I narrow down the main ideas that I want to include in my topic: 1) disadvantages/ danger of factory farming; 2) suggestion to replace factory farming; 3) action that need to be done.

Not only is animal welfare at risk, but so is the environment and human health. The environment of factory farming is cover with machines. Factory farms pollute our waters to keep costs low. I. Factory Farming and Its Indelible Adverse Impacts By definition factory farming does not sound that bad, and makes sense seeing as the demand for low cost meat is at an all time high, but in reality it is a cruel act that shoes that compassion for animals is no longer a priority.

Obviously there are laws protecting people from getting tainted food, but the source of this food was unknown to me and could of had something wrong with it.

Another solution to help decrease the harmful effects of factory farming are feeding the livestock a natural diet with limited use of antibiotics and pesticides. It is almost where the meat comes from. Should Factory Farming Be Acceptable in Our Society? In addition, in the food industry, animals are not considered animals at all; they are food-producing machines. paragraph 278a in the Austrian criminal code when this organization is supposed to Salatin lives off everything that he grows and when killing the animals, he does it in the open air.


Factory farming use corn because it is cheap, easy to grow, and makes the animals fat very fast. This move towards a highly concentrated factory production system has had a staggering impact on the current change in climate. A lot of consumers who purchase food items from the supermarket to feed themselves or their families are not concerned with how the products they purchase will affect them or their loved ones. Some individuals who purchase a fresh hot meal from a fast food restaurant or cook a nice home cooked meal don’t have an inkling about where they foods they consume come from. This impact stems from broad and wide reaching causes fueled by factory farming, stretching from land degradation, to chemical use in fertilizers, to C02 and methane emissions. They go to great lengths to protest and inform people about animal cruelty. Salatin believes that animals should be fed with grass instead of corn. These animals are all pushed closely together, This paper explores the harmful effects of factory farming and identifies ways we can protect ourselves and the animals in these farms. He uses a quote from Professor John Webster of the University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Science, “Broilers are the only livestock that are in chronic pain for the last 20 percent of... ...Brittney Place Nearly four to five million dogs and cats are euthanized in the United States. In the 1920s, an astonishing discovery was made by a group of scientists – Vitamins A and D. Farmers eventually learned that if they put these two vitamins into the animals’ feed, then exercise and sunlight would not be required for these animals to grow. What I have just described is one of America’s worst ghettos. A traditional farm is a farm where they raise livestock the original way. About a year ago, he took his love for nature to the next level and began helping a friend at his farm. (Madhani, 2015).

The reason is not hard to find – animals are suffered most by factory... ... Not only is animal welfare at risk, but so is the environment and human health.

The opposition might argue that there are too many people in this world who eat meat, so these means are necessary to feed all the people.

Chickens are the most confined animal in Factory Farming with up to 120,000 birds on one farm. There is maintenance in the farm but sometimes animals just live in such a long period of time in their own manure. inches (less than the size of a standard sheet of letter paper). Animals here have no freedom and no right.

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The purpose of factory farming is to produce some of the lowest prices in the world for meat, eggs, and dairy products, but is it really worth the cost? ...The Pain Behind the Food We Eat

In fact, in 2012, Americans consumed approximately 50 billion burgers and 627 million pounds of bacon.

I think it is mandatory to incur these extra expenses for the sake of humanity and animal rights. Close your eyes and step into the world of an individual. If companies were forced by legislation and government officials to practice proper farming techniques, the price of your beloved McDonald’s hamburger will be sure to rise. Many activists and organizations have attempted to reduce the problem of factory farming, but it is still a long way from being fixed.

But at what point does this system cross the line? Lobbying by agribusinesses has resulted, factors are made possible because of factory farming. Therefore, for all these reasons, many people have stated that factory farming is morally and ethically wrong. It uses an enormous space of land and machines to help with harvest livestock and resources. Factory farms provide cheap meat that is more affordable to more people, utilizes less real-estate, creates the avenue for more farming jobs to stay in the U.S, and allows cheap fast food to exist. Society loves animals as pets, adopts them as extensions of their families, spend ridiculous amounts of money on them, and mourn their deaths. Because of the means we go about getting our food, the source of where the restaurants or grocery stores get their food is unknown to us. They are confined to small cages with metal bars. The title "Producing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Area Urban Restaurants" is a suitable thesis proposal for examining the benefits of establishing an inner-city garden to supply local public food establishments. However, while factory farms produce more food optimizing economies of scale, modern technologies, and genetic engineering, factory farming more often than not incorporate abusive treatment to the animals. It will take more than just public awareness to stop the killing of innocent healthy animals, spay and neuter programs is what will make that change.

Over the years, the decline of family farms and increase of factory farming has caused harmful effects on human life. Today’s society is way to willing to be inhumane just for the extra profit and convenience. Being confined to such a small area creates multiple physical and...... ...15 December 2015 Many see it as inhumane; however, some see it as their just animals. It would save so many innocent animals lives. An industrial farm is the opposite farm. 4.

Animal cruelty is not only physical abuse that animals receive but also on many other factors. It is argued that factory farming should be illegal and banned worldwide … Our society has a fairytale image of how factory farm animals live: Cows grazing the luscious green fields, hens nesting in a warm, spacious barn, and pigs rolling around in mud enjoying the sunny day. DeVry University Undercover videos of the animals being killed in such a brutal fashion only gives the farm a poor reputation, not to mention the ethical issue of animals suffering unnecessarily when euthanasia is available. Today that number has fallen to 2000, 95% of which are what we typically call “factory farms” (Dimitri, 2).

One of the most common forms of animal cruelty in factory farms is the overcrowded and confined living areas of the animals. It is one thing to mass produce electronics and clothing, for example, but applying mass production to the meat industry is entirely different.

They are forced to live in a small environment with the same kind of animals. With so many animals living in a small area, they all live in their own manure. Businessmen see them as commodities. November 19, 2013 Apart from that, I prepare the material supporting my presentation that include the visual for factory harming so that audience can give full attention to the topic, arouse their interest to know more and continue listening to my speech. This unhealthy practice has led to problems such as pollution, inhuman animal treatment, and human illness. Religious advocates classify them as God’s gift to us. Factory Farming Every year, over 58 billion farm animals are killed by humans for food production, and this astounding number does not even include sea creatures. Attention: Close your eyes and step into the world of an individual.

When a person is eating a hamburger and thinks about where it came from, he or she probably imagines a healthy cow grazing in a luscious green pasture. Broiler chickens, luckily for them, only live up to 7 weeks old until they are big enough to be slaughtered. Stopping food shortages is a major factory farming benefit. Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that factory farms are dangerous and abusive and therefore need to be banned. Student-ID: 1032115182 As such, engaging in this kind of farming not only offers high profits, but it also guarantees more productivity. Animals are part of the world and humans should not take advantage of their intelligence and superiority. In Probert's article she discuss how chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows are treated unjust while being kept in factory farms. ...Factory Farming It is argued that factory farming should be illegal and banned worldwide not only because of its cruelty towards animals but also because the low quality meat can produce harmful, Factory Farming and Animal Cruelty My dad is an accountant who recently turned into a farmer. Meaning producers will have better profits. Student: Stefan Unertl