If you aren't doing a WC, idea groups are pretty much irrelevant. There is usually very little competition for the area with other great powers, and the countries in the area are usually very weak, especially Tlemcen. This event can occur in ‘Age of Reformation’ if less than 75% of the country has the state religion (usually Catholic). One of them is Castile or Spain. Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Morocco – Andalusia Guide 1.28 [Golden Century DLC]. Thus I'd advice this: Administrative group ideas: *Innovative. Innovative is still great as France because you stack up tech cost reduction to 20% which is really amazing, as France gets 10% in their ideas and then the 10% from Innovative. Quality will provide better combat ability in all three units and better generals. Morocco or Castile would often attack Portugal after that and take them out or cut them down to couple of provinces. The war takes place in both the Britain region and the France region. Make sure you don’t spend any admin points in North Africa though, as all provinces have increased coring costs.

He can expand everywhere, the possibilities are limitless. However, if other usual colonial competitors are not expanding fast, or if you have few enemies in mainland Europe, colonial expansion may be a good choice for France.

You can also go religious, but humanist is easier if you want to expand fast. /Europa Universalis IV/common/disasters/french_wars_of_religion.txt, /Europa Universalis IV/events/disaster_french_wars_of_religion.txt, https://eu4.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=France&oldid=126276, Articles with potentially outdated infoboxes, has either a culture of the French culture group.

You can convert to Protestant to avoid it, but it’s not necessary. Nonetheless, it is recommended to ask for The Pale in the resulting peace deal with England, allowing the release of Meath, opening a path for vassal feeding in the Irish area followed by the conquest of Scotland and, ultimately, an invasion of England from the North, a much more secure path compared to the hazardous naval invasion.

Military ideas are always nice. Secondly, one can expand into the low countries. DONT--> Expansion, Administrative. So, as France you can either stay Catholic or go protestant. This both improve your army power, but you don't need this, since you will very rarely go to war (we dont eamt to conquer, and AI wont dare attack us and our allies). It can be used to gain Naples from Aragon, which is probably most important since it is bigger than any other subjects on the Italian peninsula. This page was last edited on 21 July 2020, at 20:11. The French player will often get missions to expand into Italy, which is a rich region and probably has the highest development in the game. then all its provinces are removed from the HRE. With a strong army and a strong economic base, playing as France is fairly easy. *Maritime. This event chain can create revolts, uprisings and even the overthrow of the monarchy! I usually don’t participate in it because I can’t be the leader and AI will pick the worst time to start the war.

This choice will allow better relations with neighbors and will avoid coalitions. Is it not now fitting to make this the seat of the French government? You will get a lot of good events for specific advisors late game. If you get it great, if not you will just have to fight burgundy bit by bit. Struggling to win wars? Once you get control of all electors and emperor’s capital, you can dismantle HRE. The English have still not relinquished their claims to the French throne, and one of the main demands of the new treaty, the surrender of Maine to France, has yet to materialize months later. Now you can get colonies from your subject without having to take exploration ideas. England and Portugal start with an alliance, so both countries may join the war. Italy is abnormally rich, taking entire Genoa trade node and making it your centre of trade is the most important target if you care about money, take care about aggressive expansion though, it's even more abnormal.

There’s no rush, but if you attack early, you can take on Muscovy before they form Russia making expansion in that region easier. What does anyone else choose? After this, the game is completely open to the player.

Use most of your relation slots for vassals. Allies can be let fighting together while a small French regiment occupies provinces in the France region and a major regiments fight in the Britain region using Scotland as a start point. 2nd Admin idea helps. They have a very strong start in game and once you hit your second national idea, Elan, that gives you 20% moral bonus, your armies are unmatched. During the peace deal, the player should force Aragon to release Naples as a sovereign state or even transfer it to France if possible, it will make his conquest easier in the future. Once you take over irish minors and scotland, england should be easy. Portugal can be managed by allying Castile, Genoa or Scotland.

Notable are Provence, the Papal States, and Navarra. Influence ideas will help with 1 more relation (1 more ally or vassal) and 2 more diplomatic reputation (AI likelier to accept your proposals). They've got the best colonial bonus outside of additional colonists. However, it also opens up more opportunities for easy expansion. And the other is Ottomans. In terms of military ideas I would say that France needs more quality ideas instead of quantity. However, it is much more difficult to retain. Best for developing your country when you want a small one, and also getting some extra money. Wait for the Surrender of Maine event to fire which happens fairly early game. Because this disaster has very high chances of happening, the player may choose to stay Catholic or go Protestant (or Reformed) and both options will have the same consequences. From there, France has four common ways to expand: first, expanding into Italy. This is easier to do right after the religious league wars, as typically there aren’t too many electors. Rival Catholic nations can form La Ligue Catholique, a major player in the French Wars of Religion, directed at the eradication of the Protestants in France. Defensive works great to reduce your expenses: less attrition means less reinforcements, and 10% less maintenance of fortresses can be quite a lot in late game. It is easier to expand into than Italy. Savoy won’t be a valid rival for long and you can switch to burgundy after that. Probably going to colonize since I need to do something. Short on admin points for coring? Economic ideas are crazy strong as France, allowing you to afford a large army, and push every province just a little further. This will reduce aggressive expansion in all of Germany by 50% and the Player will be able to easily conquer the German minors now that no Emperor will defend them.