This mod adds a ton of new gear, items, blocks, and a boss that can even kill you in creative mode. You can then use it as a new resource to master in the game.

You cannot use them on other game versions like the PS4, Xbox, etc. Pick up the previous contents of the chest and put everything back inside.

You can use it as an automated tunneling machine. This mod was introduced when Minecraft only included a handful of default biomes, but it's still good if you're tired of the standard biomes or just want to generate a world with a whole lot more diversity. At the same time, always looking to help others by sharing the gained information through writing. Whether you're brand new to Minecraft , or you're just new to modding, we've put together a list of the 15 best Minecraft mods that improve graphics or performance, add useful functionality, and open up brand new worlds to explore.

Existing worlds need special treatment when adding this mod.

This mod allows you to look at anything in the game, including blocks, crafted items, and even creatures, and instantly see what it's called. He also ghostwrites articles for numerous major trade publications. I'm a tech-enthusiast always looking to explore new technology and learn new things. Here is a list of the 13 best and most popular Minecraft modpacks to play in 2020: 1. 25 Best Minecraft Mods for Minecraft freaks. Strip mine without marring the Overworld. You just have to point the crosshair at any block and WAILA will tell you what it is and which mod is providing it. With a never-ending spigot of mods from a tremendously talented and dedicated fan base, you can always find something new to do or see in Minecraft.

Make blocks pop with new color! Add as a dimension you travel to from your world. If you are much into archery, this might become your favorite mod soon.

What It DoesThe Lost Cities is a mod that lets you create a world populated by hauntingly crumbling cities. You can safely ignore most of the features, which can be overwhelming, until you've spent more time in the game. It is a really useful mod when you are using several mods at once. Without the help of a mod, moving a chest even one block in any direction is a tedious, multi-step process that looks something like: With this mod, you can collapse all of that down to the two-step process of picking up the chest and then placing it wherever you want it. The only difficulty is that you have to build it yourself, but the efforts you put once will be worth the time every time you use it. This mod lets you create a portal to new forest-esque mobs and surprising encounters under the twilight. While the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft includes built-in VR support, the Java Edition doesn't support VR natively. Each modpack runs on different versions of Minecraft (for example, 1.7, 1.10, 1.12, etc). You can use it to turn matter into energy, store items on hard drives to access them wirelessly and hoard a lot of items in your base.

It is able to add fully-programmable computers and assorted peripherals into your Minecraft world. Place everything in a different chest or drop it on the floor.

You can see the resulting map as a minimap in-game, full-screen, or even in an external web browser. If you're looking for a fresh, new Minecraft experience set in a brand new world, this is a great mod to grab. If you are using a very low-end system to play Minecraft, Fastcraft can become your savior. It is able to improve the overall game performance on outdated machines prominently. Place the mod you have just downloaded (.jar file) into the Mods folder. The ‘Bow and Arrow’ is one of the oldest and most loved weapons available out there. There were barely any until just a few updates ago.! Remember that Minecraft mods can be only be used on the PC version of Minecraft. The mods in our list work regardless of the platform you're using, so you can safely grab them whether you're playing on Windows, OS X/mac OS, or Linux. All the customizable items like beds, doors, flowerpots, etc are compatible with it. Also, you can filter results for better management. Minecraft mods are user-developed modifications or tweaks that help you to give an edge over the original features. Improves on the basic mapping included with Minecraft. If you want a seamless mod experience, consider checking out a curated Minecraft modpack like Regrowth or All The Mods, or a custom launcher like Feed the Beast or Technic. This mod offers some new systems and mechanics in-game based upon drawing power from the blood of mobs. These are the 25 best Minecraft mods for you to use. Antivirus software may flag the download as dangerous. Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day.

Activate the portal with a tool that the mod also introduces, and you're whisked away to a specialized mining dimension. New content available when combined with other mods, like Chisel.

It adds craftable chairs, tables, bowls, bottles, lamps, stuffed toys, beer kegs, kitchen sink, and many other items to your Minecraft world for decoration purposes. With this mod, you can instantly find out how to craft anything you see or find out what can be crafted out of anything you see. There are literally thousands of Minecraft mods available on the internet. All rights reserved. What It DoesBiomes O' Plenty adds a ton of brand new biomes when generating a new world. Greatly simplifies the act of moving a chest. Michael Heine is a CompTIA-certified writer, editor, and Network Engineer with 25+ years' experience working in the television, defense, ISP, telecommunications, and education industries.

by Geet_Builds. You can use some classic weapons like Crossbow, Firework launchers, Snow cannons, etc. This saves you from the trouble of alt-tabbing to a wiki while playing Minecraft. If you are looking for some of the best Minecraft mods, you have to come to the exact website.

You can find giraffes, narwhal, seagulls, elephants, and even dinosaurs using this mod in your game. LotsOMobs is the next best Minecraft mod on our list. However, there are additional dialog options and a complex relationship system that even allows you to marry a villager and have your very own Minecraft baby. When you collect enough power, you can it at a Blood Altar and create new items like a Dagger of Sacrifice.