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You’ll only have short windows of time to attach King Dice’s head between the card attacks. Will any of these overpowered assholes lend a hand?

It’s a tough finale.

A Detailed Boss Tier List from S-C! Is that a good enough reason? But if they’re busy guarding the castle, the gingerbread one with pink frosting, then it might be hard to manage the schedules and I would just not bother. HELL NO am I having this dirt bag over. I never hear people talk about her. The 15 hours it took me to beat Cuphead have taken 15 years off my life.

Facebook, Download The Tiger attacks are by far the hardest, as you have to dodge swift-moving platforms and bouncing balls all at once. Using the right weapons help and he doesn’t really switch forms until the very end. World Map Secrets, Hidden Coin Hunter. No hard yes or no, but just this weird lingering dance of words. The last phase fireballs that split when fired upon makes your life insanely difficult. They are one of the main focuses of the game, and they come in phases. He has that crazed look in his eye, this fucking rabbit. Cuphead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This is my favorite boss battle in the entire game, and is only difficult because of the large amount of twists and different segments, and how slightly different they were back-to-back. Fuckers.

The most difficult aspect of it is that you’re confined to a rail cart that needs to be parried on either side to move it.

Then it becomes enraged, growing to a massive size while retaining the same core moves. Dr. Kahl’s Robot: hardest shmup boss. Log in sign up.

If you make contact with the ground, it’s hard to avoid damage.

This second stage is the hardest, forcing you to dodge little RC cars and baby bottles dropped from above.

Everyone's talking about it being hard to shoot the dragon and I have no idea what they're talking about. At some points in the fight I couldn't even breathe.

Two heads are better than one, and Pip and Dot seem cool. Asshole. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. I hate him. This video is unavailable. You have to dodge various projectiles throughout the whole first phase. Fuck moving, I’ll bet it all on red on the roulette wheel! 2. Has a good amount of things that force you into a smaller space or mess with your movement. Throughout the duration of the fight, you’ll have to avoid little electric currents that litter the screen and steer through electric barriers.

This was just infuriating and grueling and grinding for no reason and I had to be in the air the entire time. Cuphead Boss Difficulty Tier List. That crazy look. The blue glob starts off small, bouncing around the stage and occasionally ballooning into a thunderous punch.

Out of the gate, two boss fights are unlocked on Isle One.

This is all ranked assuming you’re using smoke dashes since it’s basically leaps and bounds better than any other equipment.

There are five bosses in Inkwell Isles 1 and 2, seven in Isle Three, ten in the showdown with King Dice (nine mini-bosses including King Dice), and finally, The Devil himself. Dr. Kahl’s Robot. Who knows, but at least they seem nice enough to want to help, even if they can’t. The rat who dwells in a soup can is located in Inkwell Isle Three, the final stand before Inkwell Hell. There are nine mini-bosses here, and you’ll have to fight at least three of them before squaring off with the King himself. Stage hands are good at carrying things! It’s one of the lengthier fights, but it’s fairly easy to avoid most of the projectiles and well-telegraphed moves., The first of nine mini-bosses fought before, The second of nine mini-bosses fought before, The third of nine mini-bosses fought before, The fourth of nine mini-bosses fought before, The fifth of nine mini-bosses fought before, The sixth of nine mini-bosses fought before, The seventh of nine mini-bosses fought before, The eighth of nine mini-bosses fought before, The ninth and final mini-boss fought before, The Devil's assistant in running their casino.