He don’t give a fuck. I don’t hate those who are weaker than myself. He then used his Sacred Treasure to lazily cleave the Vampire King's torso, which quickly regenerated, but having come into contact with Escanor's axe, began to burn him. Both personalities seem to be truly him, and he remembers everything he does in either, though at night he has chastised himself for losing control during the day.

Escanor is the last of the sins to have met Elizabeth, meeting her shortly during the Great Fighting Festival in Vaizel, then being properly introduced to her after Meliodas' revival and the complete reunion of all seven Sins. 57 Escanor (The Seven Deadly Sins) HD Wallpapers and Background Images. In a world similar to the European Middle Ages, the feared yet revered Holy Knights of Britannia use immensely powerful magic to protect the region of Britannia and its kingdoms. After rescuing him, Mael later healed then offered Escanor his Sunshine power back in order for him to be able to fight again, but warned him that the power was never meant for a human, and that taking the power back would eventually lead to his death, to which Escanor simply stated his lack of concern in that matter and asked for the power back, showing that his resolve to fight for his friends was well worth any price. Escanor's durability also increases with his magic as his muscles were durable enough to catch Meliodas' weapon when he attacked in Assault Mode and easily brushed off a series a slashes at his peak. There, Escanor meets Merlin and Meliodas who asked him to join their knightly order[1], although the two were forced to restrain him by order of the king to stop his havoc. He was rescued by a kind woman named Rosa, who hid him in a barrel and set it adrift at sea. Steam Artwork. Easily overpowered Galand, who single-handedly defeated every member of the Sins outside of Meliodas (who hadn't gotten his Wrath back) and Ban (who stole his strength and used it against him). "I see... that would explain why I felt pain just now.


Award. And who decided that? Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3owxoWm7HyI. At least Island Class with Rhitta | At least Island Class, higher with Rhitta | At least Island Class, likely far higher, Durability: Unknown | Likely Large Mountain Level (Stated to be on Galan's level) | At least Island Level (Took a full power hit from CO Galan without defending, and received a very small wound, also took damage from his own attack when Estarossa used Full Counter which would double its attack potency) | At least Island Level, likely far higher (Meliodas in Assault form failed to make a single cut on The One), Stamina: Very High (He ran around dodging Ezraf's attacks for hours in his nighttime form, in his daytime form he easily shrugged off Galan's strongest attack with nothing more than a minor cut, not even wincing at the fact).


Their fight continues until dawn when suddenly the Sin stops dodging and faces Izraf.

Manga Debut She then sends his soul to the Capital of the Dead, without Escanor knowing where it really is. In this form, he vastly surpasses Meliodas' Assault Mode, indicated to have a power level of 142,000.

True enough, using "The One" Escanor was able to defeat Meliodas in his Assault Mode with a single attack, although it is worth noting that before reaching The One, Escanor was barely capable of holding off Meliodas. Height "That is my sin" is perfection and followed by "And who decided that" as my top 2. 17 Powerful Seven Deadly Sins Quotes Images, Omfg This Fight They Left Us On A Cliffhanger, What Are The Escanor S Most Badasses And Unforgerttable, 57 Escanor The Seven Deadly Sins Hd Wallpapers, I Made That Escanor Edit Just Because I Wanted That Quote As, Free Wallpaper Anime Escanor Hd Wallpaper, Black And White Escanor Minimal Art The Seven Deadly, Swipe Right Anime Seven Deadly Sins Follow, Escanor Wallpapers Top Free Escanor Backgrounds, 48 Best Escanor Images Seven Deadly Sins 7 Deadly Sins, Escanor Ringtones And Wallpapers Free By Zedge, Weak Chan Became Suyokh Strong San Seven Deadly Sins, Escanor Respect Thread Seven Deadly Sins Gen Discussion, Escanor Vs Galand Melascula Nanatsu No Taizai Wiki Fandom, Escanor Vs Estarossa Full Fight Seven Deadly Sins 720p, The Seven Deadly Sins Just Saw At The Ballet With My, The Seven Deadly Sins Escanor Vs Meliodas Hd Wallpaper, 23 Best Escanor Seven Deadly Sins Images Escanor Seven, Escanor Vs Estarossa Nanatsu No Taizai Wiki Fandom, Pride In English It Is A Deadly Sin Love Comes With, Wallpaper Pride Sin Siboneycubancuisine Com, Escanor Vs Meliodas Fanart Hd Wallpaper Download, 7 Best 1 Images Seven Deadly Sins 7 Deadly Sins Anime, The Seven Deadly Sins Escanor Lion S Sin Hd Wallpaper Download, Best Manga Scene Of All Time Escanor Is Pure Badassery, Wallpaper Minimal Ban The Seven Deadly Sins Escanor Lion, Download Wallpapers Escanor 4k Fiery Sun The Seven Deadly, Seven 1080p 2k 4k 5k Hd Wallpapers Free Download, Telecharger Seven Deadly Sins All Demons 467251 Hd, Seven Deadly Sins Profiles Dark Knights Of Britainia, Nanatsu No Taizai Amv Escanor True Power Youtube, Escanor Vs Major Armstrong Joke Papyrus Battle Boards, 11 Motivational Anime Quotes That Inspire You, 207716 2400×2062 Escanor The Seven Deadly Sins Wallpaper, Little Do They Know The Power Of Escanor Nanatsunotaizai, Escanor Seven Deadly Sins 7 Sins 7 Deadly Sins, 207703 1980×1080 Escanor The Seven Deadly Sins Wallpaper, Sin 1080p 2k 4k 5k Hd Wallpapers Free Download, Cute Inspirational Quotes Cute Wallpaper Sis Vs Sis, Ultimate Destiny Escanor By Bestpony666 On Deviantart, Escanor The Seven Deadly Sins Wallpapers And Backgrounds, Seven Deadly Sins Png Seven Deadly Sins Pride Seven Deadly.