It's also not at the heart of what CBRD is here for. The Great Britain road numbering scheme is a numbering scheme used to classify and identify all roads in Great Britain.

In 2017 a £300m package of improvements was announced for the route, with a mix of road widening and junction improvement schemes. Your site analysis/visitor counters should be sophisticated enough to show this. (I'll be honest, this one isn't very likely.). Unlike the document you wanted to see, the A404 is easily found.

Something to feed your interest in roads and help pass the time while we're all spending more time at home: we present the first ever quiz! It goes slowly because the timescales for major road projects are sooooo long, and often long periods of time pass without publicly-visible announcements.

[1] It did not resume until the Ministry of Transport was formed in 1919 and given authority to classify highways[2] and to allocate funding for road maintenance, authority for which was granted by section 17 (2) of the Ministry of Transport Act 1919. Either you followed a bad or out-of-date link, or you mistyped the page address. Danny. In both cases the main single-digit roads normally define the zone boundaries. I would be disappointed to see the Road Schemes no longer available. (Not least when national newspapers sometimes make dubious headlines out of it.).

I always take it's relevance with a pinch of salt based on the fact that it is updated by user feedback, so only tend to glance through every 3-4 months now.

I'm one of the regular contributors to Road Schemes, and unsurprisingly I want to see it continue.

[11] Running clockwise from the M1 the zones were defined for Zones 1 to 4 based on the proposed M2, M3 and M4 motorways. .

It's a very useful resource so keep it and don't let them control your life or your website. the A34 in Warwickshire became the A3400 after the M40 was built), and the remainder were downgraded to B or unclassified roads (e.g.

Yellow box junctions keep crossroads clear and traffic on the move.

Maybe the solution is to allow user editing to free yourself from the time it takes to update each scheme..? We are no longer accepting progress updates or changes to these pages, and the information below will date from March 2020 at the latest.

About 1% of site traffic is to the Road Schemes pages - or, in other words, 99 in every 100 visitors don't seem to find it interesting or useful. I only found your website yesterday.

Definitely keep road schemes going, it is the only reason I visit. [9], In England and Wales the road numbering system for all-purpose (i.e. Original text, photographs and graphics © 2001-2020 Chris Marshall, except where stated.

[19] Exceptions to this are known however both in the form of numbers on signs[20][21] and past use of prefixes H and V on signs in Milton Keynes where main roads have a regular grid system. Roads and lanes with yet lower traffic densities are designated as unclassified roads commonly using C, D and U prefixes but, while these are numbered, in general this is done for use by the local authorities who are responsible for maintaining them and the non-unique numbering is in a local series which usually does not appear on road signs;[18] use of local numbers on signs in England is "not advised".