In a perfect world, if I can get my daughter to cooperate and there is no unexpected drama, I can get a nap in with her before the 3pm school pick up. Aaron has covered the funeral of Ronald Reagan and the historic inauguration of Barack Obama.

Anonymous: Is she going to Fox5? People seek different things at at different times in their lives. Eun: I just want to say hats-off to working moms. So I really have to be present when I am on air but when I am covering stories that affect children, for example, I think about  my kids automatically. How does she manage that job with little kids? 12/23/2018 21:38 Subject: NBC 4’s Angie Goff is leaving . But everyone is going to want to know – how long do you splash on the water for – or dunk your face in the cold water? News App. But I also splash ice-cold water on my face. What is it like being pregnant on camera? Pushed out? In fact, with my first child, I was working the night before he was born and around 7pm was joking that because of the scheduling shuffle we were all doing, I was going to go into labor. I know some people do. Do you think balancing kids and work is possible?

You can follow her on Twitter @EunYangNBC.  Back to home page. I nursed all of my kids for a year. Honestly, if I am seeing you as early as 5am, it’s because my  kids have me up and then I’m just sorta pissed. On the mornings I catch Eun Yang sitting behind NBC4’s anchor desk, delivering the morning’s news to us, I always give pause and wonder: what in the world time does she wake up? But as you know, sometimes the stars just don’t align. If I’m particularly puffy, I’ll dunk my face for a few seconds, about 5 times. Eun: The content of the news is just not really appropriate for young children, so maybe in the last 5 minutes if there is a reason to watch, they  might tune in but they really aren’t impressed. In December 2018, Angie Goff revealed that she was leaving NBC4 after serving the channel for seven years. Eun: When it’s really bad, they have designated SUV drivers that will come pick us up.

Join us on News4 Today 4-7am. I think it’s important to try not to neglect yourself completely and I truly believe it takes a village. Anchors have to really know the stories and pay attention, otherwise we just aren’t effective. She said side projects. That we are strong, capable, smart and we can raise successful children and have successful careers. Through her social media, she also revealed that leaving NBC4 was not an easy decision, and there was no 'juicy drama' behind it. Copyright © 2020 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. I really loved getting a behind-the-scenes peek at what it’s like to be pregnant and be a mom while working in front of the camera. Her recession-proof trade secret in reducing under-eye puffiness will surprise you, as much as her candor on pumping in strange places. He’s been honored with two Emmy awards. But I also don’t get any time for myself. Aaron’s day starts in the middle of the night, as he’s on the air at 4:00 every morning. In the winter, and most of fall and spring, my pipes are cold enough, that I splash cold water from the faucet on my face at least 10 times, and then a few more time on my eyes for good measure. Heard she's replacing the woman that left to go to CBS. Preparing for the interview, I worried how I would be able to ask her questions without sounding a little bit like a crazy stalker because I have this flawed sense of knowing her just because I watch her on TV, including watching her through some of her pregnancies. Sure enough, I went into labor that night. I thing being a mother gives me a different perspective and provides another element to my work. Eun: No. I dragged a pump with me to work and all over the place. I totally agree – it’s really important to monitor what is on TV when the kids are around as they get older. I talk a lot about work and kids on my blog, I really don’t believe balance is possible and hate the common use of the term. So about that 2:30am wake up – especially with high-def TV now – how do you not look exhausted?

Eun: Yes, the news starts at 4:30am and I think especially in DC, people are up early. I know you’re busy, so can we end with this – have you ever gotten any great advice or do you have any final parting words on balancing kids with a career and being a busy mom? Our house is so small, we don’t have room for an au pair, so when my husband travels for work, my mom spends the night in our office.

How does she manage that job with little kids? I was trying to get my car out of the alley and I was stuck. Isn’t that how it always happens?

The truth is, you never want your kids to be an excuse while you are at work, so when I am at work, I am really centered on the work in front of me, but I am grateful for the family support I have, which helps make it possible. Eun is one of those elusive true Washingtonians, hailing from Silver Spring. It is such a tough job and finding time to be your best at home and at work and finding time for ourselves is so hard. What is your secret to not having puffy eyes?

I do my best and my schedule accommodates the fact that I can be there in the afternoon. I saved up my vacation time and took 3 months off, I even worked part-time for a few months and nursed each of my kids. She is probably going to make a lot of money as a mommy blogger or influencer. There are times it feels heart-breaking, and especially with 3 kids, I just can’t be there for every single thing. Today, Gilchrist commits much of his time to working with local youth organizations and talking to students about the value of education and a strong work ethic.

Everyone loved to comment on how big I was getting and how huge I looked from the side. Even when your business hours start at 4:30am.