[25], In March 2014, longtime team rider Creager announced his departure from Blind after more than 20 years with the company. I feel like the great companies are ones that have not only great products and a great brand, but an amazing culture. I was kind of a latchkey kid, and would just spend my time after school skating around the streets, alleyways, and parking garages of Santa Monica. With Vuori, we wanted to create high-quality clothes that we could wear all day or all weekend. Unless I could surf like John John Florence, I’d say skating will always play that role for me! But each fall is not a failure, it’s a lesson in what not to do. The sea cell tees are incredibly soft and comfortable with some great natural performance benefits too.

The following two tabs change content below. [20], In April 2013,[21] Duncombe left the company to ride for Life Extension (LE) Skateboards and announced the news on his Instagram profile: "Just want to thank everyone at blind for helping me out for all those years and putting up with my shit and to let everyone know LE is my new family!!!" Encinitas is basically the inspiration for Vuori. The freedom I felt from it just put me on a trajectory of wanting more, seeking it, and progressing each time I could ride anything with a curve or transition. What are some of your personal achievements in the realm of skating that you feel most proud of? You’ve had a very successful career in the skateboarding world (that is still moving forward as you age), which you also segued into the building of skateboard, apparel, and shoe brands. What is the greatest lesson you’ve learned from a life of skateboarding and do you think there will ever be a time when you no longer ride a skateboard? More than pride or accomplishment, I just feel grateful for the timing and inspiration to follow that path and be part of something that was pretty pure. Every once in a while you learn something new skating where you get lucky and make it first try. So I guess I am saying if you have a dream, don’t be afraid of failure, get out there and go for it, make the effort, laugh, cry, share, and enjoy the people and experiences along the way! This is fundamentally what led me into a lifelong obsession and career as a pro skater. That’s what inspired me to start Planet Earth in the early 90’s. [5], By 1993, the team had grown, with the formal inclusion of new professional riders, Gavin, Sanchez, Brian Lotti, and amateur skater, Jeron Wilson. Skateboarding is harsh on the body for sure, but so are a lot of other sports. Later Miller would branch out beyond just the act of skateboarding, becoming an artist, and the man behind some of the most iconic brands in the industry. [3], Blind released its first video in 1991, entitled Video Days, which featured full-length parts from Gonzales, Mariano, Richter, Lee, and Johnson. [15] Cerezini then parted ways with Blind in October 2012. I was one of the first few pros who did their own graphics. Even though I didn’t surf that much until I was an older teenager, I was always inspired by surfing. Chris has 11 jobs listed on their profile. "[14], In an official statement released in April 2012, Brown's departure from the Blind team was announced and a comment from Weiss was included: "Jake Brown is one of the most dynamic, positive and genuine skateboarders I have ever met and been lucky enough to call my friend and I wish him nothing but the best on his next adventure. Planet Earth grew and was successful, and that success lead me to start Adio Footwear and a few other brands in the skate and snowboard space. I definitely felt at times like I blew it with Miller and wished I would have just stayed on Earth… I was really involved there. We are also using some great sustainable fabrics, like recycled stretch poly and Sea Cell, which is made from seaweed and other natural fibers. [22] Duncombe later explained in December 2013: "There were a couple of times when I’d thought about quitting but didn’t due to loyalty. Can you tell us about the positive benefits a practice like yoga would have for people that have a passion for activities, that although very fulfilling, can have a negative impact on the body?