Between the inflatable technology and the rolling carry bag the LONO Aero is practically begging to go on your next trip with you. Read reviews for the Lono Aero by BOTE Boards as submitted by your fellow paddlers. The Foot Bar can be adjusted to three different positions in the deck MOLLE loops.

If there was one thing I'd love to know - why not make these in a rotomolded polyethylene material, or something similar? Some of my friends have Bote products and they swear by them. This kayak is equipped with an AirPro Max seat that makes it ideal for extended travel and all-day comfort. I wasn’t ready to pull the trigger on a paddle board because I could see myself using it to go fishing like some of my friends do. The Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K. This remains true whether you’re paddling or using the motor drive. Dramatic lines, smooth curves and a cool color scheme reflecting the bright green water and dark mangrove stands of the LONO’s home waters make the boat a pleasure to behold. “Nice BOTE!” And the public is correct. Hunting alone, as I often do, really requires one's full attention, so you don't return to your vessel stuck hi-n-dry on the mud.........been there, done that! Inflatable kayaks float on top of the water making them hard to track and easy for the wind to blow around. I hope this helps someone make their decision. LONO Aero Inflatable Kayak 12'6" / Verge Camo. Accessory mounting point allows for any 1/4:20 accessory attachment. Thrust is measured in pounds and you’ll need about one pound of thrust for every 50 pounds of body weight and gear you load into your kayak. KULA 5 Sold Separately. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Terms and Conditions apply. Utilizing gravity and momentum the kayak can rid itself of unwanted water by draining through the stern. I live and hunt on the Puget Sound, so always dealing with tides, which can be a terrible burden, even in my 17' Jet Boat that I bought specifically for hunting shallow tidal areas. When the cable guy walked into my backyard, the first thing he said was, “Dude, you’ve got a boat!” I thought he was talking about my 21-foot center console parked next to the garage.

Weight So we’ve included stand up fishing kayaks that give you the ability to mount a motor on the back, as well as a compatible trolling motor for each kayak in these reviews. BOTE’s Sandspear is interchangeable with the Power-Pole® Micro™ anchor. A few extra inches of elevation adds distance to the water I can search for fish and structure. LONO is constructed with four independent chambers making it extremely stable and durable. The Endura C2 also offers a six-inch telescoping tiller that makes it easier to operate from the comfort of the Frontier’s bench seat and the entire motor is made with a reinforced composite material that is resistant to UV damage. -->Accessory mounting points on the deck of the board for attaching additional rod holders, fish finders or other attachments. A displacement hull has a pointed nose which allows the board to cut through the water efficiently. Read Lono Aero reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. The BVA multi-textured deck pad is heat sealed to shed water and provides plenty of cushion to reduce fatigue and anti-slip traction. This allows the chamber to withstand higher air pressure creating a stiffer surface. It measures 12 feet and six inches long and weighs a total of just 70 pounds. BOTE boards are known for their beauty. The Rocket Rac was designed specifically for the LONO and fits the rac receivers located just behind the seat back.Rocket Rac Sold Separately. 39″ L × 18.5″ W × 13.5″ D, Avg. For instance, storage and stability.

This is a well-made inflatable boat.

If you’re in search of a high performance engine to push your Rover further and faster while carrying more gear, the Hidea 9.9HP motor is the one for you.