Dr. Brackett’s father (, Johnny makes a bet with Squad 36 that the loser of their softball game at the firemen's picnic pays for the entire picnic, which angers the firehouse until Chet becomes their pitcher after their regular pitcher breaks his arm. Also on that weird Wednesday, an obese man collapses while jogging; after an 80-year-old woman sprains her ankle while dancing at her birthday party, the guests go to the hospital to resume the fun; a man cannot stop hiccuping; a boy tries to freeze himself to preserve his body; a female golfer is bitten by a rattlesnake; a prostitute brings her john in after he suffers a heart attack; and finally, John and Roy rescue a drunk driver, during which John is injured. Dixie and Dr. Brackett and Morton using medical terminology. Roy and John are scheduled to appear on TV to discuss fire prevention, then help a child who swallowed. Directed by Paul McGuigan. Roy and John aid a girl injured in the explosion of a soda bottle. Seeing a dire need in the community for on-the-spot medical assistance, LA County Firefighters Roy DeSoto (Kevin Tighe) and John Gage (Randolph Mantooth) attempt to convince their staunchest opponent, Rampart General Hospital's Chief of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Kelly Brackett (Robert Fuller), to support paramedic legislation.

The paramedics help a college janitor with stomach pains after drinking, Dixie stops by Station 51 and Johnny is unable to sell her tickets to the Firemen's Picnic, where the top seller gets a trip to Las Vegas. A wife fakes a heart attack -- yet again -- to avoid an argument with her bickering husband. Then, an auto accident with three injuries is caused by running a stop sign, and a tightrope walker gets stuck between two buildings. Squad 51 experiences sporadic electrical problems which delays responses, and the fire department mechanic is not happy that he was not consulted before Johnny and Roy try to fix it. The paramedics rescue a family involved in a plane crash; the father dies, the mother and young daughter are injured; and a grizzled junk dealer who got his foot stuck in a bear trap. Roy and Johnny spend a fishing vacation in rural Santa Rosa County. The girl says he did not, to which the boy says she is lying. Unruly party guests make it hard for the paramedics to treat a man having a heart attack. The Station 51 basketball team makes the semi-finals; during practice for the big game, however, they treat an injured gymnast, then have numerous emergencies before the game, include rescuing victims at a gas explosion, and a workman trapped at a studio. A teenager celebrates his birthday by eating two loaves of raw dough and suffers a painful stomach ache. Stanley is unnerved that his former captain, a certain McConnike, is now his Battalion Chief, and the station is concerned about his increasing paranoia. A man suffers a heart wound from a nail shot from a power lawn mower; before he undergoes surgery, Dr. Brackett tells a man with a gunshot wound to his right leg to save all his reactions for the judge. John gets everyone but Roy excited about buying into a nearby hot dog stand, which burns down just as Roy shows interest. While Dixie reaches a college graduate from San Francisco, Roy and John lecture a frequent caller on the dangers of constantly calling them because of her loneliness, then respond to a woman who had mixed ammonia with bleach and inhaled poisonous, Johnny's current girlfriend misinterprets a discussion for a wedding proposal.

14 of 16 people found this review helpful. Early's stethoscope gets stuck. Episode 5 of season 1 up to season 5 had a different version (ver.2) The music was written, arranged and composed by Nelson Riddle. A small boy gets his hand stuck in a vase; while Nurse Sharon Walters, a student nurse, finds a pack of ice to give to Dr. A girl runs to Dixie telling her she is giving an airplane to a boy, then Dixie also asks the girl if her best friend hurt himself falling down the hole. Two weavers living without modern amenities are told to cut back their shrubbery, but later the wife becomes ill with the ", Roy is not looking forward to the annual visit from his mother-in-law.

A bookworm teenager who wants to be a doctor is admitted with abdominal pain, and speaks to Drs. Dixie, Drs. Directed by Jon Favreau. The station gets a replacement who is difficult to work with. Dixie gets her hand caught in a malfunctioning coffee machine; John and Roy help free it, then save a lawyer who had suffered a heart attack in the courtroom.

The firemen rescue a young couple from a traffic accident, but the boy (. Pilot

Gage gets upset at all the non-emergency calls they get, then sees a man (, Roy and John are on a return flight to Los Angeles when John meets and falls for a stewardess/flight attendant (, Roy and John become candidates to represent Station 51 on the welfare committee. Johnny explains his dilemma to Dixie, but his problem is with Roy, who says it takes a lot of work, whom they will all side with him. An epileptic woman nearly hits a child when he rides out between two parked cars; the ensuing emotional trauma throws her into a mild seizure. Brackett and Morton, from Dixie. The firefighters first save a man who got his arm stuck in a drainpipe, then his brother (, Johnny works overtime at Squad 8 and is reunited with his old training partner Stone (, Capt. This FAQ is empty. A woman’s overweight son is wedged in her living room ceiling. Dr. Brackett rides along with Copter 10, where he assists, along with the paramedics, in the rescue of a boy and his father from their overturned camper. Brackett and Early. Roy and John rescue a trapped man whose engine fell on him, but en route to the hospital, Roy's link to Rampart malfunctions, and he is forced to treat the injured man without supervision. The station responds to a woman having chest pains when her pregnant daughter suddenly goes into labor. Drs. The carelessness of a gas station owner and attendant, compounded by a driver's anger, leads to a fire. Ep 1 Pilot Jo, a police chief investigates a case involving a young child found near the site of a mysterious accident. The television series Emergency! In the Squad, John and Roy rush a baby who stops breathing, who was taken to Rampart, where Dixie and Dr. The firefighters rescue a woman who fell into the lion's cage at the zoo and was bitten; help an exotic dancer (, The DeSoto spouses, Roy and Joanne, appear on a TV, The firefighters assist a woman thrown from her motorcycle onto a cactus patch. We were glued to the tv for all 60 minutes. When Roy cites the owner of a business for an improperly installed gas heater, the owner scoffs at the fireman until they have to return when the heater explodes, injuring the owner. John wants Roy to apologize for calling him "some kind of nut." The firefighters enter a contest to invent new firefighting tools. The trainee expresses her inability to function to Dixie, but she redeems herself after Roy is electrocuted trying to save an invalid at a structure fire and she is the only one to assist with reviving him. The paramedics are med-evacked to Catalina Island via Coast Guard helicopter to assist in a diving accident, where the patient is treated in a, It really is "one of those days" when Roy and John walk into a family brawl when the mother-in-law feigns a sick stomach to stay at her son's home, then assist a drunk in a hotel with a broken elevator. A, After the paramedics rescue a magician trapped in his trunk, he gives Roy and John a magic orb. With the help of Dixie, and before Nurse Sharon Walters smiles in front of both Dixie and Dr. Brackett, they all take care of a man with, Johnny makes his best effort to find out the end of an. The station responds to a traffic accident, during which Capt. After Desoto explains how his pain is their guide to avoid further damage he is rescued.

The firefighters rescue a boy stuck upside down in a tree, and assist people trapped in a large fire at a hotel, complicated by a cardiac victim on the third floor. When her baby is born with a. John, Roy and Chet are returning from a "boring" fishing trip in a rural town when they come across a traffic accident. A young woman is driven to Rampart ER by her mother -- in more ways than one. Johnny and Roy respond to treat the injured child of a fireman’s widow. A seaman in pain shows up at Rampart, but speaks no English. Charlie (the mechanic from "Breakdown") stores his speedboat he is attempting to sell at the station; the firefighters decide to chip in to buy it. A man is injured in his junkyard. Off-duty, Dr. Brackett and Dixie spend time to unwind. John gives Dr.

A burglar has a heart attack. While there, Roy and John buy an older engine they had found there. Early. Gage and DeSoto now have the designation "Firefighter PM" after their name.

Station 51 is called up to fight an out-of-control brushfire. Early for the boy to use, Dixie cautions her about running around in the hospital, prior to taking an errand. A psychiatrist aids the paramedics until Copter 15 transports the victims to the hospital, but a power failure causes issues. The firefighters handle a fog-caused multi-vehicle accident on the, John is suffering from insomnia due to the lack of night runs, but during their day runs the firefighters respond to an accident aboard a boat where a butane tank had exploded en route to the marina. Later, they respond to a traffic accident while transporting a non-emergency patient due to the responding Squad being 20 minutes away. Capt. Early treat a hypochondriac. The firefighters respond to a traffic accident in which Dr. Brackett is involved–which resulted in one death, for which Dr. Brackett blames himself, and he refuses Dixie's requests to rest. series episodes...(watched chronological since 28.12.2018). A young wife accidentally shoots her older husband in the chest with a nail gun; while the doctors are treating him, Dixie is forced to prevent his young wife from seeing him. When Capt. Early and Brackett have to work back to find the real reason he fell. Station 18 leads a massive response from Battalion 14 and the.

Dixie talks to the mother, whose own son is suffering from brain hemorrhage.

When Roy thinks about buying a house, he delays too long, thus it is one of Ms. McCall's nursing staff who buys his house.

Dr. Morton treats a man with a bleeding peptic ulcer. Early wrapping a cast on the boy's arm. (1972–1979 ... at Station 51. The cause proves to have been Chet yelling at Boot, who receives the temperature from Drs.

Later, the firefighters find an engineer literally frozen in refrigeration equipment, and an old-time sailor (, John wants to trade his vehicle for Roy's convertible. Dr. Brackett becomes increasingly angry at a new hospital administrator, constantly moving meetings around.

Other rescues include a boy whose head was stuck in a basement window, Dr. Later, a fireman buff develops a crush on John, who tries to get rid of her. An industrial accident takes place at a railroad yard. Johnny is the victim of a hit and run driver; while in the hospital, he flirts with his physical therapist (Gretchen Corbett), whom Dixie hires, when Johnny really has a nurse (Carole Cook), who is "out to get him."

The paramedics treat a teenager who ate 19 hamburgers in a failed attempt to win a competitive eating contest, and a burn victim after an explosive fire at a paint factory.