Clover (green cheek conure), Location: United States of America/ Kansas. Sheldon-M- GCC | Location: in michigan. I know, in the warmer months, my windows are open and my neighbors can certainly hear my birds, I can hear them from a block away if they're in screamfest mode.

A macaw will definitely test you! Thanks for the replies so fare... Arjan, The macaw is more noisy. If noise is a problem, don't get a bird. I am hoping to get either a Sun Conure or a Mini Macaw. Get your answers by asking now. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Plus I was thinking of a cage that was around 200 dollars that looked good for both. I deal with their noises, kids screaming esp.

Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. as we have a lot of children in my neighborhood. As in mammals, menace and pupillary light response (PLR) require use of cranial nerves II (optic) and III (oculomotor), however menace is difficult to interpret in birds. macaw vs conure, sun conure or hahns macaw, sun conure vs hahns macaw, will a macaw and conure get along. I like cuddly birds so I was wondering which of these two parrots is more snuggly? Switch to Hybrid Mode. But neither will be very easy at times! My conure must be quieter than others; when he makes noise it's a shrill sound but he only does it when I get up in the am and if he is happy. i don't know about either of these two, however i do have a green cheek conure. Tammie needs to tell you about them..she has both of them!! Just right good fortune, and i am hoping you're completely happy with the choice you're making :D And why is all people pronouncing cockatiel?? Safira (B&G Macaw)~~ Gracie (CAG) ~ Lucy (CAG).

Posting Rules They are love bugs, smart and love being with their people. I tried it with a GCC and African Grey. But, until you do know they would have to have separate cages, and of course they may never like each other. I usually schedule appointments in the morning prior to going to the clinic. I never found a golden to be nippy. Hahns macaws are louder and more destructive. I much prefer the golden's personality. Be patient when it comes to new foods with your pet bird!

Most are big clowns. Should I keep this pigeon or let it free?

I have a Hahns macaw and I have to agree with everyone that they will need to be in separate cages.

If you have any more questions message me and I'd be glad to help, Go for a green cheek! Pediatrics is one of the most fascinating and rewarding fields of avian medicine. Parrots are a more major pet than most people think. He doesn't vocalize too much but when he does, he can be heard. Of course, each individual bird regardless of species varies A LOT. Is it safe to get new birds. Display Modes: Linear Mode.

so which out of the these birds are easier to handle. ive had a budgie before and i want to get something a bit bigger, so i came up to these to birds. Affected birds are unable to fly and are called “runners” or “creepers”. Most conures are found in regions of the Amazon Basin but some species are from the Caribbean islands. Most, if not all conures, have no fear. Hahns macaws are louder and more destructive. I don't mostly advocate the smaller breeds if you wish to have a hen so one can bond to you, since the higher birds seem to glue themselves to humans more with ease, but budgies are lovely little things, if i must say, though. The site visit allows the veterinarian to appreciate intricate facility details. I figure, as long as they're not doing this very early morning, or late night .. then the neighbors have to deal. The big conures are very loud, as many someones stated!

... macaw vs cockatoo as pet, which is better cockatoo or macaw, which is better macaw or cockatoo, who is better cockatoo or macaw. I know every bird does make noise, thats why I'm also thinking about a Jardine, they're not that noisy. Agreed, maybe not the same cage ever, but as play buddies when supervised it should be good! Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern.

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They may like each other as conures and macaws are pretty closely related, but the simple fact of the matter is you won't know until you have them both. Hahn's macaws are generally more playful than conures, but again, it depends on the personality of the bird. golden conure is hard to found both are beautiful bird. Hahns macaws are very energetic, and so are conures… ( My budgie does :D). Join Date: Aug 2012. At least mine are.

I've had two of the smaller conures, and neither actually fit any of the descriptions. If you live in a house, then noise really shouldn't be too much of a factor for the neighbors.

I’m afraid you won’t really be able to make much of a difference.”. They also require a lot of care. Golden is louder. Also, PLR may be overridden in birds due to the presence of striated iridal muscle. not all day long, but sporadically throughout the day, when she vocalizes, it rattles your eardrums. It's shrill but very short lived. Click on a term to search for related topics. As already stated throughout the forum there is a link between conures and macaws. IMO both are great birds! This is the reason why I'm searching information, so I will buy the wright bird for me.

Well you see my question is when I try to feed them with my hand will it when they test my hand or when they are on my hand well they bite my fingers hard? My green cheek conure … Short answer is no. I bought two owl eggs from friend.

Hahns Macaw (Berlin), Sun Conure (Skittles), RIP Connor (Black Cap Conure). They are stunning! That being said, now that my green cheek knows who's boss and we have a good relationship he's the sweetest thing. It wouldn't be a major investment. Techniques to introduce healthy foods are described in this client educational handout donated by Dr. Larry Nemetz. The golden is more cuddly and loving, but my illigers can be hilarious with his antics. I can pick him up with no fear of getting bitten.

Both are very similar birds in terms of handling. Für nähere Informationen zur Nutzung Ihrer Daten lesen Sie bitte unsere Datenschutzerklärung und Cookie-Richtlinie. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. I've never owned a jardines, and only been around a couple for short amounts of time.

Good luck on your search and gathering info.

As mentioned above, conures and macaws are loud, but it depends on what you can handle and what situation your bird will be in. I've never been bitten, and am well aware all parrots come with some sort of stereotype.

Both are very loud and noisy. Hi can somebody please tell me which bird is more noisy...a Golden Conure or an Illigers Macaw ( Maracana )?

Keep in mind that reported normal body weights for a given species can vary significantly…, Signs of avian polyomavirus type 1 in the budgerigar parakeet can be quite variable.

Unless there is an emergency, schedule visits during the non-breeding season and only visit one site daily to prevent potential iatrogenic contamination of facilities. DOJ alums: Trump reelection could be 'point of no return', Trump returns to Kenosha with a familiar message, Iconic restaurant chain files for bankruptcy, For a closing argument, Trump attacks LeBron, Terry Bradshaw helps stranger in viral video, Don't know how you caught COVID-19? If you're buying a baby, get it from a reputable breeder who has hand fed them. Mini Macaws are still Macaws, and have a reputation for having the same base personality; stubborn, but totally loving of their chosen people once you have their trust. I do love them though, and would consider one in the future for myself.

I speak from experience, big beaks and little beaks should not be together.

The key to hand raising healthy psittacine chicks is a strong preventive medicine program based on sound husbandry practices. We aren't mindreaders. Switch to Threaded Mode. I'm at university all week and he is nonetheless my high-quality pal, but of course, all this is dependent upon the character of the hen. Do not be concerned, all birds are one of a kind, and even supposing you did get a bird with a better reputation, you still can not be certain whether or not it'll be great, so simply get the one that you want the most, and ensure it's good behaved and ask to preserve it and pet it while you go to seem at it... Good good fortune :D. Still have questions? They are intelligent and have personalities. Email this Page. The situation is particularly dire in the neotropics where at least 46 out of 145 species are at risk of global extinction.