As part of Chinese astrology, Chinese zodiac animal signs are also related to the Ying Yang and Wu Xing (the Five Elements) theories. They can complement in intellect and are compatible with each other. The Ox (Buffalo), the Snake and the Rooster (Chicken) share the same professional values, namely a capacity to commit themselves over time with seriousness, while overcoming the many pitfalls that they may encounter along the way. Fellow roosters are often too much for you, but so long as you both bring a balanced approach to love it works. Am I too old for being in a romantic relationship with a man who is 25 years younger? In continuation of the article, discover the the complete list of auspicious baby names in 2019, your baby's childhood Chinese horoscope and parent-child compatibility horoscope. There are twelve zodiac animal signs in Chinese astrology and people born under each animal all have totally different personality traits. The charismatic and impulsive Tiger is compatible with the Pig, the Dog, and the Horse, but has problems agreeing with the Monkey, the Snake, and the Rooster.

The Snake's personality doesn't agree with the Pig, the Tiger, and the Horse. Those born in the year of the rooster have a lot of energy and so you don’t often put love on the front burner. A tiger will make you feel like prey and is best avoided unless you find a way to make that work, and you and the rat will be in constant competition. They are opposite but also supporting and generating to the other. If you were born in the year of the goat, you are both a social butterfly and a loner. The exception is that zodiac signs are calculated a little differently in Chinese astrology, and are symbolized by animals rather than constellations. The Rooster is incompatible with the Rabbit ➔ Complete Rooster's Chinese zodiac compatibility, Dog birth years: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018Chinese zodiac compatibility for the Dog, eleventh sign of the Chinese calendar: The Dog, the Tiger and the Horse are part of the third compatibility triangle of Chinese astrology.

The Dog and the Rabbit (or Cat) are an intelligent and enthusiastic couple that always have a great outlook thanks to their common communicative talent and sociability. Learn More About The Author ». Use these systems as guides and for entertainment only - don’t make life-changing decisions because all of a sudden you found out your partner is a rat. What is your Chinese zodiac sign?

FREE APP AVAILABLE: Download our Magic Horoscope App to receive the Prediction on your phone. Its sensibility and its sensual and passionate character provoke long and satisfactory bonds with many moments of pleasure. The biggest challenges in love would come from an ox that likes life slower, a rat, or the monkey. One can realize personal shortcomings and learn from the positive attitudes of others as a complement. The physical and intellectual endurance of the Ox, the Snake and the Rooster, is not without a certain slowness in their decision-making, for if they like to take responsibility, they prefer to calculate the risks they take with great care.

This Chinese love calculator will reveal your compatibility based on your birth date and by date of birth of your lover or potential partner. The Monkey is the secret friend of the Snake.

And there you have it. Best with: Rat, Monkey or Rooster The Goat offers it some tenderness and understanding that the Horse really needs when it gets tired of its adventures. What does Chinese zodiac love compatibility say for you? As far as romantic relationships go, the Tiger’s impulsiveness balances the Dog’s understanding ways. The snake, pig, dog, and rooster are going to make you work for love. This is how the zodiac signs are defined, which are always represented by an animal. The rat and the rooster will present challenges but won’t have you feeling like you are competing all of the time, like dragons and tigers will. However, the sense of justice of the Tiger, the Horse and the Dog is without comparison to the other signs of the Chinese zodiac, for the rigor of their conscience is the first of their virtue. Now, a word of caution: Chinese zodiac love compatibility works the same as astrology love compatibility.