Find RelSci relationships, employment history, board memberships, donations, awards, and more. I mean freedom in all its manifestations – personal freedom, economic freedom and, finally, freedom of expression. Although he also considered studying linguistics, Medvedev later said he never regretted his choice, finding his chosen subject increasingly fascinating, stating that he was lucky "to have chosen a field that genuinely interested him and that it was really 'his thing'".

[198], For other people named Dmitry Medvedev, see, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council (2020–present), Anti-corruption and accusations of corruption, Itar Tass, "Pres to launch education modernization project in few days". The report states that the original source of wealth is gifts by Russian oligarchs and loans from state owned banks.

He expressed his hope that Russia’s partners, especially the new US administration, “will make a choice in favor of a full-fledged relationship with Russia.”. [74][75], Medvedev has named technological innovation one of the key priorities of his presidency.

However, the opposition to the ruling United Russia party of Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin dismissed the proposals as political posturing that failed to adequately address protesters who claimed 4 December election was rigged. It is likely that during this conversation, Medvedev authorised the use of force against Georgia. Previous Prime Ministers had proven to be almost completely subordinate to the President and none of them had enjoyed strong public approval, with Yevgeny Primakov and Putin's previous tenure (1999–2000) as Prime Minister under Boris Yeltsin being the only exceptions. The central message of Medvedev’s subsequent presidential campaign was “Freedom is better than no freedom,” a remark that hinted at an openness to the West that was uncharacteristic of the Putin years.

Medvedev was elected President in the 2008 election. In 2010 Russia’s new military doctrine was adopted by the President. Dollars) to save troubled banks and lend $50 billion to troubling companies. [170], Medvedev is an avid amateur photographer. "Russia 'to work with Nato on missile defence shield, "Vladimir Putin on course to be Russia's next president as Dmitry Medvedev steps aside", "Medvedev backs Putin for Russian president", "Russia's Putin set to return as president in 2012", "Церковь одобрила решение Путина вернуться на пост президента России", "Russia's Medvedev tries to appease protesters", "Putin signs first decree as president", Itar Tass, 7 May 2012, Putin returns as Russia's president amid protests –, Putin Proposes Medvedev As Russian Prime Minister, Putin hands Medvedev prime minister role amidst sustained unrest, Russia creates ministry for Crimean affairs, Путин внес в Госдуму кандидатуру Медведева на пост премьер-министра, "Russian police arrest anti-corruption leader Navalny, hundreds more in nationwide rallies", "World Cup gives Russia cover for unpopular pension-age increase", "Russian prime minister and government resign after Putin speech", "Russian PM resigns in shock move as Putin announces dramatic constitutional shake-up", Путин попросил правительство исполнять обязанности в полном объеме, Указ о Правительстве Российской Федерации, "Правительство России ушло в отставку: почему это произошло и что означает", In accordance with Article 83 (c) and part 2 of Article 117 of the Russian Federation Constitution, the President announced the resignation of the Government of the Russian Federation, Путин предложил Медведеву должность зампредседателя Совбеза, Подписан Указ о Заместителе Председателя Совета Безопасности Российской Федерации /, 16 января 2020, Медведев будет получать 618 713 рублей в месяц на новой работе, Из школы, где учился Дмитрий Медведев, похищены его фото, Russian 'bear' who loves Black Sabbath set to succeed Putin, Medvedev Will Run Russia to Tune of Hard-Rock Band Deep Purple, How Deep Purple conquered the Kremlin in night of metal mayhem, "Russian President Dmitry Medvedev awarded by the Serbian Orthodox Church: Department for External Church Relations of the Russian Orthodox Church", "Russian President Harry Potter fan, asks for Rowling's autograph", Nicholas II, FC Zenit, Black Sabbath – Medvedev's favorite things, "Снимок Медведева стал четвертым в списке самых дорогих фотографий мира", Medvedev's Photo Outdoes Putin's Painting, "187 Following tax statements by the presidential contenders", "For this Russian dissident, holding Putin accountable was almost deadly — twice", Medvedev palatable to Russian liberals and western states, "Medvedev speaks English / Медведев говорит на английском", "Medvedev: Poverty and corruption are Russia's challenges", "The Yellow Rubber Duck Is a Potent Protest Symbol", "Medvedev forgets cares of office at £350m estate on the Volga", "Ny anklagelse från Aleksej Navalnyj: "Premiärminister Medvedev inblandad i korruption, "Corruption claims 'nonsense' – Russian PM Medvedev", "Russia protests: Opposition leader Navalny and hundreds of others held", Russian Polls Do Mean Something After All, "Dmitry Medvedev congratulated RIA Novosti news agency onб═its 70th anniversary Б─╒ President ofб═Russia", Законы РФ / Федеральный закон от 27 июля 2004 г. N 79-ФЗ "О государственной гражданской службе Российской Федерации" (с изменениями от 2 февраля 2006 г., 2 марта, 12 апреля, 1 декабря 2007 г.