I’m worried that Erin x Andy is going to end…I hope it doesn’t.

He might be though you never know. Search Committee, 01. 15. also loved the ending reference to Michael when Darryl says “I shall come at your convenience” and Jim says “thank you sir” in the exact same Michael way!!! The Delivery Dwight’s Speech 19. Casual Friday

23. The figure is also preserved in Pennyslvanian Dutch communities.

New Guys was quite sad. 08. 11.

@Daniel G. I agree. And now we have to wait a month for it to continue. 14. Erin and Pete (they’ve finally got me interested enough to stop calling him New Jim). The Dwight Xmas I’ve watched (and just now for the 3rd or 4th time) is awkward beyond belief and full of unrealistic interactions. The most genuine moment: Pam blinking back a tear, then hugging Jim goodbye, and the look on his face as he hugs her back. Therefore there’s no need for MSG’s return. Lotto But even that seems too much. Drink some gluhwein, enjoy some hasenpfeffer… enjoy Christmas with St. Nicholas’ rural old German companion, Belsnickel! Prince Family Paper My guess is Toby is going to find out who the Strangler really is; that to me could be his character’s final act that turns him from a boring HR guy to the town hero. This wasn’t my absolute favorite Christmas episode, but it will be up near the top, for sure.

The 2020 netflix movie The Christmas Chronicles 2 features Belsnickel as the movie's main antagonist. Everyone sitting around with a bowl acting like children was unbelievable, not funny, and a big disappointment. What a nice Office Christmas for the Farewell Season. Gay Witch Hunt I still get goosebumps when JAM and Dwight team up and/or show affection for each other. I was kinda hoping that a drunken Darryl was going to hook up with Meredith.

The figure is also preserved in Pennyslvanian Dutch communities. 17. A little disappointed otherwise. Basketball Touching. Erin: German terrorists? 08. Trivia

Hands down. Mafia It won’t feel like an Office holiday episode with someone other than her writing it. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. 11. The Office fansite for NBC's hit comedy, The Office. Ships from and sold by Phoenix Appeal. The Duel Aka, the alleged Scranton Strangler. 14. Jim: Am I the only one who wants to try hufflepuffs and schnauzerhosen, and meet this glenpickle guy? 10. Dwight: Everyone thought the food was gross, and that belsnickel was some darkly erotic freak. Feel like I’ve seen twelve of these Christmas party episodes, and about a million Office party episodes in general. I hope that Mindy Kaling threw one final pitch for the show before heading to her project, and wrote this episode. Secretary’s Day 13. Poignant. I thought the scene with Erin and Pete watching Die hard (excellent choice!) Links, 01.

I think it will be really sad if Andy isn’t in the final Christmas episode. Not the best Christmas episode but it was solid. Michael’s story was important, the 2nd most important, but not the real thing. Trainin Day Insightful. Classy Christmas Guess it’s a love/hate situation with this one.

Pam: You’re welcome. Garage Sale Or was “The Farm” a separate episode completely that was just removed after NBC nixed the spinoff? I’m tearing up a bit just thinking about it while I’m typing this. Dinner Party It’s kind of like the story of early Jim and Pam we never got to see. Had to watch it twice– too many good lines! I was actually glad that Andy was gone, gave it a bit of a retro feel. Too bad, because I have really liked the season up until now. 02. Steve said he REALLY didn’t want to come back to The Office because he wanted to leave Michael’s final exit as it was — but somehow I don’t believe him, and I don’t think anyone else here does, either. 09.

Women’s Appreciation Dwight: You have never been cooler. Dwight as belsnickel. The Search 11. 21. 09. 07. 02. Christmas Wishes 10. Jim: So he’s kind of like Santa. Gonna miss Erin’s character. 08. 05.

Vandalism 15. Somehow, it reminded me of when Steve Carell left – those last few episodes.

All together now: @Snailman, The other guy left to be Jan’s loooove toy. 04. Dwight puts together a Pennsylvania Dutch-themed office Christmas party, but he ends it abruptly because Jim has to leave for his other job. Broke 05. All the plots were great… especially the main focus with Jim, Dwight, and Pam.