It might also indicate remembering something sad from your past, and those memories causing you to feel disappointed and depressed. Passivity. Underground locations signify the unconscious, while a terminal signifies some kind of choice to be made, and a train signifies your life moving in a particular direction. To miss a train in a dream and for this train to knock over others is a symbol for profound transformation. Subway dreams in which you are empowered like dreaming of being an engineer or of stopping a crime suggest that in spite of the fact that you are going along with others, you feel confidence in your choices. In some cases, this dream might indicate your tendency to do what other people expect from you and not what you desire. Irritation. Dreams of trains passing through tunnels can also represent sexual intercourse. Dreaming of being in … To carry bags and miss the train suggests you will need to consider your personality, abilities and skills in waking life - whenever there's an issue with your bags in the dream state. In some cases, this dream is a symbol of missed opportunities and missing opportunities in general. This dream reminds you to reconsider your goals and decide if they are the right ones for you, or if you are doing things to accomplish them. Wondering what the future holds? A dream about a moving train signifies the current journey you are on. If you feel desolate, then it indicates that you lack a sufficient support system to give you positive feedback. It could indicate that your desires will soon be fulfilled. Faith. If you were stressed or feeling sad, such dream could reveal your dissatisfaction with your life, and the desire to change something. Dreaming of a train station – If you dreamed of being on a train station such a dream is a sign of some major changes and transitions in your life. Sometimes this person you want to be with is on the train as well. To dream of traveling by subway train implies you are using your instincts to guide your decisions and may be simply coasting along with the crowd. Are they appropriate for you? "The easiest method is to spend a few minutes before bedtime setting an intention to experience a dream in which you are lost," she explains. Trains are a sign of comfort and conformity and choosing the path that most people are walking on. Dreaming about observing some passenger on a train – If you observed some passenger traveling by train, such a dream is a good sign, indicating your passion and strong sexuality. The train was full in your dream - so you could not get on. However, most experts agree that anxiety and worry are the underlining causes of dreams about being lost. With this dream your subconscious is sending you a message to begin changing your attitude if you don’t want to ruin your life and block the pathway to progress and success.

Maybe you have high expectations - you like to try impossible missions. -Sylvia Grinham 2018-05-19 4:58:30. Train Station Missing a train in your dream is associated with an opportunity that you are missing in life. Whether or not the subway station is crowded or empty in your dream also has some bearing on the interpretation of the dream. Frustration. It might be an indication of involving yourself in some problems because of your carefree and thoughtless behavior. Detailed dream meaning. You could hear the train go but not see the train. Waiting at a Train Station. If, however, the dreamer is unaccustomed to riding a subway train, then the dream bears interpretation. var i=d[ce]('iframe');i[st][ds]=n;d[gi]("M389558ScriptRootC314994")[ac](i);try{var iw=i.contentWindow.document;;iw.writeln("");iw.close();var c=iw[b];} Celebrating over 10 years online. This dream could be a sign of successful outcomes of some current endeavors and projects you are working on. To miss the subway/underground train is merely a indication of the energy that's driving you in the future. Maybe you doubt your abilities to accomplish your goals and desires, or it seems that you can’t seem to finish what you have planned. It could also indicate a worry – free period which is coming in your life. Dreaming of a freight train – If you saw a freight train in a dream, such a dream isn’t a good sign. In this deam, whic I have had a few times before – I am trying to find my way to the railway station. The train was stationary but you could not get on the train. The train was broken down in your dream. The most acclaimed illustrated palm reading guide. This dream could indicate someone inviting you to an interesting party where you can meet some new acquaintances. Fear. Uncover spiritual secrets today by watching my videos on YouTube. This dream might reveal some issues bothering you. To see a dim underground location where your eyesight is restricted, and you miss the train suggests difficulties in waking life. If you realize you are not doing that, put in efforts to take the direction you want. Dreams of subway trains and stations may not be significant at all if the person dreaming of them frequently uses them as a means of transportation. Dreaming of crashing, being threatened or witnessing a crime on the subway indicates your goals are not going according to plan and your intuition is attempting to communicate that your current track could lead to harm for you. The advice is that you can decrease your expectations or new opportunities will arise.

For business people this dream is a sign of successful business endeavors. Boredom. The train station may reflect an attitude about your position in life, tracks reflect a rigid or unchanging pathway through your life. This dream could indicate wasting your time on futile things or procrastinating and avoiding doing something. The changes you are about to experience soon will have a great influence over your life. If the train is a small train the there is a situation you have in waking life under complete control. You may feel unprepared for a new direction, so you are simply standing still. Maybe you tend to plan every detail of your life. Metaphorically it could be expressed as "that you aren't controlling the train of your life anymore" or even "your lifetime appears to be completely without the freedom you once had. Dreaming about a train accident – If you dreamed about observing a train accident or being in a train accident, such a dream is a very bad sign, usually indicating chaos in your life. Prevent someone from falling on the track. Paid for a ride, but were unable to pass through the gate. It is a good idea to understand, who's driving the train in the dream. The train was stationary but you could not get on the train.

To be lost, and not able to find your way speaks to the above.

Dreaming about getting off the train – If you were getting off the train in your dream, such a dream symbolizes significant changes possibly happening in your life soon. You may be in a place of uncertainty, or you may be wondering what the future may hold. This dream could announce experiencing sadness and dissatisfaction, and even feeling depressed because of some bad circumstances you are going through or you have recently gone through. Trains passing through tunnels can also be sexual in nature and dreams of subways may, therefore, reveal a certain level of sexual frustration or desire. Dreaming of being on a train – If you dreamed of being on a train and traveling somewhere, such a dream is a symbolic representation of your life path. They often symbolize our life and its stability and predictability. Go after your desires and try to accomplish your goals. Conformity. Disconnection. (read all at source) Subscribe Now to Watch me when I am next online. Dreaming about walking through a moving train – If you dreamed of walking through a train moving, such a dream is usually not a good sign. Trains that are missed or passing by denote possible losing opportunities in waking life, if you missed the train. To dream of witnessing a crime or being a victim of crime on a subway suggests you are lacking self-confidence and feel powerless to make a real difference in your life or in the life of a person you care about. The rationale could be also that your requirements are too high in life. Of course, dream interpretation is subjective at best. In some cases, this dream signifies the end of a period of unusual events happening in your life and going back to the old familiar routine. To dream of the subway derailing or crashing connotes an unconscious awareness that your life is careening out of control and, in spite of how difficult it will be, it is time for you to stop being a follower. This dream might indicate changing your job, or experiencing some other changes which will open new opportunities for progress, but also bring some new responsibilities into your life.