What makes Gunna's verse work so well is that Lil Baby frontloads the track and preceding chorus with an introductory anticipation that makes the second half a blistering train ride. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The rapper keeps things raspier, somewhere between rapping and whispering in rhythm. If Playboi Carti were a cartoon, he would be purchasing all kinds of traps and dangerous doohickeys from the ACME Store. The 10-track project, which features Young Thug, Lil Duke, Nechie and Young Trez, kickstarted the "drip" theme in his music. Their styles often touch and overlap too, making their appearances on the same track feel like extensions of the same verse.

Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Eighty racks on my jean like they mink I upgraded, got some Piguet's Green Party Candidate Ralph Nader 'Memba Him?! Your bitch on now (On now), Gunna Wunna (Wunna)

Yeah, you know how the streets go (know how the streets go)

Beverly Hills Police Show of Force Alarms Neighboring Police Depts. Gunna is more chill, just the drip god. Gunna's silkiness easily grafts into place with an artist like Tory Lanez who's a little rougher around the edges yet manages to populate R & B spaces. Gunna followed up on the success of Drip Harder with his debut studio album, Drip or Drown 2, in February of 2019. ", Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson bring “The Love” on new effort.

See 20 Times Rappers Reminded You Who's Really Running Things. My crew paid (Paid), surf a wave (Wave), “WUNNA” is the second single and titular song from Gunna’s sophomore studio album of the same name. Travis Scott's Astroworld masterpiece begins with Gunna's thick-with-morning-dew voice singing silky smooth non-sequiturs while simultaneously sounding like he needs to hock an enormous hairball. If Carti's the magus, then Gunna's the soothing agent. I'm getting big like King Kong (King Kong) Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: [Intro: Gunna]

Its beat is a minimal affair, relying on the tenacity of the collective crooning to establish its atmosphere. Lotta orders (Orders), dollars, quarters (Ayy) My lil' nigga go loco (my nigga go loco) The song is named after his longtime nickname “Wunna” (the Atlanta rapper has been referred to as GunWunna and GunnaWunna for many years), which Gunna later turned into an acronym that stands for “Wealthy Unapologetic Nigga Naturally Authentic.”. That’s really what that was, just vibing, having fun. My crew paid (Paid), surf a wave (Wave) [Chorus] Yeah, I fell in love with the pink Want me stay in the ghetto (the ghetto) He plays things a bit different, a bit more understated. I was having fun when I made the song. Money tall for a hot boy Grillin', hey (Hey), feelin' paid (Paid) "We gon’ tell you how it go, we gon’ live by the gun and die by it," Gunna told HotNewHipHop. View Gunna song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song … You pussies gon' tell in a rush His latest album, Wunna, is already a commercial success, landing him his first No. Cop a condo and dress it up Both Thug and Gunna make Metro Boomin's "Lesbian" a slick, cautionary tale of unrequited love. Gunna matches Baby's intensity and inflection with ease, starting and ending an extended verse with an invitation and denial of entry into a life of debauchery. They don't wanna leave me 'lone (me 'lone) But I still remember the J's If not for quality alone, "Stay Long Love You" is legendary for that same reason. And we gon' mold 'em AP blacker than Akon (Uh), baby butter pecan (Uh), Speed in the 'Vette (Speed in the 'Vette), Surf (Surf), surf (Surf), surf (Surf), surf (Wave), Lotta dirt, I can call up Durk (Lil Durk). But the penthouse was stressed Gunna started his career off as Yung Gunna with his 2013 tape Hard Body. With Lil Baby and Gunna's new tunes currently dominating playlists and music convos as a whole, XXL picks 20 of the best lyrics from Drip Harder, which is already a contender for one of 2018's best projects. I'ma stick to the G-code (the G-code) The early title of "Turks" was "Hard to Replace*" when NAV, Travis Scott and Gunna debuted the song during Amir Esmailian's birthday party on the 3rd of January 2020. Or may not. Yeah, I be popping this shit man, while I'm kicking this shit for real For the better part of 11 months, Gunna, born Sergio Kitchens, has confused the curious peeking into the make-up of his voice while simultaneously entrancing the corner of hip hop that throws new rappers into the yearly spin cycle. Is that a faint, robotic moan of tinny or is it just damn good voice control? I don't fuck with these niggas, a dub Lyrics to 'King Kong' by Gunna. But it's a daunting task taken on by someone wholly invested in the power of the slinky Auto-Tune moan that has not once devolved into grating caterwauling. I still got my foot on they neck, uh (They neck) Chrome Heart shirts (Shirts), millions off merch (Merch) "Drip Too Hard" is the latest answer to come from the pair's laboratory.

How can these two vastly different rhythmic worlds exist together in the same sonic space for three minutes? Commas, commas (Racks), hundreds, hey (Hey) newsletter, The burden of expectation on Young Thug's "children", YBN Nahmir, Cordae, and Almighty Jay have become rap's most authentic collective, Playboi Carti, 'Die Lit,' and using it to navigate to the nucleus of new-age rap, Having no features giveth—and having no features taketh away, How '808s and Heartbreak' birthed contemporary Kanye West's issues, VOTE OR DIE: 2020 is the election of our lifetime, Busta Rhymes wants hip hop to give the Caribbean its respect for creating it, Nigeria’s fight to end SARS and counting down the final days before Election Day, Raj Smoove talks Lil Wayne rapping “10,000 Bars,” Mannie Fresh making classics from scratch and more, The 14th Amendment freed slaves — now, it keeps Black voters disenfranchised, Papoose on being team Biden/Harris, the importance of voting, new album and much more, Ahmaud Arbery suspect wants bail, cites George Floyd and Breonna Taylor cases, “Non-scalable” fence erected around White House in anticipation of election protests, Black man fired for revealing boss’ plans to layoff workers if “Biden and the Democrats” win, Kyle Rittenhouse’s bail set at $2 million. His feature list makes Genius' page-loading algorithm jitter like a vibrating PlayStation controller. He rap-sings with an air of confidence suggesting that we may not know what's going to be said next, but we know exactly what it'll cover. "Do You Understand?," Shy Glizzy feat. Mariah Carey and Gunna together on the same track is peak 2018. Fuck your ho 'bout a week every month The song was first teased when the Turbo-produced instrumental was included in the album teaser on March 4, 2020. ... Search results for 'Gunna' Yee yee! 2018 was Gunna's, 2019 may be. We have 3 albums and 44 song lyrics in our database. She only call me for sex (Sex)

Gunna. "Lesbian," Metro Boomin feat.

That’s still me.

Gunna and Young Thug, Next to his obvious inspiration, Gunna's Thug-isms are hard to miss. [Verse 1] Women, hey, linen, hey (Ayy) Your drip severe, no cap, yeah, [Chorus: Gunna] Hans Zimmer ain't got shit on Metro.

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Commas, commas (Racks), hundreds, hey (Hey) View Gunna song lyrics by popularity along with songs featured in, albums, videos and song meanings. I'm a stunner (Stunner), sauna, summer (Hey) The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other agency, organization, employer or company. There's an unexpected genius in "I wan' ride the new Rolls or that Bentley B (That Bentley B) / Yeah we gon' cop some Chanel, the double C (That double C).".

The bass drum is ignorantly loud with gigantic, artery clogging ability. If I catch a body, I keep it on hush (Hush)

Man they gotta free Meek though (gotta free Meek though) Lil Baby and Gunna aren't the only two that share a superlative chemistry. "Drip Like That," Reese La Flare feat. Bro let's keep it like Nino (like Nino) Pop a Perc' (Perc'), Papa Smurf (Smurf) "God knows I try my best to be strong, but this right here is a pain like I never felt," Freeway wrote.