Front ¾ vehicle photos © 1986-2018 Autodata, Inc. dba Chrome Data. *yc. *ak. Have a Haynes Repair manual that only cover vehicles to 1996... Talks about the transmissions A4LD 4-Speed that uses electronic controls integrated into the on-board EEC-IV system.. Rather that covers my 1997 I don't know. FORD AEROSTAR 1991 problem was reported in PORTERVILLE, CA. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FMCA11U9MZ. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FMDA41X7MZ. (similar to single axle freight trucks and school busses) After getting one set of the rear wheels partially stuck, which resulted in some spinning of that side, the overdrive off light on the shift lever began to blink and the service engine soon light came on. Changed solenoid pack twice. It's very inconsistent as sometimes it will drive without incident and sometimes it will barely go into overdrive and then drop back out and remain in drive for an extend period of time. 0 person(s) died. Things have been going pretty well with the truck.

It took 2 months to find the hose off, during those 2 months I had to shift the van manually, you had to get high RPMS before it would shift. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. Consumer Driving Down Road And Was Going Forward, And Could Not Engage To Park Due To Transmission Problems. I got this code and symptoms of 1-2 hard shift and no torque converter lockup. Original Owner. FORD AEROSTAR 1991 problem was reported in OCEANSIDE, CA. Auto/transmission will not shift to overdrive. Miles on trans is about 120K have been serviced about 10K ago with no poor color or smell. *ak. Ford Aerostar Transmission Torque Converter. I let it slow down to below 35-30 second kicks back in and away we go again until it's ready to shift into third.I have been told possible speed sensor problem, possible other sensor problems looking for leads on where to look and what items to check. This is a test. Vehicle was not using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):1FMDA31X8MB. Transmission seal defective. ® is an online automotive complaint resource that uses graphs to show automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by visitors to the site. 0 person(s) died. Check By Service Representative Revealed Safety Recalls (97s83 & 99s13) For 1992-1997 For Awd aerostars. Please Describe. FUEL TYPE: GAS. SHOP. BRAND. The trailer is a 35' Gooseneck with a max GVRW or 14,000 pounds. 0 person(s) died. If you continue to use this site, you consent to this use of cookies. Ford Aerostar Automatic Transmission. Servos ok. 2003 explorer 4.0, What’s wrong with Ford Transit Connect 2018 Visibility, Wiper, What’s wrong with Ford Transit 2018 Visibility, Wiper, What’s wrong with Ford Transit 2018 Service Brakes, What’s wrong with Ford Transit 2018 Seat Belts, What’s wrong with Ford Transit 2018 Electrical System Wiring. FORD AEROSTAR 1991 problem was reported in LOVELAND, OH. I have a 4r100 on in a 99 7.3 4x4.

Vehicle was using ANTI-LOCK BRAKES. FILTER RESULTS. No over drive light flashing or anything and no engine codes showing at all everything clean in memory. After a few minutes of driving it doesn't have a really bad problem (only a few times has it slipped in lower gears.) Long time no see but this site has always been my go to for all my Ford truck questions, upgrades, etc. Vehicle was not using Cruise Control. The Dealer, ford Area Rep And ford Customer Service Refuse To Perform Recommended Service Action For My aerostar At Their Expense Claiming That The Recalls Were By Vin # And My Vehicle Was Not Included.