At the dance, Clare gets them to talk to each other and, much to her relief, succeeds in convincing Eli to apologize. Eli says he'll get right back to it as soon as he's done with his interview's over and Fiona tells him that she doesn't want to leave him with a burden.

Clare then allows him to answer the call.

She does so, and it appears that Helen was listening to Clare during the meeting.

He turns to Clare and ask if she's alright and she says she's fine and they were just talking. Last Episode

Information During Brett's presentation, Eli asks many questions in repeated succession, causing Brett to give him the nickname, Question Guy. Later, while Clare, Alli, and Jenna are getting ready at her house, Eli arrives and tries to convince Clare to put ipecac in Fitz's drink during the dance, which would induce vomiting and make him sick. He tells them that doesn't sound very positive and they tell him that they say that to everyone.

The next day at school, Clare is with her religious group, and Clare tells them all that her parents are getting a divorce, and while saying this, Eli comes in the room and listens to their discussion. He tries to convince her to celebrate and Clare thinks that they should talk about what happened to Cam.

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Soon after this, Eli appears and says he left right after Clare told him she had cancer.

At The dot after school, Eli apologizes for bailing on their plans. Eli and Clare find Adam and try to comfort him and Adam admits he wants what they have.

She asks him if he had brought it for her, and he replies that it was his mother who suggested he bring one. He quickly spins Clare towards him and tells her to find a teacher and call 911.

Eli's trademarks are his guitar pick necklace, dark style, and his lopsided smirk.

Eli is 16 years old and will be attending Degrassi as a junior for the 2010-2011 school year. Clare finally finds Eli in the hallway and warns him that Fitz has a knife, but Eli refuses to leave, saying he won't allow Fitz to scare him.

Clare tries to calm him down, but he pushes her away, and yells "I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" Clare watches Eli as he leaves to get better. Elijah "Eli" Goldsworthy is a graduate of Degrassi Community School's Class of 2013. Additional friends include Tristan Milligan, Mike Dallas and Mo Mashkour. Ms. Dawes asks him his opinion on it, and he says he believes it is so good that she should read it at the school showcase that night. She does, and kisses him to do the same, which he declines. Then, coldly, Eli says, "Tears, Clare? You're making a huge mistake," and walks away. The show goes on as a success and Eli goes on stage to take a bow.

Reason Later, Clare shows up at Eli's doorstep after getting his address from Adam – Eli seems aware of this, muttering "Dammit, Adam."

Later, Eli and Jake are at his house where Jake is rollerblading while Eli works on his project. Eli tells Clare he has done some 'plans' in the past so they shouldn't do anything to Asher.

Eli says that he knew she would come and Clare tells him that he's manipulating her. The first was, Eli is shown to have good car mechanic skills as shown in. Eli Goldsworthy. He caves, promising to smooth things over with Fitz, but is interrupted when Fitz arrives. (2), Eli is first seen reading in an empty classroom when Clare comes up to him and apologizes about talking to Fitz and freaking him out.

Later, Eli is editing the video yearbook and sees footage of Cam which reminds him of what he saw.

Eli stands up from the bed, shirtless, and looks out the window.

Bianca tells her that it was a stupid thing to say and Eli interrupts her to ease the tension. Eli and Clare are driving back to Canada discussing the future and stop to talk about not being able to know their unborn son. Before the play, he admits to Fiona that he's a mess and can't do it, but she makes him act anyway, since Imogen didn't show up.