For an adult; his temp should be 95-100; keep it at 97-98 and u should be good. preventing it from occurring with your own pet. It’s important to realize that impaction doesn’t have to mean the end of the road for your sweet bearded dragon. temperatures to digest their food properly. Always In the summer it’s 12-14 Hot is per day of the heat/uvb & in the winter it’s 10-12 hours per day. Mild cases of impaction will simply In addition, treating constipation in bearded dragons can eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'familypetplanet_com-leader-3','ezslot_16',116,'0','0'])); Add a couple of drops of olive oil to He needs UVB and calcium ASAP.

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There are a number of preventative He will need lots of greens/veggies; the Best & everyday ones are: (Dandelions, mustard, collard greens, endives, snap peas, yellow squash & butternut squash) only. Constipation, on the other hand, is buildup caused by a hard buildup is crucial that you learn to recognize the signs of impaction, so you But mainly also lots & lots of healthy proteins; crickets & Dubia roaches. Greens kale is a NO. hydrated again. Sadly enough, there is little to no regulation on reptile products, which allows for manufacturers to make irresponsible claims. Otherwise, parasites won’t let your bearded dragon grow and develop properly. prunes or blueberries can do the trick. Bearded dragons are very intuitive, even with smaller changes. Alternatively, they may try to inject fluids on Mom). If u have never been giving calcium powder then do it 6 times a week for a few months and u need the UVB to help him breakdown the calcium in his body & to absorb Vitamin D, without this he gets brittle bones, won’t eat and won’t really move, shakes, etc it’s called MBDisease and eventually leads to death. If he’s in bad shape take him to the vet for calcium shots but find a good reptile vet. Robyn, he probably isn’t getting enough water. your bearded dragon’s constipation: Try feeding your bearded dragon a I would love to know what the end result was. In fact, in this article alone we will be discussing 17 bearded dragon diseases, health concerns, and illnesses that all owners should be aware of!. Take a look below at how each of these hazards (plus a few more!) He was without his UV for a while, we struggled to get but we took him out into the sun everyday. cannot be resolved through a laxative or enema, your bearded dragon It impacts them & destroys their tummy. flatter on the bottom of your pet’s tank, so they are less likely He started getting sick a while after he overheated the first time. Make sure not to use loose substrate in the tank, as impaction is a big problem. U need to raise the bulb or lower his platform especially in the summer when the temp can reach 107 or 110 which is deadly for adults. U can reverse it but u need to Order on amazon the Best & Only recommended UVB: The Reptisun 10.0 T5 the length u order should cover 70prcnt of the tank and place alongside the back of the tank beginning at the hot side so if he wants away from the uVb he can venture to the cold side or he can go under his hide. The most common causes of impaction are: Using the WRONG substrate in your beardie’s enclosure; Providing feeders that are too large or …

If your dragon hasn’t gone to the bathroom in days and also isn’t acting like their normal self, you definitely have cause for concern. Temp for an adult 95-100; 98 is good.

U can do some hornworms as treats a few a week they are high in fat. This impacts them and destroys their tummy. NO carrots, spinach, kale or lettuce. Never ever use colored or coiled bulbs it burns their eyes. The brand u Buy is REPCAL and dust them lightly like a powdered donut not as much but so they are covered lightly in the powder. U are giving kale only which u are not suppose to give every day And u have no veggies in his diet. feeding your pet right before you turn the tank lights off.

But they need the Reptisun UVB to digest & breakdown the calcium powder in their body & to absorb Vitamin D. Place the insects in a big ziploc bag and sprinkle some and shake it. These little dogs may need more exercise than your average toy... Why Yorkie Puppies Bite and 6 Methods to Stop Them. Place the Reptisun long UVB tube in the back starting at the hot side and the basking bulb in the front in basking area and buy a lower platform or raise the bulb buy a raiser to raise it. NO carrots, spinach, kale or lettuce.

Seeing as how the solution to clearing up bearded dragon impaction isn’t exactly clear cut, this ultimate guide will serve as a resource to help you both, Unfortunately, not all substrates are considered equal!

Also, it should be noted that many manufacturers of these hazardous substrates make bold and false claims on their package, stating that their product is “digestible” or “safe”.