This appears to be a revenue-raising effort more than a law enforcement effort. "tagging tourists to the tune of "millions" of dollars." Until March 2007, you had to be in a rental car and be traced via the rental car company. Should I pay a Italian parking fine? 2. left the vehicle parked in the parking area to the parking meter payment by exposing ricarcabile vehicle is not running. It is possible that some car rental agreements might allow the rental company to pay the fine and charge your card for the fine, but this is usually not the case – see the example below – and indeed might never be the case. I drove a rental car in Italy last year during a vacation in August. If you pay within the first five days you are confessing, declaring you won't appeal and getting a reduced "sentence"; from the 5th to the 59th day you can either pay or appeal. …were you in actual possession of the rental vehicle on the date this allegedly occurred, and in the vicinity of where the ticket was issued? If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. (BE SURE that it is the IBAN of a municipality or EMO – scammers are well aware of the possibilities here, but even the cleverest scammer cannot know where you were driving on a certain date eight months ago – the traffic department can know.) In some cases, you can pay the traffic policeman directly and he will issue a receipt that puts you in the clear. But do what you like. Held our breath for year -- no tickets. Italians get ticketed more often than foreign visitors because they may be familiar with cameras near home, but not necessarily with those in other areas.

Apparently the rental company sent the letters too late.. The latter is housed in a large grey box and is easy to see (below, right). ... by the Italian parliament – new law n.120, dated 29 July, 2010. Centre-right councilors in Florence argue that the city issues much too many traffic violations. Ultimately, from all my experience and research, nothing serious will happen, other than … This topic, like politics, seems to never "die" out. Also you will find two large goons at your door who will pressure you to pay. You must present evidence that it was not you in the car or that you were driving to or from your hotel. You yourself should also provide EMO with the relevant details. I received a resolution to my appeal in Italian a few days after mailing the mayor. The fact the cameras were not visible is not an excuse. These zones are areas where cars with special permits only are allowed to drive and are found in many Italian cities and towns. General Questions. To write to or fax the Pretetto or Justice of the Peace, here are the details for Pisa only: – Prefect of Pisa, Piazza G. Mazzini, I-56127 Pisa, Italy or send a fax to this number 0039 050 549666. Well, actually it is a valid system. When a driver who is not an Italian resident is caught offending the traffic code and stopped by the authorities, the driver can alternatively decide to pay the penalty immediately (losing his right to appeal against it), or pay a deposit and thus appeal against the fine to the prefect or the magistrate. Model for the rescheduling jointly held SARIDA, Template for the request for the penalty payment in installments, Request form for access to administrative documents, INFO POINTS DRIVING LICENSE: +39 848 782 782, more than 10 km/h and not more than 40 km/h, 1. left the vehicle parked in the paid parking zone without leaving exposed the certificate of payment (ticket) in a clearly visible. 5 years ago I have rented a (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Might I face a problem with the Italians if I arrive to Italy? These are our most highly recommended vacation accommodations in Tuscany, Many of the valleys and wine zones of Tuscany are fabulously interesting places to visit, Here are just a few of the many things to do for visitors to Tuscany, Italy, Introductions to various aspects of the history, languages and peoples of Tuscany in Italy, Tuscany travel advice, • • • VIEW ALL POSTS • • •. If the tourist refuses to pay both the fine and the deposit, the car can be blocked by the authorities and the driver … BTW, does the date and time of the ticket coincide with your rental documents? These days we have been looking for flights to Rome and the thing came up. The fact that it took them over 10 months to cite me also seems odd.

You must appeal by writing in Italian to the Prefetto (Prefect) or Giudice di Pace (Justice of the Peace) of the appropriate Provincia. Here's a suggestion. In my situation, there were grounds for an appeal. Do your homework and be prepared for what the laws are. Other peculiarities of Florence: blue lines indicate open (but very likely metered) parking.

In Prato they haven't installed bi-lingual signs, but a led wall isn't exactly the best way to make money with unsuspecting tourists: In order to obtain this permit, the number plate of the car concerned should be given to the relevant hotel (or garage) which will undertake to forward the same to the appropriate office. In addition, for some traffic fines, if you challenge and lose, you have to pay double the original sum. The first notice will be a “friendly” letter that arrives unregistered.

There is always an additional 20% sales tax (IVA) added to the fine and there can be hefty late fees as well. They said no you owe. Not to pay a fine that is sent directly to you at your home outside the EU (as opposed to having been paid by the rental car company and then charged to your card)? If you are back home and the dreaded registered letter arrives, EU residents and anyone living in a country where IBAN numbers are used can login to their bank account and pay directly to the bank account given in the citation. You are assumed guilty unless proven otherwise (as with traffic offenses world-wide). I have no trust as is this scam. I have no information on whether collection companies are able to collect these fees in the US, but the site above does give some information about that as well. Communication of personal data and of the offender's driving license be the day of the violation to C.d.S. Note that this means that the traffic authorities can and will trace offenders who were driving their own cars. 8. 6. I would pay the fine and make haste. How to avoid being fined in the first place: Speeding This is quite easy to resolve as far as the very numerous speed cameras dotted along the motorways and country roads go. Daily produce market? My husband and I were in Milan at that time and had hired a rental car from Hertz. to notify foreign entity. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. Finally, after emailing the Justice's office (to no avail), I wrote a letter to the city's mayor. 1 for speeding and 2 that I have never understood as it has all been sent in Italian.! Is city quiet? Assessment made ​​with devices installed in a fixed location and automated referred to in Article 4 of the Decree-Law of 20 June 2002, n. 121 (Article 201, paragraph 1 bis letter f) C.d.S). The web site has an image of the actual violation notice, though it’s in Italian and I’m not sure I can get through a whole page of legalese Italian. I drove a rental car in Italy last year during a vacation in August. it has become less credible that tourists don’t realise they are entering a limited traffic zone. Many POs close at 12.30 and don’t re-open until next day. Mrs Baker’s fine was for driving 8kph over the speed limit on the ring-road around Milan. Using Citibank ATM card in Rome/ Florence/ Venice, Seeking Your Thoughts - Lovely, Secluded Beaches in Italy. Solves the problem, surely? This model is designed to be used by the offender and places under solid although coinciding. in no parking area. Thinking of coming to Venice in November. Italian authorities tend to take a while to issue speeding fines – but if they do so more than 360 days after the offence, you need not pay Credit: GETTY I suppose it would be logical to say that if a traveller wishes to drive in Italy (or elsewhere in Europe), be prepared to accept the consequences of traffic violations, even if these violations were unintentional. We regret that we cannot answer all the emails we receive. Your action or lack of action might take account of whether or not you live in the EU and how much you fear a negative credit rating in the USA.