Not a typo. @CenturyLink when will the four day internet outage in Chandler AZ be repaired? My info says this was a cyber attack Level 3 internet outage @CenturyLink, Welp internet has gone out 8x in 30 mins. Last I was told there was no eta for a fix but hopefully back up tonight. Added to earlier - actually no, doing that didn't help, our internet still blows chunks @CenturyLink, @CenturyLinkHelp @CenturyLink Still getting this message, "My Billing Statements: We are currently experiencing issues with billing. @Xfinity fixed the issue on Monday by mid day Tuesday.

@CenturyLink is there an outage in Lake City Mi? @EverySoOrphan How is it that my internet works ALL DAY without going out but as soon as the sun goes down so does my internet!? DM’d U 2x, chat line not working!

@CenturyLinkHelp Hey Markus. @CenturyLinkHelp Thanks for contacting the tech supervisor in my area.

@CenturyLink my internet has been out all day AGAIN!

@CenturyLink, why have we had such slow speeds and down again in Prairie City? While my son might appreciate the break from school, I sure don't.

Hopefully more will dump you too. Please try again later." Heimlich squat: put the controller down and poop in your bedroom @CenturyLink why is your internet so slow.

Bathtubs and hosed bibs are good candidates. While my son might appreciate the break from school, I sure don't.

Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. My kids cannot even log on to do their schoolwork. Open faucets slowly to allow the air to escape. @aMoustacheRider @VriezerX @CenturyLink Spent about 2hr on chat with @CenturyLink, with the conclusion that they wont do anything until today's tech closes the ticket, which in a sane world he wouldn't BECAUSE ITS STILL BROKEN! @MangaKink_ Should be criminal.

@CenturyLink this is hour five of chatting with your “customer service” and the 15th person I have been transferred to.

Please try again later" #NoResponse from DM Very bad #customerexperience, @Dnyc_OFFTHETOP @CenturyLinkHelp @AbigailWise Aaron, it's been an issue FOR A LONG TIME. According to MidAmerican Energy, more than 3500 customers are without power.

@CenturyLink You guys have the worst customer service in the world I have been trying to cancel my service for about a month now and either I can't get a hold of someone or there are some BS issue going on. @Erinmichelle_45

A technician is here now fixing the problem. * CenturyLink outage led to a 3.5% drop in global web traffic | ZDNet - #test.

New customer 8/2020. 5 day wait to get a technician to fix something that takes abt 15 min!

@fit6life @CenturyLink @CenturyLinkHelp @CenturyLinkHome Can you believe they charge me 45/month for 2mbps? Called U 3x waited over 45 min, got hung up each time! Nope!

After a 1 hour/5 transfer call - turns out - my payment - THIS MORNING was rejected on my cc!




Also:"My Billing Statements. RT @GossiTheDog: After a 50 hour outage at 15 datacenters across the US — impacting cloud, DSL, and 911 services — CenturyLink say the outa…, @CenturyLinkHelp


@CenturyLinkHelp @CenturyLink I have and no one is responding!!!

Hopefully more will dump you too.


Folks streaming college gameday were clearly putting a strain on the Centurylink infastructure in Alabama. @Korbonite @CenturyLink Apologies for the delay on getting you connected. It is a good idea to run water from a faucet that does not have an aerator screen immediately following a water outage.

Serious national security issues parking law enforcement!

Fix it. Our neighborhood’s and nearby neighborhoods’ CenturyLink internet service has been down for two days since early morning yesterday. Fix it.

Still no internet and nobody will help me!

I was pleasantly surprised by great customer service by @CenturyLink firstly - they promptly fixed VDSL2 issue to get faster speed to my semi-rural home, then they were great with their chat support. After teaching in my car for 1.5 day in a parking lot near Starbucks I got a room at SHS where I could work with my students this afternoon. @PolyesterJane

My kids cannot even log on to do their schoolwork.