[Intro: Boldy James & Sample] Why are those people cryin’? For a comeback album, it’s damn near perfect to the point where it almost feels like Boldy never left. You see he went to Paris, and that's what inspired the Pray for Paris album. Tech. In fact, the bulk of China is so richly specific that Boldy earns the latitude to yada-yada an entire murder, to chilling effect. Westside Gunn: I'm going to smoke at the Louvre again. He was like, "The comedian? Check out previous Ones, and listen to new rap from Boldy James and The Alchemist and more on our Spotify playlist, Apple Music playlist, and SoundCloud playlist. Benny The Butcher06. Even as the economic (dis)incentives for sampling keep mutating, Alchemist crate-digs aggressively, turning out fascinatingly textured, sample-based records at a daunting rate. © 2020 Condé Nast. Then there's a couple people that actually can relate. Are you going to stop rapping entirely? I don't know what the best mindset is to make the best music possible. It was very short. Album: The Price Of Tea In China Whatever it took in the music for me to stress and illustrate my truth, then that's how I went about it. I got to finish off how I started. - Westside Gunn. I love it. Pinto07. This has taken us just to October. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.com. While the 2015 Trapper’s Alley sequel and his 2017 mixtape House of Blues dabbled in faster, more maximalist production, he works best when he works methodically, finding crevices in a skeletal frame. Westside Gunn: Oh, man. - Westside Gunn. Then a week after that, YN Billy dropping his shit for the streets. The production elevates Boldy’s concrete-hard delivery, which can sometimes sound monotonous, to elegy. And then he was like, "I fuck with your shit. There's a lot of jealousy and a lot of weird shit going just in his own world, let alone with the work he does with other people to bridge the gap between n****s getting out of poverty and n****s being iconic in music. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2020 File release of The Price Of Tea In China on Discogs. Lyrics Pinto by Boldy James: Mafia, what else2-2-7 (Gang)Let’s get it (Ugh)Ran up a check on the outskirts, stacks all in my insolesTouring like a concert with them beans, I ain’t talking pintosBase rentals in … I sent what I was working on. In an interview with Complex not long afterward, Gunn hinted there was more to come from the Versace/Griselda pairing. I'm like, what if I link Boldy with the Jay Versace shit and make a classic? Early life. I was going to take like 10 hood dudes and make a hood movie while in Paris. On China his beats vary from the vaguely wistful (“Pinto”) to the skull-rattling (“Giant Slide”); some songs sound like slow creeps through mud (“Mustard”) and others recall the rhythmic creaking of a hotel bed frame (“Run-Ins”). I linked up with Daringer.

You’ll have to give me another 20, 30 minutes to talk! Run-Ins05. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Everybody knew, but I didn't." That's just what I sent him, and he liked it. Boldy James - "Pinto" by Alan The Chemist published on 2020-02-06T21:04:35Z. We're shopping that right now. I move kind of different. - Westside Gunn. Here's my email, and the stuff that I've heard already was fire." Carruth02. Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Grey October feat. Jay Versace: Actually, let me look at the message. Blockworks, let’s get it [Verse: Boldy James] I used to get confused Phone Bill----------BRINGING DOWN THE BAND (est. It was just, we're just going to do us. Then there’s the closer “Phone Bill”, which is about going from broke to rich over a calming beat.

I'm going to do what I do and leave on top. Hip-hop is my life. Evidence10. We sort through all the new songs—across all the platforms and subgenres—so you don’t have to. He did timeless classic stuff that people are going to study for the next 30-something years. Speed Demon Freestyle12. This interview is put together from two different conversations, and has been edited for clarity and length. A lot of the viral videos that I've made didn't go viral until five years later. Well deserved! Boldy, first off, thank you for using my voice on the record you did with Sterling Toles. What are you working on? I'm one of them guys when people send me beats, I actually like to hear what they have. Please download one of our supported browsers. He gets that out of me, that drive and hunger for more. Boldy responds by delivering what is one of the best, most immersive rap albums of the year so far. Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. The Beverly Hills-born beatmaker lays the Detroit emcee’s words over a slow burning instrumental; the chilling piano and woozy vocal sample sounds ripped from the soundtrack of a tragic love story. Mix: Eddie Sancho at Bass Trap Studios Boldy James: See, [Gunn] is very spontaneous, because when you are in a position like he is in, you can't have a predictable routine. Westside Gunn: Oh man. The song “Pinto” talks about being rich from the drug game over a beat with these luscious string sections while the track “Slow Roll” finds Boldy flexing over an intimidating instrumental. Everybody else is big on video games—I haven't played a video game in 15 years. Boldy James & The Alchemist Lyrics "Pinto" Mafia, what else (where we at with' it?) Halloween, I'm done." Jay Versace: For some people, they could say yes. But it only took a week to complete. Master: Joe Laporta at Sterling Sound Westside Gunn: I'd say raw. We got on the phone with Boldy James, Westside Gunn, and Jay Versace to talk about how they met, The Versace Tape, Kanye West's taste in comedy, and why Gunn is finally putting down the mic forever. I don't like shooting people down, because you never know. feat. He started sending more and I wanted to do a surprise project. If you listen to my FNIC mixtape I dropped in January, it shows the music that I was making in '04, '05, and it sounds the same. I've tapped into a lot of jazz with the boom bap, with the drums. Released 2/7/20. Benny the Butcher and Boldy James. James Clay Jones III (born August 9, 1982), better known by his stage name Boldy James, is an American rapper from Detroit, Michigan. I'm just a goofy person. Giant Slide03. As you get further away from the street level stuff you're talking about, is it harder to write about it? Boldy James: I'm finishing this new Alchemist project. You heard Jay: "Couldn't talk about it if you ain't live it." I knew him from those days. - Jay Versace.

Shawn is also the former editor-in-chief of Rap Genius and the creator and host of  The Cipher, a critically acclaimed hip-hop podcast. Whatever the process calls for, then that's the necessary steps we're going to take to get it done. That's what makes us who we are. There's always going to be something funny that I say that people are going to catch or capture. So I went on his main page, and then I clicked on the SoundCloud link. But I love designing clothes. I be having tunnel vision. On their latest collaboration, the Detroit rapper and the Beverly Hills producer turn out one of the year’s most immersive rap albums. His work ethic is crazy and I don't know how he does it. For a lesser writer or vocalist, that might be a recipe for dry songs, but China is mesmerizing in its minimalism. Stream Boldy James - "Pinto" by Alan The Chemist from desktop or your mobile device. He reinvigorated the late Mobb Deep legend Prodigy’s career with 2007’s minor masterpiece Return of the Mac. Slow Roll08. And if the fans accept it, that's a bonus. Boldy fits into a broad idea of his city’s grimy rap lineage, but owes little to the stylistic trends that have emerged from there in the 2010s—you will find in him little of Doughboyz Cashout’s manic dread or Danny Brown’s eccentricity. Snowgoons & N.B.S. Art is my life. You went to all those different places in the course of a week?

I ended up using the record "Versace" for Pray for Paris. That first song that he used for Pray for Paris, that was a song that originally had drums on it. I had so much going on, I really didn't have time to do that project. This isn't somebody who just came on the scene. I'm retiring this year, man. Jay, what did you learn from Gunn during the process of making the record?

I never cared for it to go mainstream again. COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. How is this new Alchemist project different from The Price of Tea in China? Tell me the story of how you first connected with Westside Gunn. The one that do the videos?" I don't have a rhyme book. His debut album, My 1st Chemistry Set, was released on October 15, 2013. Posted by: Legends Will Never Die I know you're in the studio right now. If I talk about some money I don't got, or a piece of jewelry or a car, they're going to give you the cold shoulder. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. The chronically overlooked Detroit rapper Boldy James has been making excellent street rap for a decade. His pen game is still razor sharp as it was on the debut & Alchemist continues to provide him with brilliant musical soundscapes that help bring his bars to life. Westside Gunn: I had no idea, man. But the beats were so fire that I knew they needed to be heard, and what other person could compare to what the original project was going to be? Gunn is creatively more in tune with what needs to be done musically than a lot of people, and he knows who's got what it takes to put the necessary pieces to the puzzle. [Griselda] won't ever die, because we always refer to the past for stuff of the future. That's the same thing with me. But as far as me seriously trying to be funny, I'm not doing that no more, because it was never supposed to happen in the first place. And then he just pieces the rest of it together and makes it great. Gunn's vision of mixing dope talk with art and high fashion—James describes it thusly: "It's like we cooked a hundred bricks in the art gallery"—seemed to be a perfect fit with James' nuanced street stories. ... sample-based records at a daunting rate. Boldy’s verses are webs of evocative detail: jail tats that linger from teenage years, insomniac drives down to Kentucky, gloved hands clutching guns, dealers huddled outside in Nike tech fabrics, a son who thinks his road-tripping dad doesn’t love him, Pyrexes full of dope that looks like oatmeal, stolen pills to salve a grandmother’s throat cancer, cars set to cruise control to eliminate variables, half-kilos of coke stuffed under mattresses like grain in a silo.