ELIZABETH ALDA Born on August 20, 1960, 59-year-old Elizabeth Alda is the second-born Alda. Not only did he have to give up smoking and his career in the royal navy, but he also had to sacrifice something much more personal: his Greek and Danish titles, making him one of several royals who gave up their titles for love. In 1948, Alice began wearing a gray habit and moved to the Greek island of Tinos, and given from Church of the Virgin (via Town & Country). Unsurprisingly, it was an extremely emotional moment, according to Express, with Queen Elizabeth's husband recalling, "We just sat in silence as we thought what this moment must have meant to them and many guests and hosts were quite unashamed to shed a tear.". Overnight, Philip's life changed as well. Queen Elizabeth is incredibly private, but one of the few people whom she feels safe enough to fully open up to and be herself with, however, is her husband, Prince Philip.

On television, he performed in M*A*S*H as well as Scientific American Frontiers, The West Wing, and 30 Rock. However, despite being devoted to each other, the royal couple have lived in separate residences after Philip retired from royal duty at the age of 96 in 2017.

Captain Benjamin “Hawkeye” Pierce was often a source of humor and mischief in M*A*S*H. When not tending to the wounded, he often pranked his peers, flirted, and drank. You think you have something to pass on to them and that’s what you’ll do. "I felt there was a sort of a misconception and a preconception about him, which reduced him a bit," Smith said, adding that all the research he did revealed Philip to be "brilliantly funny, very clever, very popular." "I was looking round to see what next, I didn't know what there was available," the Duke reportedly said.

Meanwhile, Prince Philip is a descendant of Queen Victoria through his mother's side, according to Insider. "In 1952, the whole thing changed, very, very quickly. Philip converted before their wedding, as shared by PopSugar, and the rest is history. Alan Alda paved a successful career for himself. Contrary to her older sister, Eve, Elizabeth Alda initially felt drawn to her father’s profession and was given the opportunity to act alongside him in the 1981 film The Four Seasons , as Beth Burroughs. In 1981 she starred alongside her father in The Four Seasons. and Philip would come up with something.". Together, they raised three daughters who they cherish: Eve, Elizabeth and Beatrice.

In 1981 she starred alongside her father in The Four Seasons. Hargreaves recalled of Philip, "He was always very courageous and resourceful and thought very quickly. While Prince Philip and the Queen have been married for decades in a rock-solid marriage, Philip was required to sacrifice a lot in order to marry Elizabeth, according to Express. I think he's quite affable and open by all accounts with the staff," Smith said. All grew up to be fine, remarkable people in their own rights. During a dinner with Filer in the early '60s, Philip reportedly told him that the Royal Air Force had stopped sending fighters to pursue UFOs. As the monarch, Elizabeth is naturally the public face of the marriage, but behind the scenes, Philip gives his wife strength, according to Express.