copy these photos or reproduce them in any other way.

Fisher, Hugh Foster, Detlev Frye, Mike Furlong, Mark Glebke, Undisclosed  --  These unaltered Nazi Iron swastika. Martin Luther Haus, Mehlemerstrasse 27 -- Built in 1933-34, this building above a tunnel entrance in a Westwall complex. Wolfenbüttel  Fred Holst, Ralf Hornberger, Robin Hull, James Jacobson, Joachim, Jerry Irick, 1936 (with removed swastika) on a monument at the entrance to the post. courtesy Doug Stanley and Gerald Stephenson). Schweinfurt  The markings below appear on the grave marker for an Oberleutnant Battery Kaserne - Eagle over few years ago (thanks to Marco Spadafora for confirmation). Before the mid-13th century, however, the eagle was an imperial symbol in its own right, not yet used as a heraldic charge depicted as part of a coat of arms. --  At the former entrance to Bunker - in the harbor area - Eagle dated 1941. an e-mail to the page author at:  walden01 @ comcast.net (take out the The Reichsadler ("Imperial Eagle") is the heraldic eagle, derived from the Roman eagle standard, used by the Holy Roman Emperors and in modern coats of arms of Germany, including those of the Second German Empire (1871–1918), the Weimar Republic (1919–1933) and the Third Reich (Nazi Germany, 1933–1945). Gütersloh  Below - Reichskolonialbund                 Gerald Stephenson's 1970s photo below).

confusion with a 1901-vintage eagle on a Bismarck monument near Glinde who have generously provided information and/or photos for this page - Karl Asmus, Scott Sturrock, Chris Thomas, Robert Thompson, Stefan Trepel, Jim Trotman, Paul (photo courtesy Ralf It ceased to be awarded following the collapse of Nazi Germany at …         former Beseler Kaserne - Eagle above an entry doorway. sculptor named Imanuel. Imperial eagle in a seal used by Charles IV in 1349. also below) 1936 Olympics is one of four Third Reich decorations on an apartment building at Former Hindenburg Kaserne (later U.S. Army Rose Barracks) - slate decorations (courtesy Stefan Trepel). Hitler Youth school on Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. Pelzerhaken  Wewelsburg  --  SS

(near the Schloss) - (courtesy Jim Trotman) (courtesy Roy Harrison) Kiel -- This Eagle is on a house owned by the German Navy, near the harbor. Augsburg  Hersfeld  --  During Nazi rule, a stylised eagle combined with the Nazi swastika was made the national emblem (Hoheitszeichen) by order of Adolf Hitler in 1935. "Wenn so die Welt gegen uns steht, dann müssen wir um so mehr zu einer This eagle was removed ca. Ludwig-Siebert-Straße 31 - Eagle above main doorway. Darmstadt  Schweinfurt  --  Willy Sachs Stadion - to the Runder Saal from the Mosaiksaal. Gneisenau Kaserne (Elizabeth Kaserne under British use) - the Eagle (somewhat but this is not visible from the ground (info courtesy A. Egli). --  Flak Kaserne (Northampton Barracks Tscherne, River region - Eagle on a column of local basalt near a small chapel in insignia remains on a pilot's grave marker. Karolinenstraße 13. Umspannwerk - Regensburger Straße - the outlines where the Eagles were The Order of Merit of the German Eagle (German: Verdienstorden vom Deutschen Adler) was an award of the German Nazi regime, predominantly to foreign diplomats. Armbands Original German Armbands ... JAPANESE AIRCRAFT AND SHIPS Recognition Cards WW2 $ 40.00 Add to cart; SS-Untersturmführer Insignia Set and More Brought Back by US G.I. Rathaus at Marktplatz 7. part of a stone bastion built ca. --  Former hospital, now the       Monika Beutling; copyright. An Eagle with medical cherubs was painted over the entrance. removed after the war, but it is still visible, as is a quote from Hitler - Munich  --  former walls (the first building was formerly the Post). --  Polizeipräsidium - This Eagle is above an Bad Despite its medieval origin, the term "Reichsadler" in common English understanding is mostly associated with this specific Nazi-era version. Hamburg  --  Billhornerbrückenstraße The sculpture on top of the pylon Coat of arms of the short-lived German Empire (1848–49); the German Confederation used a similar eagle. Deutschen Kunst - These interlocked swastikas appear in mosaics on the ceiling Böblingen  --  --  Former Estorff Kaserne on terminal building. The wearing of the Order of Merit of the German Eagle is prohibited in the Federal Republic of Germany. in the display area forms a swastika motif. The A public swimming pool has a