* This article was updated on September 11th 2014. It seems like a sound recipe, and is similar to what I do with my cherries. I use sparkoloid with excellent results. It may take a half hour to stir out the bubbles.

just wondering how sweet your wine is and should we decrease the amount of sugar? Throughout the site you may come across blogs that are flagged up as ‘sponsored posts’. This blackberry wine recipe is delicious and easy to make. Leave the Wine to ferment until it stops bubbling - Can take a while, possible months. After at least 24 hours rack the blackberry wine to a demijohn and seal with a bung and airlock. This one does not seem to be fermenting as vigorously and has cleared very quickly. It will surely bring excitement to all wine lovers. Rack your wine by siphoning your wine off of the sediment into your Secondary Fermenter, which should be a glass carboy. I love blackberries, so it is only a natural progression to make blackberry wine. There will be some sugar in the blackberries too but difficult to estimate. I wish I had as much resolve as you as my blackberry wine tends to disappear a lot sooner . Learn how your comment data is processed. The Equipment you will need for this is as follows. Serve at room temperature. If you are foraging blackberries then picking through the bad form the food is imperative. If you don’t want to use Elderberries, I would add some tannin to the recipe, like how I did on my YouTube video. I make this wine every year and the feedback from friends and family have been amazing. This blackberry wine recipe is so easy to do and if you can get the fruit for free then it really is a no-brainer to make a batch every year. * Don’t forget that blackberries are never to be picked in late October for then the devil spits on them. It is an easy choice for where I live because blackberries grow abundantly in the village where I live. Put the cover back on the Primary Fermenter. Do you have an idea what the final alcohol content might be? First, select your closest blackberry bush and liberate 1.5kg of it’s fruity bounty.

6. Strain the fruit juice through a muslin, and add to the cooled sugar mixture. All Rights Reserved. I move the carboy into a dark location and let the secondary fermentation take place. Again, we will only accept fees from companies that offer something relevant to our audience (so no gambling links, for example).

You should stir the mixture daily.

In hind sight, I probably should have planted one Triple Crown and one Chester. https://www.countryfile.com/how-to/food-recipes/elderberry-wine Where’s the link to your video? 100gram Tub Of Steriliser (to sterilise all equipment) While it doesn’t add a banana flavor, it does add a little body. Brewing With Extract, Grains, Hops and Yeast, ABV Calculator – Alcohol By Volume, Attenuation & Calories, Hydrometer Temperature Correction Calculator, https://homebrewanswers.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/BLACKBERRYWINE-RECIPE.jpg, https://homebrewanswers.com/shop/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/home-brew-answers.png, Blackberry Wine Recipe - Juicy, Full Bodied Red. I hope you like my blackberry wine recipe and give it a try. However, it would be nice to know the volume of yeast needed – “1 sachet of yeast” is a bit vague. We’ve got more ace booze recipes for blackberries AND elderberries in our book ‘Brew it Yourself‘. It is an easy choice for where I live because blackberries grow abundantly in the village where I live. 8. This site is a member of Amazon Associates and content may contain affiliate links. Been in fermentation for one week reading is 1.032 Stir your wine daily and squeeze the bag of blackberries to push the juice out. At this point, I let the carboy sit about a month or longer. It also tastes quite a bit lighter and less alcoholic than the other blackberry wine recipe. Pour the sugar water on top of the now closed mesh bag in the primary fermentor. There are quite a few blackberries in the recipe. Or use your fruit press if you have one. Fermentation seems to have pretty much stopped after a couple of weeks. The affiliates do not dictate content – each review is based on our editorial decisions, we simply add an affiliate link after the content is written if one is available. You have 70lbs of berries… 5. 2. Not really, but sometimes I use Store Bought Welches Frozen Concentrate to kick up other musts..

6. Half or twice as much does not matter as the yeast reproduce about every 2 hours. These variations mean it is generally a good idea to pick your blackberries from multiple different bushes or locations so you end up with a good blend of sweet, tart and juice levels. If you do decide to back sweeten this blackberry wine recipe, I suggest you add add some sorbate and follow my process for back sweetening wine.

In fact, I have fermented out wine completely dry at 65 degrees. Take your bag of blackberry pulp out of your fermenter and squeeze it until all of the juice is out... or at least as much as you can get. As the hedgerows become black with an abundance of blackberries why not experiment with this excess by producing a pleasurable drink to be enjoyed in the depths of winter. Keep the blackberry wine in a cool dark place to age. Pour into your bottles and enjoy. Allow the wine to condition and settle for 3 – 4 weeks or until clear before racking to a clean demijohn. Et voilà! I would let it go until it is below 1.0 then stop and backsweeten. Can you put slightly more blackberries in, essentially. The satchet is usually 5-11 grams. I used a muslin (not nylon) bag and tied up the top of the bag after mashing the berries, then put the bag completely inside the fermenting bin. They can range from tart to sweet and a blend is preferable but the flavour of the wine can be easily tweaked with acid blend. Other recipes include adding a crushed Camden tablet and potassium sorbate when racking. I guess it’s the same time as the yeast? The OG was 1050 and I have to say, smelled pretty bad. Now the bag keeps ballooning with air and the bag has become far less porous as the juices have soaked into it and is now less like a muslin and more just like a cloth bag and not very permeable. I use vodka in my airlocks, but some folks use water. I am in the process of making this recipe now.

1. My first batch has been sitting in demijohn #1 for a bit over four weeks – I just tasted a little sip and it already tastes amazing, fingers crossed I can leave it alone til it’s properly ready – so according to your recipe it’s time to go into demijohn #2. Add to this .5kg of elderberries. Just some thoughts, not being critical, please don’t take it wrong. Your email address will not be published. Bring 4 pints of Distilled water to the boil and add 2/3rds of the Suger - ensure it's all disolved and allow to cool. Shortly into the raspberries, the blackberries start to produce. You can buy tannins for making fruit wine and they are used a lot in other recipes posted here. 4. (not the concord…) Or another Organic Grape Juice.