© A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine. 0 model. Felt Bicycles made their name in racing, and The Breed 20 is no exception to that heritage. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine. I appreciated the ability to get just a little bit aero in the drops on some road descents and flat straights.

We tested 14 … By entering your details, you are agreeing to BikeRadar terms and conditions. With a carbon fork, superlight aluminum frame, thru-axels, internally routed cabling, a plethora of braze-ons, and room for two different wheel sizes, The Breed is loaded with modern gravel standards. *Note: at the time of posting, the 2020 model was sold out, but the 2021 model should be out soon! For 2017, Felt has replaced both the V series adventure bikes and the Z series of endurance road geometry bikes with a single VR series of bikes.The Felt VR bikes cover a broad spectrum of price points and today’s review bike – the Felt VR30 – finds itself near the top of the aluminum frame equipped bikes and is priced at $1700. Our detailed gravel bike reviews will help you find the right bike. The 650b wheels are tubeless ready. I quickly found that my fear was unfounded when gravel crushing, as the rapidly changing surface doesn’t require, or perhaps even allow for, a perfect cadence like road riding. Felt offers two other Mixed Surface models in the Broam and the Breed. After about 10 weeks of fun – and 500+ miles of mixed surface roads and trails – I can confidently say that The Breed is an extremely versatile bike that I wouldn’t regret buying for a second. Join our team and make a difference in the sport. A SRAM Force full bleed is a bit of a laborious process requiring two syringes for bleeding.

What’s Next for the “Dirty Kanza” Gravel Event? (Carbon wheels and carbon drop bars to name a few.).

The 2020 model shipped with an awesome funfetti paint job.

All of our coverage of new bikes and products is available in our 2019 Sea Otter Classic archive. For 2020, Felt opts for a bit more knobs, eschewing the smooth WTB Byway 47mm rubber for the fish scale-like Vittoria Terreno Dry tread. This made them excellent commuters in areas where road quality was less dependable.

For the most part at Sea Otter during the past few years, “Mixed Surface” has meant gravel. 2019 Sea Otter Classic. The simplicity of the 1x drivetrain far outweighed that minor annoyance on the road. Felt doesn’t have pricing yet on this 202 It is somewhere between a standard endurance-focused gravel bike and road-ready training bike.

Your email address will not be published. With a great baseline of SRAM Force 1 components, The Breed is a fantastic bang for your buck. Shasta Gravel Hugger Sets 2021 Date, Looks Back on 2020 Race, SRAM Expands Force AXS eTap Gearing Range with New Cassette, Crankset, Derailleurs, Lifetime and Kaw Nation Write Open Letter, Torres Ends Petition. With a carbon fork, superlight aluminum frame, thru-axels, internally routed cabling, a plethora of braze-ons, and room for two different wheel sizes, The Breed is loaded with modern gravel standards.

If you continue on, we will assume that we have your consent. The Felt-designed clamp features an integrated rack mount. 2020 Felt Fx | Advanced+ | Force Cx1 cyclocross bike.

It’s now called the Fx | Advanced+ | Force Cx1, complete with the pipes. The frame gets some colorful confetti-like accents, helping you bring the party to your next gravel ride. The Fx | Advanced+ | Force Cx1 is designed to be a dedicated cyclocross race bike, not your do-it-all gravel machine with big tires and huge wide-range cassette.

The frame features mounts for just about anything. With a great baseline of SRAM Force 1 components, The Breed is a fantastic bang for your buck.

The wheels are tubeless-ready and fitted with Vitorria Terreno Dry tires, which were practically bald in the rear after the 500+ mile testing period.

2019 Sea Otter Classic. The combination of a well-designed frame coupled with the incredible value combined to give this bike a well earnt 10/10. Felt’s top-of-the-line complete bike pairs a UHC Advanced and TeXtreme-enhanced carbon fiber frame with the UHC and TeXtreme carbon cyclocross fork.

Plenty light for the average rider – and even regular racer – with room for weight reduction, if it really matters. ), Though I didn’t take The Breed out for any races during testing, I love riding fast on all surfaces.

The 2020 Felt Fx | Advanced+ | Force Cx1 cyclocross bike features in white is similar to the white frame Wout van Aert used, but with red and blue accents.

Now that we got the big ones out of the way, the remaining components – wheels, drop bars, stem, seatpost – are mainly Felt’s own DEVOX brand. © A. Yee / Cyclocross Magazine. 31 great gravel bikes that you can buy right now.

To no surprise, The Breed was most enjoyable ripping across gravel and dirt, but I loved the versatility of platform. It is a speed-focused, moderately-aggressive adventure bike primed for gravel riding, though that isn’t the only place it performs. Whether you’re looking for a value-packed entrance into gravel riding, or for a well-equipped aluminum-framed gravel crusher, The Breed should be at the top of your list. The company offers its flagship lighter FRD frame with UHC Ultimate and TeXtreme carbon as a frameset only. You've been subscribed to our newsletter.

With higher tire pressures, The Breed is equally as capable on pavement with plenty of speed for quick commutes or laps around your favorite road routes. 2019 Sea Otter Classic. It provides adventure, solitude, and dirty fun away from heavily trafficked roads. I push bikes hard. From mixed-surface rail trails to the local singletrack loop, and backcountry dirt roads to quick city commutes, I had a smile on my face no matter where I rode. Thanks! Say hello gravel and adventure bikes. The Felt Breed 20 offers a fabulous component to price ratio for riders of all abilities. The Breed is ready.

What’s more, buying aluminum nets better components as manufacturers cut costs on carbon frames with lower grade components. From a maintenance standpoint, the 1x setup is a dream. A big left throw of the shifter skips three gears; phenomenal for quick transitions from descents to climbs out on trails.

While the name changed, the materials have not.