"Um, I have Chemistry first, with Dr. Watts," Eve answered, before looking at Beatrice. Jimmy has been kicked out of numerous private schools before his mother and new stepfather sent him to the toughest school in New England, Bullworth Academy. "So, how was your first day, huh?". He was voiced by Jimmy Walsh. Thank you for providing more detail. He has dark brown eyes. It was only Eve's first day, and already she'd made a new friend, and so far, she thought things seemed to be going okay. Eve smiled at Pete as he she finally spotted him walking towards her, a shy and nervous smile on his face. Eve stood up, walking over to what she presumed was her wardrobe, and opening it up she pulled out her new school uniform. Sky asked, a surprised look on her face as Eve shook her head. "Um, not really, I was just a little nervous," Sky stated, glancing at the clock which hung upon the wall, before glancing back at Eve, who looked much calmer than she had a few minutes ago. Bullworth Academy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. She was shocked to find that the teachers at Bullworth weren't very good at…well…teaching. Despite the fact that she thought the cliques seemed daunting, she had to admit, she was glad that she actually fitted into one. Jimmy pinning down Fatty Johnson. When Eve Jones first arrives at Bullworth Academy, she expects to be the schools social outcast. He also wears a pair of khaki slacks and a pair of white sneakers. He has a rough looking face and wears an ear ring in his left ear. Constructive criticism is welcomed! The girl was very thin, and looked slightly underweight. A pair of dark green glasses sat perched on her nose, and she had a few cold sores around her mouth. Today he was going to show her around Old Bullworth Vale since it was now Saturday. She wasn't very comfortable with meeting new people, but she supposed if they were friends with Pete then they must have been friendly people. He is somewhat similar to Holden Caulfield from A Catcher in the Rye. Eve asked, feeling a little bit braver. Beatrice turned and scanned Eve's uniform quickly, before smiling. Overall his uniform was pretty messy. "She was meant to show me around on my first day, but I ended up ditching my classes and hanging out with Trent and his friends," Sky stated, smirking slightly as she thought about that dear memory. The girl walked over to her bed, falling down on it, before turning over so that she was lying on her stomach, facing Eve. He was voiced by Gerry Rosenthal. "Then there's the Greasers, they hang by the Auto Shop, they're friendly enough, but they hate the Preppies. Eve smiled and did the same, and suddenly the room was covered in darkness. The girl wore a green Bullworth dress over a white school shirt, and on her legs she wore white knee high socks.

Pete was very small, around the same size as Eve, and he wore a blue Bullworth vest over a pink, long-sleeved shirt, and brown school trousers. Don't worry, happens to everyone," Sky said reassuringly, smirking to herself lightly. "Wow, that sounds…scary," Eve said uncertainly, biting her lip again.

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"You should probably change into your uniform before we go. In fact Eve seemed to get the impression that they couldn't even control the class, apart from Mr. Hattrick, the mean Math teacher, who everyone seemed hate.

"Hey Pete," The shorter boy greeted, looking slightly bored as he looked around, only glancing at Eve for a second, before looking away again.

His school uniform consists of a blue Bullworth vest over a white shirt with khaki school slacks. A shy voice rang out from the door way, and sitting up, Eve looked at the door, biting her lip nervously as she stared at the girl who stood there. Gary turned to Pete, and pushed him out of the school gates, forcing him to walk forward as he said, "Come on little Petey, lets show your little girlfriend around Old Bullworth Vale,". Ignore Gary if he says anything, he can be a bit of a jerk," Pete warned, before heading off to the main gates with Eve walking beside him. "Anyways, I'm gonna call it a night…so…goodnight," Sky stated, walking out the room, heading off to get changed. "Well, I might as well tell you about the cliques then. "Hey Eve," Pete greeted. Mrs. Peabody asked me to show you around the school," She announced, sounding a little more confident as she pushed her glasses back up the bride of her nose, as they had slowly been sliding down. Eve nodded; placing her schedule in Beatrice's outstretched hand. Eve wasn't really used to compliments, considering the fact that she didn't get them a lot. You and your team will receive exclusive access to our experts, insights, tips, tools, whitepapers, classes and custom services.

"We have the exact same schedule," Beatrice stated, smiling at Eve in a friendly fashion. Please decrease the quantity and try again. "Uh, I hope you don't mind but two of my friends want to tag along,". The taller of the two had brown hair which was in a low fade style, and as Eve and Pete neared the two, she noticed that he had a scar over his right eye. Eve couldn't help but feel worried as he said this, but she put on a brave face and tried to act calm. "Hello?" Despite the fact it was the weekend, all the Bullworth students still wore their uniform. "I'm Eve, I'm your new room mate," Eve explained in a timid voice as she once again bit her lip nervously. Eve sighed, closing her grey eyes, rubbing her temples gently. Anyways, the Greaser's leader is Johnny Vincent," Sky turned over onto her back, staring up at the ceiling as she continued, "Then there are the Nerds, that's the clique that Beatrice is in, and I'm guessing you're in the Nerd clique too now, they hang by the library.

"Night!" Pete, despite how shy he was, had kindly offered to show Eve around Old Bullworth Vale the next day, and Eve had immediately agreed. Whenever Eve heard the word clique, it reminded her of those typical high school movies, where it had all the different cliques, ranging from the nerds, to the Goths, to the Jocks and then to the outcasts, who weren't actually outcasts at all since they hung around together. Eve asked, staring at Sky curiously. He is very successful with the ladies at Bullworth and is able to kiss almost every girl in school. I think their leader is Ernest…I dunno. So, where do you want to go first?" Beatrice asked, as she pushed open the doors of the dormitory and stepped outside. Eve had never been to a school which had cliques before though, so it was quite interesting to her. Eve's looked at Pete from the corner of her eye, and saw that he looked a bit upset. From his tough childhood came physical and mental toughness beyond anyone else at Bullworth. Pete was very small, around the same size as Eve, and he wore a blue Bullworth vest over a pink, long-sleeved shirt, and brown school trousers. (A/N) So, I wanna say thank you to the two peope who reviewed my first chapter :D Oh, and I have changed the title of the story because somone very kindly pointed out that it gave away the story a little bit, so thank you very much for pointing that out, I appreciate it :D So yeah, until I can think of a good title that doesnt give away the story, it will be stuck as 'Welcome to Bullworth Academy' :DSo, please read and review! Sky seemed alright; in fact it made Eve wonder why all the teachers looked so grim when they mentioned the girl's name. His personality ultimately depends on the player's actions during the free roam and missions during the game. "Oh, he's my friend, he's in the Bullies clique," Sky explained, tapping her short nails against the window sill next to her bed, staring out of it in an absent minded manner. Suddenly, the door of the room slammed open, and in marched a skinny, black haired girl, glancing at the door as it slammed against the wall, leaving a small thin crack in it. In the winter he wears ear muffs with the astronomy club sweater and gloves.