Not all astrologers factor this asteroid into a reading, which can show exactly what makes someone lose their mind with sexual desire. We are not together now but it was so worth it!!! These soulmates often have to face challenges to be with their lover and then the affair becomes its own pressure cooker of change. Yet something brings them back into contact with one another and it’s all on — ready or not! Oh, dear. I still think about him and what we shared. Today, Eros is used to describe that feeling between two people who are just dying to f*ck. One such object is Eros, an asteroid that affects love and sex in an astrological chart. To use the example of a totally different Cancer/ Capricorn couple… One famous example is Prince William and Catherine Middleton… He’s a Cancer, and she’s a Capricorn… His 7th house starts in late Gemini and contains the entire sign of Cancer. Somehow, one of them is in riot about society and its expectations, so disillusioned and over love that it’s not funny.


I strongly suspect Juno’s way more significant in how we choose our partners then a lot of people realize.

his Eros in: her Psyche in:aries: gemini or aquariustaurus: cancer or piscesgemini: leo or ariescancer: virgo or taurusleo: libra or geminivirgo: scorpio or cancerlibra: sagittarius or leoscorpio: capricorn or virgosagittarius: aquarius or libracapricorn: pisces or scorpioaquarius: aries or sagittariuspisces: taurus or capricorn, COLLABORATORS IN LOVE: Serendipity strikes hard and fast as these two suddenly wake up to the fact that they’re fully in love. You want someone who is offbeat or odd in some way, someone who thinks outside the box both in their everyday life and in bed. Not necessarily. Once sighted, these guys are never out of one another’s minds. Another astro clue: they often meet each other at a time of personal crisis. Each eggs on the other to fully follow their bliss. So? These guys know each other by the way each feels serene or kind of blessed out by the whole thing.

Eros is a asteroid or "Minor Planet" but is by no means minor in its power of expression in the natal chart of an individual. Eros feels their senses are triggered when the Venus person is around them. Both people can’t help but immediately sense the significance of the chemistry between them. They meet, sense the heat and feel the fear. It lasts forever and a day, and still nobody understands. The soul link is profound and often signaled by a strong physical sensation.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t any excitement — it just means the tension builds to the heat of that first kiss. Juno give extra details about what we 'require' from a partner in order for them to be a suitable mate, and about what traits inspire our liking, approval, commitment, and loyalty. They’re also suave, modern or worldly about gender expression, caring not about who seems to be in charge’. In modern astrology, your Eros sign just means the sign that Eros, the asteroid, is placed in in an individuals birth chart. They often even look similar. Whatever, this duo knows quick smart that they’re on or off.

Even if this duo meets but once, they will never forget one another and that encounter. Your passions are overwhelming, spontaneous, and you develop your attractions without even thinking about it.

This is a very good indication of sexual compatibility. They are also highly likely to be a rebound affair – albeit one that may go on forever! They realize immediately that nothing, no matter what the complications, is going to stand between them and their goal to fulfill this liaison. When these two soul mates get together, each feels as though they are somehow coming home, its similar to the sensation felt by a child, bored at a totally adult party, suddenly meeting another kid. Once pair-bonded, this couple can be almost inseparable.

Today, Eros is used to describe that feeling between two people who are just dying to f*ck. You know what I'm talking about. They challenge each other to a strange ‘who are you really?’ duel of wits.

Juno has a 7th house type flavor. This is like normal synastry, but we’re focusing on reading the charts and astrology reports from a sexual chemistry point of view. From the first moment they meet they’re convinced that they know each other. Cosmically, they are destined to alter the others reality to such an extent that, no matter what happens, life will never be quite the same again. They treat sex as a spiritual act, and love for them is an act of self-sacrifice.