The fact is that refunds, returns, and complaints are inevitable when you’re dropshipping clothes online. For clothes meant for export, normal clothes are sized in the standard XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL. If you decide that working with UK suppliers will work better for your business, then you have plenty of options available to you. Amazon and Alibaba are also sites available in a more larger scale to choose from. The waist measurement is found around the narrowest part of the waist, around an inch or so above the belly button. Spring and summer are traditionally wedding season in the west – so adding items such as hair accessories, shawls or pashminas and brooches or silk corsages can help your female customers to spend a little more with you. If you’ve ever ordered an item from Wish, AliExpress or a ‘from China’ seller on Amazon or eBay, you’ll probably already know the answer to this question! Relying on Google to translate can lead to all kinds of interesting(!)

Chinese shoe sizes are different than the standard used in the US but is< similar to shoe sizing in the EU.

For example, Asian clothing is generally smaller fitting than what you’ll find from American or European retailers. Sizing isn’t the only challenge you might encounter when you’re DropShipping clothing from Asia. What we’re saying as we’re pointing these things out is, that sellers shouldn’t restrict themselves to selling just women’s fashion – there is plenty of scope for your business to diversify, which in turn will help to increase profits! Women's Chinese Clothing Size Chart (Inches): It should also be easy for US/UK users to determine their Chinese clothing size.

Still, different brands tend to have different sizing standard. It’s incredibly easy to order completely the wrong size when you’re ordering from overseas (we speak from experience…!) If they have to work to find out the answer, chances are they’re going to get bored quickly and go elsewhere. Then a 38-39 which is also the same size as a 170/96-98. In fact, the only reference to it that we could find was where retailers were selling ski boots!

, meaning that they’ll keep coming back for more.

The size of men’s trousers is pretty simple, since sizing tends to be determined by waist measurements, and then by leg length. To avoid having to provide refunds for customers that are dissatisfied with their items, it’s worth ordering samples from your supplier.

Some of these issues will apply to DropShipping anything from overseas – but they’re all definitely worth considering before you get started.

who’s selling clothing online, you can’t afford to overlook size conversion and its impact on your business.

There are specialist sellers who may provide bigger sizes in styles for women – and there are more people with bigger feet than ever looking for women’s styles, so it might be worth investigating whether this could be a niche for your business!). Sign up for our free account to take a look at what our suppliers have available today. Jewellery items and other accessories might not add masses of profit for you – but every little helps!

Luxury brands live stream the catwalk show of their new collections and the whole world sees their designs at the same time. The tape measure should be horizontal, and not pulled too tightly.

They tend to vary per country, but the most common sizes are from China, Japan, and Korea. Sizes of clothes from China are generally tagged by numbers depending on the apparel, the brand, and if the clothes are for export or for local sale. There are many online stores to check if you want to buy Chinese apparels, but the most famous B2B platforms and shopping sites in China include,,

(Note that measuring for a bra fitting also requires the measurement under the breasts). We’re simply making you aware of some of the challenges you might find yourself up against. Even a Chinese “medium” would be smaller compared to a “medium” in the US. Considering you’re already up against time zones that can cause delays, the language barrier can sometimes be a bigger problem than you expect. The easiest sale you ever made. You don’t have to stick with just ladieswear either – selling these items in children’s and men’s sizes mean you can help customers kit out their whole family. If something isn’t selling, you can simply stop listing it – no stress, and no fuss. Not sure how to get started? Whether a seller has a traditional retail outlet, or the seller is just starting their first eCommerce business, with the right solutions, DropShipping can be incredibly easy to manage, and has the potential to be incredibly lucrative right from the get-go.